Apr 15, 2015

When I was alone, You welcomed me
When I was depressed, You welcomed me
When I had given up, You welcomed me
Truly and sincerely life has brought me down
But you welcomed me, kept me safe and sane
And if you ever feel that way
I will welcome you just the same

#alone   #hope   #welcome  
Aug 20, 2015


My enemy

Then why do I let you in

So welcomingly?

// It's like you've made
your home in me.
It'd bring me peace
if you'd just leave...  //
#heart   #jealousy   #enemy   #welcome  
Feb 27, 2015

Welcome to your life
You don't have to be perfect, 
But you are expected to be.
Welcome to your life
You're allowed to be sad, 
But only if you've got it the worst.
Welcome to your life
Where you can be, do, and say whatever you want...

Only if they told you to.

#life   #welcome  
Oct 30, 2015

My mom is in the hospital, they're keeping her over night.... She had a small stroke... And to make it worse today's her birthday. Prayers are appreciated. Thank you!

Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Apr 14, 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

I can show you,
Even sex,
Young and restless female,
Maybe I could touch your skin a little,
Back scratching brings painful beauty in so many measures,
Let's Explore.

#lust   #heaven   #magic   #welcome  
Nov 8, 2014

Echoes are misleading
Of that voice once so pleasing
Now sharp like a knife
You're words can end my life
But you care not at all
You live to watch me fall
Yet you'll stand at the door
While I'm near death on your floor
And whisper "welcome home"

#life   #home   #death   #hurt   #you   #me   #kill   #voice   #welcome   #misleading  
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Jun 5, 2014

Step into my journal
My life before your eyes
Come step into my world, dear
It's sure to be a surprise

What you thought about me
Disappeared without a sound
I liked to hide behind my walls
Whenever you came 'round

I'm not perfect, not even holy
I've got scars that I love to hide
If you come and look closely, you'll see
That I have more than just one side.


Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Apr 14, 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

Breaking rules in suspicion,
Didn't know you,
|  recognized |
I payed attention,
Asking questions,
I adore you,
|       Loved.       |
Calling your name,
When I fall for you,
|   Affection.   |
In order for this evening to maintain,
Is if you let me love you.

#fall   #loved   #calling   #welcome  
Jordan Barrie
Nov 22, 2014

Hello there, come in .

Welcome to the world of broken rocks

Air filled with thoughts,

Inferno's of Nature.

Interwoven, ever-still flowing, making fluid resonance

Split apart, into more complex creations

Melds of clay, resided in soulful intention,

Building up life filled, so called pensions

I'd call them more, a well full of worthwhile meh -  mer - rants

Sifted through an instant blink of lives constraints.

States of one's loss in harmless consideration,

Yet alert simultaneously,

Sleeping inside awake.

Resides the content of your mind

Visions of the life you have chosen to create.

The paths walked, free or through fates. . .

#hello   #create   #welcome  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
Apr 14, 2015

By Arcassin Burnham

As long as your alive,
There are no limits to your determination,
I'm so sorry,
Is it my bad?
Excuse my incorrections,
Without no hesitation,
I don't mind a little bit of envy,
For my mistakes,
Then later realize that I can't relate,
To the same mistakes,
You unfortunately made,
Its safe to say,
You have your ways,
Of throwing shade,
With no clean slates,
But a clean plate,
Of broken days,
Children's arcades,
You gave out shade,
You gotta Pay.

#air   #welcome   #plate   #pay  
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