Alex Nabozny
Alex Nabozny
Nov 12, 2013

He says
              I know you don't sleep at night.
              I haven't been doing too well myself.
I say
              I guess I'm really not ready yet.
              I know I need to be moving on as well.

Apr 9, 2013

If you love me like
There's no tomorrrow?
Then I will hope that tomorrow
Never comes!

Jul 7, 2012

"Did you know there is only twenty-one letters in the alphabet?"
"No, there's twenty-six."
"Oh, oops. I forgot. U R A Q T"
Shy smile.
Wide smile.

I awoke from a nightmare to see my dream
Every word I say is not what it may seem,
A dream so breath taking but now I can't breathe
The suffocation feeling is a feeling that needs to leave,
At one point I feel so high that I can fly all the way past the big blue sky
But then something passes and it caught eye,
I turned and said who are you
They gave me a glimpse and then continued to do what they had to do,
I went to the king and said what's going on
He laughed and giggled and said that this is the place you come to when your sole is gone,
I was frozen, scared and totally shocked
Not realizing that it was all a dream from the very start.

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theres more to life then phones and cars
Victoria Amato

theres more to life then phones and cars
how about an education to get you far
we don't need all these iPhones and stuff
just a pen or a pencil to write down our thoughts
everyday in life we learn something new
so who cares if we didn't get the iPhone in blue
theres more to life then games and just fun
theres family, education and more important stuff
to be honest with you
our teenage years are so messed up.

mannley collins
May 31, 2014

has started following me.
He has noughtified me
into non dualistic existence.
I own up to seeing  your guilt.
It was smellable.
I witnessed all your attempts
at total permanent amnesia.
I was unmoved by your failures
and there lies true compassion.
OK!I wasn't writing poetry--merely words.

Singular D
Singular D
Aug 3, 2014

the sun beams in
open windows
give me moments of conversation
between birds
the breeze kisses my cheek
my pillow and blankets
hold me down
this sunday morn
in my northern wood


theres a sun in me
Collin Nuetraal
Collin Nuetraal
Sep 18, 2013

its night in the forest
its day in me
the sun shines in me
and i shine to the peoples

some of the peoples make it dark
some illuminate the dark
the way we think makes us what we are
i listened and now i am part

lightworkers unite
let our words ignite
the dead and dry
the confused and blind

theres a sun in me
and a sun in you

Theres a sickness inside
Brea Brea
Brea Brea
Jun 14, 2013

Theres a sickness inside
a false idea
that wants to be nursed
by the same hands thats wretched me from the truth
the truth
is my home

I could be locked into a room with mothers warm linen
clutching you around me
but theres the wild
as it was never strained from me
and it makes me want to overthrow
the comfort
the security of what is that was never materialized
I want free-free-free-dom
I can accept the discomfort
like wet clothes
holding me like a heavy hostage as I roam
I want freedom, I want mobility
because deep inside of me, I know the truth, without it needing to be performed
so much so that it haunts me
every time you kiss me
even in my dreams
dowsed in the warmth
struck with the urge to pull back from a burning flame
as it encircles around my soft flesh
my hard peircing soul
wants to run from the devils gold
so dont you l-l-l-ove me
love me love me
love me
I am free
but the bars of my heart strings push you aside
like a werewolf
my instinctual nature has me tied
in the wilderness
I go back and forth
on the roads that will bring me further from you
when I feel my dreams
consuming all that I see

Jun 10, 2014

where ever there is love there is happiness
and a heart thats true and someone to caress
feelings that are real with a love to share
someone to rely on who is always there.

something that will last for ever and a day
when love is your heart there your love will stay
where ever there is love it is meant be
its there in your soul and sets your spirit free.

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