Going "to" kill"y0u

But you're a killer.
Luna Elora
Luna Elora
Dec 5, 2014

Please don't misinterpret what I have to say
But you're a killer.
What I mean is- You've killed me.
Though I may walk, talk,and breathe
I do not smile. I do not laugh. I cry.
Baby, let's not lie. I'm not alive.
You've murdered my soul
Slaughtered my emotions
And left only grief.
Which hangs above my head like a storm cloud
Waiting to rain on my parade every day.
And you're the cause.
I hate you

You've made me smile. You've made me laugh. Then you took it all away.
I hate your guts

He no longer dances with pride. She wallows and sobs all night and day.

Her heart no longer beats.

He no longer cares.

#sad   #heart   #hate   #kill   #killer  
an addictive, silent killer.
JR Falk
JR Falk
May 24

Burnt out like the butt of an old cigarette,
lipstick stained,
excitement drained,
nothing left but a dirty filter.
I'm seeing you for what you really are,
an addictive, silent killer.
You're romanticized by everyone,
except maybe yourself.
Oh, the coolest people have you
when they have nobody else.
Turns out, they're just victims
of a lifelong game of tag.
Still waiting for the moment
the chase ends and
they don't have to keep running back.
Like they're not supposed to have anything else to do,
almost like if they stopped,
they'd have no one
and you'd stop coming around
to build them up when they needed a kick,
giving them the smallest of highs.
You'd stop coming around and making them see
the world through your eyes.
Almost like it's so bad without you,
when really you're a pest-
gifted at knowing how to infest,
buzzing overhead no matter where they go,
inescapable like a dream.
Night after night,
whether they live alone or
with a family of six,
you keep up your tricks,
and the game's getting old.
Sometimes you gotta learn when to stop,
but it's repetition at its finest,
cancer stick to cancer stick until the
clock strikes twelve
and your gig is up.
Take your time,
they'll all see it soon.
Til then,
dissect their minds
don't let them be.
You're toxic as you are,
but not toxic to me.

It just kinda happened
#fake   #bad   #drug   #liar   #cigarette   #toxic   #person   #killer   #poser   #deadly  
ause you love me. But because you are a killer, and killers always come back to their
Yumiko Sakata
Yumiko Sakata
Dec 2, 2014

You ripped apart my soul, I no longer wish for someone's arms to be wrapped around my body. And just as you always do, you came back, just like that. Not because you miss me, not cause you love me. But because you are a killer, and killers always come back to their crime scene

some old stuff i found
Maggie Emmett
Maggie Emmett
Nov 23, 2014

In the moonlight, high in the Lemon Gum,
perched under the arching ghostly branches
two eyes of jet peer from a snow-white mask.
Tyto Alba, the Barn Owl, with heart shaped
facial disc, edged with ruff of stiff feathers.
Mottled pearl-grey body feathers above
the moth like plumage, purest white beneath
her slim legs are bare on the lower half,
with small feet that end with deadly talons.

Nocturnal, she roosts in the heat of day.
You will hear her screeching in the cold night
hear the scream before you ever see her.
She can see in the half light of humans
night vision even in total darkness
pinpoints her prey by listening to each sound
the desperate, scuttling little creatures make.

She is a well designed killing machine
with hooked beak, powerful feet and sharp claws.
Her flight feathers have softened edges
to make her deadly flight near soundless
She swoops silently down without warning
seizing victims with her claws, biting deep
into their neck arteries, puncturing
their most precious organs for a quick death.

Owls are deadly but fascinating birds of prey.
#death   #night   #killer   #owl  
chest, I write I am the killer and now I
Poetic T
Poetic T
May 27, 2014

You were a friend to the end but
the urge to do it finally closed my
eyes, when I opened them your
life had ebbed away. Just silence
which cleansed the screams away.

I knew what I had to do, I had the
tools ready to do those unspeakable
things to you, but never worry your
not here any more just a cadaver
that will soon be in pieces all over
my floor.

I use my knife cut you from throat
to your scrotum whoops I just chopped
of your meat and veg fuck it you
don't need them any more. I play with
your  ribs blood once warm now cold
in my hands.

I think of a xylophone as I tap the knifes,
dull noises but they sound like musical
notes, I smirk and laugh a bit thinking
of what you would think, as I play
musical notes down on your ribs and
Laugh some more.

I take your heart, it slips on to the  floor,
ok mate it slipped from my hands, don't
look like that you don't need it anymore.
I unravel your intestines as they unravel
over the floor, reminds me of spaghetti
just needs meat balls.

I have played enough, parts of you on me,
I tasted part of your liver like Hannibal
lecture, I wish I could tell you this but it
tastes like horse.

I cut patches from your back parchment
a canvas of skin so I draw, blood is my
paint as I draw a skull, then a dove you
are free like the bird, no pain or fear any

I feel no regret, you were a friend, but
I use your blood for hand print pictures
on my wall as I put it on my face on my
chest, I write I am the killer and now I
am complete the circle of life is complete
as I get the knife and move it across then
I paint with my blood now across the walls.

I feel tired, but I am in a red sea of peace
the room once white now red is painted
on the walls, I think of what I have done,
I cant help who I am no one could have
changed me I've done what I have done
I'm at peace now slumped on the floor.

Haley Elizabeth
Haley Elizabeth
Dec 20, 2014

As I lay dying,
  You  choose
       to  pull

#suicide   #broken   #depression   #heart   #death   #anxiety   #mind   #10w   #killer  
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