There's something about water that fascinates the mind,
Parsavagely Kompenere

There's something about water that fascinates the mind,
Hypnotic in its passive dancing,
Wheeling in panicked turns to the tune of an inaudible waltz.

The way it ripples with each drop of rain in the cold,
Resonates with me,
As though the water itself is speaking to me,
Desperately wanting to be heard,
It's voice crying in every motion.
What is it saying?
Stop! Stop!
I don't know
Please! Stop!
It's too quiet
You're not listening!
All I know is how I feel when I see the way it glistens in the moonlight,
The way it reflects the beauty of a cityscape as dusk falls,
When the day is done water's true beauty is found,
It sparkles below me,
Pinpricks of street lights streak across its surface,
They seem to spread ferociously as my eyes are filled with tears,
Pinpricks becoming blazing stars.

The air whispers to me,
telling me what I need to hear.
Exactly what I need.

Water is pure beauty,
Eternally entrancing my closed-off mind,
Drawing me in,
Because sometimes
Water is more than beauty,
It becomes a perfect friend,
With no capacity to judge,
No way to hate,
Only to fill.
An empty
It becomes

My legs fold beneath me,
my body goes limp,
I fall.

Water silver and smooth
rebecca askew
rebecca askew
Oct 13, 2014

I put my feet in
Water silver and smooth
I could feel it lap
How easy it would be
To keep going.
Sink into the silver smooth
Cool, soft
Enveloping me
Until there is nothing left
But the gentle lapping
Of waves on rocks.

Written on Thanksgiving Day, sitting on a stony beach of Lake Huron...
Dangerous Water

Dangerous Water

You told me
There were things on the beach
That caught fire
when lifted from the water

You told me
There were submarines
Disguised as monsters
In the the exact same waters

I told you
Not to look for these things
To stay away
From the water

Now I can't find you
And there are strangers
down by the waterfront
All looking at me.

sed to get out of the bathtub until the water cooled down completely and my skin rese
Apr 5, 2014

When I was little, I refused to get out of the bathtub until the water cooled down completely and my skin resembled my grandmother's.
Now that I'm older, I take showers that seem to last forever.
I feel like the water is washing away all of the bad, all of what's wrong with me.
I'll go outside in the summer just to stand completely still in the torrents of rain, waiting for something to happen.
After all, I learned in school that water is the strongest force on Earth.
That water can conquer anything.
Water shaped the mountains.
Water shaped my bones.
Water will change my fate.

Water is so loud
Apr 5, 2014

Water is so loud
When I brush my teeth
Something is untold
It's screaming outside of me.

#secret   #water   #holding  
Water is a must
Erik Ortega
Erik Ortega
Oct 18, 2014

Water is a must
without it life is a bust
It's the element we support and trust
But not all have that tool in there hand
To a normal person they waste it and take it for granted cuz it tastes bland
People who have to go looking for this prized possession end up dying of dehydration
Don't you you see?
My demise is so low it wines up in the  deep blue sea
Nowadays people in cali end up in drought
We might have to cut down on water but i think thats a doubt
As for you
Why don't do a good deed
And give water to someone in desperate need

i believe i would be *water*


if i could be a compound
in God's wonderful world
i believe i would be water
raindrops sweet and mild
or a storm working with crops
for a harvesting unfurled

a peach cotton ball cloud
hung in a sunrise sky
a vapor like a sylph
who changes with each sigh
of breezes that are blowing
changing faces there up high

water then will change
when the cold wind blows
it freezes into crystals
a perfect world of snow
wonderous icy canyons
purest white in floes

glaciers break high mountains
to rubble which moves
wherever the ice takes it
the canyon is removed
it is a force to reckon with
this much has been prooved

of all the things in nature
it's there wherever you go
it moves the great and small
it's fast or very slow
there's no wonder of the world

like our magical H2O!

(C) 7/6/2015

It's a vapor. A solid. Or a liquid.
Actually we are composed greatly
of this compound!

But I don’t consider playing in water a source of a good time

Learning how to swim was the most traumatic skill I ever learned
Sure, if I ever found myself on a sinking ship I could survive
But I don’t consider playing in water a source of a good time
I don’t really go to beaches, I don’t like going to pools, hell I don’t even like drinking water
I had this mental complex that water displaced any confidence I ever had in myself
I had this afraid to die complex, and any time I was in the water
It felt like I was swimming laps around my own grave

I remember when I thought I didn’t like people
So I never went to parties unless I was dragged to them
I was an inflatable lounge chair in this pool of faceless people
Aimlessly floating, passively wishing someone would sit with me
My friends would ask me to jump off the diving platform and loosen up
But just the thought of opening my mouth made me feel like drowning
I would stand on that platform, look over the edge
and I thought, what if they laughed because I said hi instead of hello?
I could only imagine free falling awkwardly into the water
failing to break the surface tension with the weight of my awkwardness

I would find myself flailing underwater, not sure which way was up
I couldn’t breathe, my oxygen tanks critically low on air
My mind was blaring sirens, a red alert that I will die
I need air, I need air, I freaking need air
All of these people are using up my freaking air
I need to get out of here now, I got to go, I got to leave
I need some space, please, just get away from me

My head broke the surface, I took hastened gasps of life
And I realized, I hadn’t said a word to these people
You see, the thing about my anxiety and its attack on my body
Is that I get asphyxiated on situations that haven’t happened yet

I learned how to tread water by accident
My body learned that you can’t drown if you just keep moving
I was a buoy in the ocean, a beacon for lost souls trying to find their way home
But you see buoys, which are guides to misplaced navigators
Expend their purpose when others find what they were looking for
Then they are left alone, with no place to call their own
Like a captain at the helm without the beauty of the moon
Happiness is about as buoyant as the Titanic in April
I saw my hopes sink with every crashing wave
Becoming acutely aware of a quiet thats supposed to be peaceful
Yet the silence of the night casted a shadow on my self-worth
Leaving me spinning in a whirlpool of my destructive inner dialogue
And suddenly, I was just tired of treading water
The muscles in my body begged to give up trying
My body was just the twisted shipwreck of a voyage I no longer wished to take
And when I finally stopped moving, I slipped under the waves
I remember thinking this water and my tears have the exact same taste
I was done, there was no reason to keep treading
Through an ocean that was no longer worth swimming in

But remember, I have that afraid to die complex
I was swimming laps around my grave but had no intention to lay in it
My friends found me floating hopelessly in my misery
Climbed inside my head and kicked my depression in the teeth
They reminded me that I can’t drown if I just keep moving
Because I am still here, so I just kept treading

A poem describing a time where social anxiety and depression nearly consumed me.
Sometimes, my skull fills with water
C Furlong

Sometimes, my skull fills with water
And I forget what we are
We are not.

Typewritten letters punch holes inside my mind
Beams of light sifting through sand.
Or rainshowers
impregnating truth
where there is none

My physical realisation
wants for nothing.
in us carries the weight
of our waters
like the ebb and flow
of life’s tide.

#life   #dark   #water  
but there is still water here
w r e c k a g e
w r e c k a g e
Jun 6      Jun 6

i wanted to tell you
that my heart is a well
that too many have taken from me
but there is still water here
and i've been saving it for you

#heart   #water   #well  
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