sed to get out of the bathtub until the water cooled down completely and my skin rese
Apr 5

When I was little, I refused to get out of the bathtub until the water cooled down completely and my skin resembled my grandmother's.
Now that I'm older, I take showers that seem to last forever.
I feel like the water is washing away all of the bad, all of what's wrong with me.
I'll go outside in the summer just to stand completely still in the torrents of rain, waiting for something to happen.
After all, I learned in school that water is the strongest force on Earth.
That water can conquer anything.
Water shaped the mountains.
Water shaped my bones.
Water will change my fate.

Water is so loud
Apr 5

Water is so loud
When I brush my teeth
Something is untold
It's screaming outside of me.

#secret   #water   #holding  

There are two things that comfort
Let’s see if you figure it out
They consume me, lock me in
It’s terrifying

They are both the darkness and the light
It makes me come alive and is safe
It traps me, drowns me
I’m not scared

It’s full of ecstasy, gasping for air
It can fill up any space
There is some panic
It subsides

Feel the rain, feel the beat
The screams, sounds
The clean, the cold

I’m not sure why it fills me
I’m drowning in it all
I just take the leap
Let it happen

It’s freeing, gets rid of all the pain
The kind that no one can see
Washes out the night
All that remains is melody

Somewhere in the distance
I see you standing there
You’re laughing
I wish I were laughing too

Your smile takes my breath
Away I’ll go
And inside I’m screaming
But you won’t hear it

Under the lakes and rivers
Are the silent sounds
The aches are drowned out
The rest is perfect noise

Because underwater
You can’t see the tears I’ve cried
Or hear the screams I hide
But just you wait

Til I breathe
To sing out the words
That I always need to say
The ones I keep hidden

You’ll hear them, someday
When the storm is gone
And the air is clear

All I needed
Was for you

#freedom   #music   #water  

you touch my face and it feels like the rain that’s falling outside your window but it’s warm and comforting and i feel at home or is this my home? is a home a structure with a roof or can it be a person? is a home a heart or just a place to sleep? if so then i want to live in you and sleep in your mind so i can see what your dreams consist of and then maybe i can figure out what it is you need me to be and at this point i’ll be anything as long as you hold me but please don’t let go because my head is filled with thoughts so heavy i might sink down to the bottom of the ocean and the only way you could possibly get me back is if you turned yourself inside out and crawled inside because you are the ocean and if i have to drown in you just to be near you then that’s ok with me.

#water   #drown   #michael   #jacob  
*Have you felt the essence of water
Jul 7      July 11, 2014

Have you felt the essence of water
as she slips through your fingers?
She is wild and invigorating.
~She is spiritual~.
She sustains life and is sacred.
She's both inspirational and moody.
She speaks smoothly with beautiful mystery.
At times she will awaken
All tranquility is disturbed.
She gently cleanses both hands and souls.
She quietly waters your gardens in Eden.
She fiercely drowns your private Hells.
The essence of water
as she slips through your fingers
is wild and invigorating.
~She is transforming~

I am sinking beneath the hot water but my reflection is asleep on the floo
Feb 1

All of these people are bathroom tiles.
I am sinking beneath the hot water but my reflection is asleep on the floor curled up in your shirt.
All of these people are dripping from your hair,
running away from you and changing your skin.
Sometimes I don't turn the faucet off because I miss you too much.
I imagine that this is not how I'm supposed to go.
I've always liked the water but never when it liked me back.

I stopped treading water
Jul 13

I stopped treading water
and dove head first into the ocean
with you.
And God if it wasn't a mistake.
But you taught me that I value trust
over one good night
and that it is okay to love myself before
I love you.
You were a tidal wave I saw coming
a mile away.
I have moved to higher ground.

- R. H.

#love   #self   #water   #storm   #strong   #lessons  
cates me as if all those years ago with water filling my veins.
Water In My Veins
Sep 20, 2013      Sep 22, 2013

Burning and popping still Lingers in my minds eye, I look down to see a crinkle in time. I walk through seeing flashes if gleaming memories. Smoky gray glass silently floating, wondering, but forever still. Blue twisting and spinning through all thoughts, like everlasting bruises of the sea. Gut retching anticipation of silent questions always answered, paused and stilled. Never again to be caressed by the silent husky laughter of memories past. Light begins to reappear through the memories of black and white photographs. Loneliness suffocates me as if all those years ago with water filling my veins.  

I had been so lost, so alone. I was drowning in it. The effort it took to smile like I cared was so minimal. I scared myself with how much I didn't care. Voices running ramped through my mind. I was falling farther and farther into oblivion. Two hands reached out to scoop up the remains of me.

Silent and still I say there till I crumpled as if to be thrown away. Birthday wishes never come true if no one if whooshing for you. Tears held in, hair pulled on with dead inside hands like a toddler in the night. Until a shy smile came into sight. Timid and warm but is there more?

Time pasted, wounds began to heal. Words became fewer till non were spoken at all. Pain searing. Water calling. The sinking feeling was all I was missing. Sights and sound faded till all was blank. Pain all I felt, love betrayed. Torn and beaten till nothing remains. No smiles, no silent laughter, no words to ever to be spoken.

The water beckons.

The feeling of water flowing around me, never stopping. Hands that once has held me up now push me under. Circulating, pushing out pain. Searing life on the brink is all that's left. Black oblivion rushes in like the mistress of the sea's tide. Warm salty water flows as if from a broken facet. Till it all stopped.

Be like water.
Apr 28

Be like water.
Still and calm as a river.
Strong and harsh as a storm.

Even when it all feels like mud.

I'm going through a hard time right now, but sometimes words will never suffice.
#love   #be   #water   #strong   #live   #still   #calm   #harsh  
Be like water
Akhiz Munawar

Be like water
Make your heart this way
It’s calm and takes any form
But what if someone creates ripples and the water is not calm anymore
And the ripples become waves, and the waves create a storm
And the storm destroys everything your heart once was
But what if there is no water just barren land
And you choose to be a desert
No ripples no waves no storms to fear
Hot days cold nights
A clear sky no fog no clouds on thoughts
Just the cold wind blowing inside
Yet still the desert yearns for water
No matter how long it chooses to stay that way
It waits for rain to come down pouring in
But why the desert demands it
That the clouds open up and fill its empty soul
It knows that the clouds will not stay
They will rain and then off they go
And the desert will be barren like before
For in the end we are just humans
Drunk on the fact that Love, only Love can save us
From the Depths of Hell

#love   #hell   #heart   #hope   #loss   #rain   #thoughts   #night   #water   #clouds   #storm   #waves   #fate   #wind   #humans   #choices   #deserts  
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