time flies
Aug 21

time flies
so fast
that January
seems like yesterday.

time drags
itself out
so long that
I forget
when August began.

Lord time is loading a gun
Yoni Sav
Yoni Sav
May 16

Lord time is loading a gun

  First, he loads
  the seconds
  The first time you met, the way you felt

  The minutes
  soon after
  Your first date, knowing it's fate

  The hours
  Sweet talks into the night, the regret after the first fight

  Next slightly fazed
  he stacks in the days
  Getting to know each other, finding love in one another

  months goes down the Musket
  as he seals the casket
  The special why she smiled, awaiting your first child

  Lastly, with tears
  he forces in the years
  You grow old together. Time has cut her tether

Now his work is done
It's time to fire the gun.


Bringing us to life,
Nurturing us, caring for us.
Teaching us all manner of things,
From beginning to end.
Ever going onward, ravaging us in its wake.
Leaving no pebble unturned in passing.
Tearing through and affecting all.
Seeing a shell left behind, mourning a loss,
rejoicing in release, if ever it will come.
If ever one is released, by our ever present jailer.

Time is ticking away.

Time is ticking away.
The watch-chain sways in time:
Swinging and sweeping, weaving and waving.
They watch as time ticks on.

The sun is shining down.
The watch-chain spangles in the sun:
Shimmering and shining, glittering and glowing.
They watch as time ticks on.

The darkness is coming quickly.
The watch-chain disappears in the dark:
Dimming and dulling, slowing and stopping.
They watch as time ticks on.

But time is ticking away. . .

*Time wanders away
Amitav Radiance

Time wanders away
Keeping a tryst with its destination
Till we realize we have missed ours
Trying to rewind the clock in vain
The balance of hours have depleted
Until we realize, time was not well spent

What is time for

What is time for
our tasks at hand?
Is time a value for
a new life at hand?
Is time a new
beginning for your family?
Is time a start to
learn in school for grades?
Is time to get
a job at will?
Is time a time
for a persons death?
Its time you
and I to
start something new?
Value you time well for
it will come in handy someday.

I'm on one
Been trapped in a buzz for four or six months
Since that I've pulled a few stunts
My mind, opposite judgement of a nun's
So I tend to act rugged when it comes

I'm on one
Zapped down by these side effects
Trapped now, take benzos to alleviate
More and more as the effects depreciate
Good for a few hours
But I need to finish this report, so I give myself powers
Amphetamines by all means
I had a dream once, but now I cant sleep
Don't use guns, to do this damage to myself
Going through funds to do this damage to myself

I'm on one
Is it worth it in the long run?
I've Seen what happens and it isn't fun
But how can I do this job without them
Be out of water, desperate as a trout, man
Aches and pains I think I have the gout man
Take pain killers, the real brain killers

I'm on one
Tipping over while typing these words
Tripping over how I got this net worth
Incognito, reputation with the best first
Wish I could reveal, but I'd have no appeal
They'd think I went bananas

See I no longer have the fun that I had before hand
Gleam in the Rover like the sweat against my forehead
Blasting AC on max, thinking about paying tax
But I already am, my kidneys show the facts
Because I'm on one

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your drowsy demise,
your solemn sighs.
your heat-stricken heart,
your sugar-coated shame.
you're brutally gentle;
a harmonious chaos.

If I but had the time.
Jul 7

I would kill you,

                                 If I but had the time.

Sometimes I feel that I waste so much time, I don't have time to spend just lazily wasting time.
What is time?
Conar McVicker
Conar McVicker
Jan 4, 2013

What is time?
Time is progress.
Time is regression.
Time is growth.
Time is deterioration.
Time is beginnings.
Time is endings.
Time is everything.
Time is nothing.
Time can't be grasped.
Time can't be stopped.
Time heals all wounds.
Time ends all things.
Time is limited.
Time is infinite.
Time can't be defined.
Time can be experienced.
What is time?

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