Jan 24, 2013

so much depends

the simple school

dashed with red

beside my limp

sometimes college smothers me.

(c) Brooke Otto
That bullet made you a killer.
Thomas James
Thomas James
Mar 20, 2012

Imagine yourself holding a gun,
Pointed to a love one.

Not on a family but a friend,
Someone you knew way back when.

Now Imagine you pulled the trigger,
That bullet made you a killer.

—Thomas James Written on March 11, 2012

a killer in the making.
Melissa Shu Fen
Melissa Shu Fen
Jul 19, 2013

she held the gun in her hand,
a killer in the making.

This poem is about a girl who is sexually abused by her father. They got to a point where she was going to shoot him to make him stop, but she couldn't bring herself to do it (shaking). Well, she did it eventually.

This is my first poem - thus the length. Still an amateur. :)
You're such a killer
Nestor David Armas

You're such a killer
On the mike
You should find a dealer
To distribute you like Nike
On every foot,
Get you heard
On every ear,
Grow a root
Spring a word
Leaves; a gear
While the light
You be burning
Bring the fight
With the beat
Lyricists you defeat
Before they even
Get to retaliate
They get to leaving
Their bridges
Never gonna cross
Slip on frozen ridges,
Fountain coin toss;
Wishes never see
Bumble without the bee...
© okpoet

Jan 17

With the kill,
The murder of mind,
Deprived of the only thing that could fill
The dark void that is one of a kind

Slayed your soul,
Tied up your thoughts
On you she took such a toll
Break free, before you are stripped by the lot

Who is this newborn
This person I do not know
The careful heart, shattered and torn
Where is it now, where did it go

And I hope someday
You'll be revived,
You'll find your way,
And know that you don't have to let yourself die just to feel alive

Jeremy R Frenette
Jeremy R Frenette
Sep 27, 2011

pissed her
rants and
caves into
must not
twine around her
check how quite
tight it gets
that she's screaming,
for him to let her go.

Bleeding Rose
Bleeding Rose
Jul 12, 2013

I want to rip my heart out so I never have to feel again.
I want to toss the lifeless thing into a fire so I can end its pain.
I want to spread its ashes in a forest so it can feel life.
But of course I cant. So i'll sit here and suffer.

That bullet made you a killer.
Selena Irulan
Selena Irulan
Oct 8, 2013

Imagine yourself holding a gun,
Pointed to a love one.

Not on a family but a friend,
Someone you knew way back when.

Now Imagine you pulled the trigger,
That bullet made you a killer.

Because your eyes burn holes, and I liked the pain.
Because I long to kiss you in the rain.
Because when you touched my skin, I knew what it means ‘to be home.’
Because I’m tried, sick and tired, of being alone.
Because your skin shines like apples with water kissing their shell.
Because I want to be your apple; be my insides, my core, my outside as well.
because I’m cold and need a home.
I know it’s stupid, but I'm just so alone.

Feb 5      Feb 6

I never knew your exquisite features
could kill me in such a beautiful way.

The way your eyes
stabbed my heart and broke it into shards of glass
reminded me of the specks of blue in your eyes,
so I apologized for the terrible mess I must have caused
and the scratches I must have inflicted on your
dreamy gaze, the one I wanted to bottle up and keep
on rainy days.

The way your skin
electrified my soul after a simple touch
and disrupted the chemical flow between my sensitive nerves
made me feel so special,
so I let you
destroy me in the most lovely way imaginable.

The way your smile
caused an explosion in the pits of my stomach
and caused a herd of buffaloes to
slowly rise in the lump in my throat, made me think of
the one time they tried to explain the Manhattan Project,
so I figured the destruction you caused was only
a history lesson.


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