Lani Foronda
Lani Foronda
Aug 27, 2014

I don't want to be here anymore.
"Here" is not "there,"
& "there" is when I want to be.

February 6, 2013
#want   #discontent   #space   #thoughts   #here   #personal   #angry   #there   #travel   #place  
Simon  Eliasen
Simon Eliasen
Sep 6, 2014

There might not be plenty of fish in the sea,
but there's plenty feet on land.

#not   #in   #be   #of   #the   #sea   #fish   #there   #might   #plenty  
Jul 18, 2014

I need you.
More than I ever knew.
And I feel like you need me too.
All I want is you.
But, life moves on at a rapid speed
And I wonder if loving you is out of greed.
For you have other people you care for,
And I cannot pull you away anymore.

#love   #scared   #being   #there   #support  

If I tell you I'll be there,
Will you be there too?

But I don't want to say
For I may not be that important to you.

And I don't want to expect too much,
It would hurt if you won't come.

If I tell you I'll be there,
Will you be there too?

I guess I'd just be wishing fate will bring you there,
Hoping it's not too much to ask.

Maybe I should have told you after all.
#hurt   #hoping   #wishing   #fate   #come   #there  
Pajama Girl
Pajama Girl
Oct 15, 2014      Oct 16, 2014

You left her
        And she stayed.
        And all alone she sat
        All the way over
   ­     And no one over
         Ever noticed when
         The girl over
         Started to
                                ­ a
                         ­              l
         When she went  S p l a t
          No one
          No one saw
          Because the girl over
           Landed over
  ­          After the
                             ­    a
                         ­              l

Hey it sucks. But my brain sucks right now. I'll delete this but i wanted to put something out here today. I thought it was better before i actually wrote it out.
#pain   #depressed   #alone   #fall   #here   #there   #splat  
Oct 5, 2014

there are days where you just want to go out,
have some fun, and get wasted like
there's no tomorrow.
there are also days where you want to
waste your time in front of your computer,
surfing the net while drinking coffee or tea.
and then there are days where you don't want
to get out of your bed,
you start thinking about your life
and just lie there for hours.

we all have these days in our life

#poem   #sad   #life   #days   #are   #there  
AnaSZolo's Ai
AnaSZolo's Ai
Mar 24, 2014

Hello, hello there
I was wondering if you would be my friend
Although I have some in my pocket
Somedays I feel so lonely, somedays I'm just okay
I've heard good things about true friends
I remember I met some then
But time and pastime and distances broke in
Breaking my hope and joy aside
But hey, hello, hello there
Everything's okay
I know life's short and we all got one
To live it by my side with no regrets
I want to find someone
By saying "Hello There".

#love   #friends   #life   #hello   #there  
Jacob Traver
Jacob Traver
Dec 10, 2013

Death was behind us
Eternity ahead
Living to whisper
Words unsaid

Drifting to drift
No goal in mind
Until certain provoking
I unhappily find

When one is dead
With one frightening goal
The living should dread
Or pay the toll

The toll beyond
What any can bear
A constant haunting
Silently lurking there

#words   #living   #death   #dead   #ghost   #silent   #whisper   #eternity   #there   #haunting   #fright   #drift   #jacob   #traver   #toll  
Apr 4, 2014

There was a sense of wonder as I wandered through my childhood, gazing up, knowing the trees never ended.
There is tranquility where none previously existed.
There was disappointment when the fence was discovered.
There was a splendid sense of bliss hidden in the clouds among the alligators and elephants.
There were smiles there.
There was patience there.
There was poetry.
There were smiles.
There was music.
There were phone calls that lasted upwards of an hour.
There were times the phone never rang.
There was a need for change that burned so deep, if not sated would choke its way out.
There was self-creation, cut and carved out of the mold.
There were few words spoken and the ones that were usually wished they could take the first plane out of town.
There was coffee.
There is coffee.

Mar 27, 2014      Mar 27, 2014

This feeling is my friend,
Perhaps a question,
with no answer

I joined the new world,
It's about the thoughts
not so spoken out
You enter in, you can't be found
It's all about,
who listens closer when you crawl

Dark paradise to fill your lungs,
Blurred visions to design your nights

My friend promised,
This world would inspire me,
But he highly warned,
It will make me exhale,
More than usual

New sensations are his cousins,
New acts are his brothers.
It's just him you could not see

I may not wear it on my sleeves
but it's there if you look so deep.

Guess the name of my friend?
#dark   #friend   #feeling   #there   #paradise   #visions  
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