Alex Nabozny
Alex Nabozny
Nov 12, 2013

He says
              I know you don't sleep at night.
              I haven't been doing too well myself.
I say
              I guess I'm really not ready yet.
              I know I need to be moving on as well.

theres a sun in me
Collin Nuetraal
Collin Nuetraal
Sep 18, 2013

its night in the forest
its day in me
the sun shines in me
and i shine to the peoples

some of the peoples make it dark
some illuminate the dark
the way we think makes us what we are
i listened and now i am part

lightworkers unite
let our words ignite
the dead and dry
the confused and blind

theres a sun in me
and a sun in you

Apr 9, 2013

If you love me like
There's no tomorrrow?
Then I will hope that tomorrow
Never comes!

Jul 7, 2012

"Did you know there is only twenty-one letters in the alphabet?"
"No, there's twenty-six."
"Oh, oops. I forgot. U R A Q T"
Shy smile.
Wide smile.

Theres a sickness inside
Brea Brea
Brea Brea
Jun 14, 2013

Theres a sickness inside
a false idea
that wants to be nursed
by the same hands thats wretched me from the truth
the truth
is my home

I could be locked into a room with mothers warm linen
clutching you around me
but theres the wild
as it was never strained from me
and it makes me want to overthrow
the comfort
the security of what is that was never materialized
I want free-free-free-dom
I can accept the discomfort
like wet clothes
holding me like a heavy hostage as I roam
I want freedom, I want mobility
because deep inside of me, I know the truth, without it needing to be performed
so much so that it haunts me
every time you kiss me
even in my dreams
dowsed in the warmth
struck with the urge to pull back from a burning flame
as it encircles around my soft flesh
my hard peircing soul
wants to run from the devils gold
so dont you l-l-l-ove me
love me love me
love me
I am free
but the bars of my heart strings push you aside
like a werewolf
my instinctual nature has me tied
in the wilderness
I go back and forth
on the roads that will bring me further from you
when I feel my dreams
consuming all that I see

David Watt
David Watt
Aug 23, 2010

There is a door opening inside of me,
the all too familiar chill claims every corner.
Its emptiness spreads over an undulating wasteland,
no beating wakes the silence no glow lights my eyes.

these red tired eyes no longer weep,
for the tears dried up along with my hopes.
So witness this deep darkness,
that strangles with veins of rope and vines.

Have you ever loved young man?
the answer is a whisper on the wind,
love is lost to me,
she left me alone and undone,
and now this husk no longer lives,
but survives everyday that hell cruelly gives.

I think theres a problem  when your black bo
John Patrick Robbins Aka Gonzo

One may be  fun
but several can be even better.
She's got that  certin something.
But dam if her sister doesnt look  good  in that sweater.

Had this problem  since  I was  like five.
Two  might  be  tricky.
But pissing off ten  your lucky to be alive.

Im not a man whore  just gotta alot of  love to share.
A tiger  does fear text.
And Nine  irons  okay and left behind underwear.

I think theres a problem  when your black book
reads longer  than gone with the  wind.
I swear honey there's nothing going on.
She's just  a really hot shoulder inwhich I can depend.

Saying goodbye never has been much fun.
Bullet proof  vest  taser   peper spray no it"s
not a riot
Just taking caution  probaly be easier breaking up with only

Hey if it works for hugh's old wrinkled ass then
why not me.
But at this pace I'll  be lucky to make it past
thirty three.

I think theres a problem but that's okay.
Cause if I get the boot.
I got some friends  with benfits  house's
inwhich I can stay.

Im not bad  just a lotta fun.
Cardio is key.
When she pulls out the meat clever
dont play stupid just run.

And if I seem terrible keep in mind
it takes two to tango.
For what is the banna without the mango.

I think  theres problem that I really dont
wanna fix my dear.
Im a bit of a effection junkie.
Screw the cold shower how bout a warm bed and
a beer?

Call me terrible cause hell even I know
I'm not right.
We should  take this slow.
So how bout we discuss this in a hot tub tommorow night.

And if I did offend  with these word I've spoken.
Then please pull the twig out your backside.
Grab a drink have some fun cause was only jokin.

Life is to short to wallow in misery  live it and have some fun
treat each other right  cause there is no promise of another night.
cheers my friends
pull the slide back.../...THERES no beat in my heart...
May 24, 2012

I push the release.../ didnt work...
drop the shiny mag.../ did this to me...
WANT more bullets.../...i bleed for YOU...
metal on metal.../...i drop TO the floor...
new mag in.../ KNOW what you did...
pull the slide back.../...THERES no beat in my heart...
round jumps into place.../...NOTHING left to live for...
click. off goes the safety.../...this feels so WRONG...
raise the barrel.../...toy WITH my heart...
pull the trigger.../...goodbye world, from ME...

haha hey
haha hey
Dec 14, 2013

its not your house
its the
the people around you
who make you feel at ease
with everything object
around you.

"home is whenever im with you"

Sep 26, 2013

I traded you for popularity
And all I've got is a pocket full of mumbles
Whisper me into your heart beat
I've got no where else to be
These shoes won't shine much longer
Please click your heels
Bring me home Dorothy

I am Japan in these tidal waves of missing you
These scars
Constant reminders that drunken nights have drown me in the memory of your 5 o clock shadow
You have enough heart for the tin man,too
Click your heels
Bring us home Dorothy

Straighten your straw spine
Fill a mason jar with secrets
Click your fucking heels
Come home Dorothy
Following this yellow brick road without a map isn't easy

There's no place like home

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