Sep 26, 2013


They walk into the room,

them in their tight grey jeans,

baggy sweater,

light brown hair carelessly

pushed to the side.

They walk in confidently,

a change from the

passive slink through

crowded corridors.

They smile and it's not to

the ground,

it's to the other people in

the room, the people who are

smiling back because they

know this person,

and they like this person.

And this person knows this,

and that is why this person

has been looking forward to this

all day.


He walks into the room,

in a flannel button down

and baggy khakis,

combat boots with

untied laces,

he sees everyone at the table and

breaks into a smile,

ready to rely the news

he's kept inside all last night

and all day,

waiting waiting waiting

for this moment.

He shows them all

the text, the text from a late night

phone conversation,

that proves to him

that he and his

first-ever boyfriend

are on their way to

making up.

And everyone is happy

for him.


He walks into the room,

baggy shorts and

a button down over

a graphic tee,

scared, shy, but as soon as

he opens the door,

sees a half-dozen smiling faces

feels the temperature of the room

that seems to be

a good twenty degrees warmer than

the hallways,


he smiles his first real smile

since a long-time ago,

and is not afraid of

saying who he is,

and who he has yet

to become.

September 26, 2013
#love   #welcoming  
Apr 15

When I was alone, You welcomed me
When I was depressed, You welcomed me
When I had given up, You welcomed me
Truly and sincerely life has brought me down
But you welcomed me, kept me safe and sane
And if you ever feel that way
I will welcome you just the same

#alone   #hope   #welcome  
briana hailey ferenczy
briana hailey ferenczy
Jan 4, 2013      Jan 4, 2013

I love her like I loathe tomorrow
a broken smile
a sauntering denial

I love her like a confused mind
a spoken rhyme
a bewildering crime

I love her like I don't know how
and I want to show her
I'll tell her now

Knit Personality
Knit Personality
Dec 2, 2014

The coal in your stocking,
    The rust on your sleigh,
The rocking chair rocking
    Then breaking away,
Are all of them better
    Than anything here
In this butt-ugly sweater
    Of sick Christmas cheer.

From Beth Ann Fennelly’s *The Welcoming*

From Beth Ann Fennelly’s The Welcoming
“Distance was the house from which I welcomed you,”

…lacing the rosemary cream corset, humming underneath my breath
Church hymns, awaiting your arrival.
On the subway, I extended my jeweled hand to you
“Mein held,” and I welcomed you-
From that space between where delicate feet hit stomach sky and sea floor.

© Kara Rose Knickerbocker 2009

Feel the lush green grass
seperate your toes
cushioning your soles.
The scent of spring blossoming,
wafting around you
the sweet scent of
yellows, purples, oranges and pinks.
Invited by birdsong and butterflies,
get lost in paradise,
warm sun on your face
painting the dawn in hues
of blues and golds.

© Annilda Esterhuysen. All rights reserved.
Hayley Intravenous
Hayley Intravenous
Apr 10, 2010

Sometimes I wish I could hear voices
Maybe then I wouldn't feel so lonely
My inability could be written off
As sickness
I'd be a pathetic mess, as I am now
Only, then I'd have an excuse

I could live my life blissfully unaware
Of the outside world
All demands upon me would be erased
I'd die haunted and controlled
But happily submissive
Too lost, too dumb
To know anything better

Sir B
Sir B
Jul 2, 2013      Jul 3, 2013

Reside in me.
There is a void here.
There is no life here.
The doors are completely open.
But I don't remember keeping them open for you..

With your face covered in darkness
It is unforeseeable to look at my future
And yet.
You stand tall with your sword
On your left side.

You are not welcome here.
I never said I desire death.
Though I do, inside my head.
So leave.

A poem for those who think I am on the verge of self destruction, there is hope. I haven't committed to it, yet...
Dec 13, 2010

It's nice to wake up next to you
A comfortable feeling
That I could get used to.

Rising whenever we please
Taking our time to get out of bed
A homey feeling, it puts me at ease.

Just as I am waking
I know you're next to me
And a smile is immediately forming.

I really could get used to this
Sleeping next to you
And receiving a good morning kiss.

I want it to last
But you cant stay in bed forever
I am hoping tonight comes fast.

So I can get close to you again
Hold you in my arms
And maybe the night wont end.

SSK<3  AKA: Valerie Garcia
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