Lord time is loading a gun
Yoni Sav
Yoni Sav
May 16

Lord time is loading a gun

  First, he loads
  the seconds
  The first time you met, the way you felt

  The minutes
  soon after
  Your first date, knowing it's fate

  The hours
  Sweet talks into the night, the regret after the first fight

  Next slightly fazed
  he stacks in the days
  Getting to know each other, finding love in one another

  months goes down the Musket
  as he seals the casket
  The special why she smiled, awaiting your first child

  Lastly, with tears
  he forces in the years
  You grow old together. Time has cut her tether

Now his work is done
It's time to fire the gun.


Bringing us to life,
Nurturing us, caring for us.
Teaching us all manner of things,
From beginning to end.
Ever going onward, ravaging us in its wake.
Leaving no pebble unturned in passing.
Tearing through and affecting all.
Seeing a shell left behind, mourning a loss,
rejoicing in release, if ever it will come.
If ever one is released, by our ever present jailer.

Time is ticking away.

Time is ticking away.
The watch-chain sways in time:
Swinging and sweeping, weaving and waving.
They watch as time ticks on.

The sun is shining down.
The watch-chain spangles in the sun:
Shimmering and shining, glittering and glowing.
They watch as time ticks on.

The darkness is coming quickly.
The watch-chain disappears in the dark:
Dimming and dulling, slowing and stopping.
They watch as time ticks on.

But time is ticking away. . .

What is time for

What is time for
our tasks at hand?
Is time a value for
a new life at hand?
Is time a new
beginning for your family?
Is time a start to
learn in school for grades?
Is time to get
a job at will?
Is time a time
for a persons death?
Its time you
and I to
start something new?
Value you time well for
it will come in handy someday.

If I but had the time.
Jul 7

I would kill you,

                                 If I but had the time.

Sometimes I feel that I waste so much time, I don't have time to spend just lazily wasting time.
I tried to buy a coffee with time this morning
May 14

I tried to buy a coffee with time this morning
but i didn't have enough
I tried to emtpy the bin with bags of time this morning
but it was wasted
I tried to buy time once
and I paid for it.

edited this because it didn't feel complete but then i realised that time isn't complete and now i hate this poem
What is time?
Conar McVicker
Conar McVicker
Jan 4, 2013

What is time?
Time is progress.
Time is regression.
Time is growth.
Time is deterioration.
Time is beginnings.
Time is endings.
Time is everything.
Time is nothing.
Time can't be grasped.
Time can't be stopped.
Time heals all wounds.
Time ends all things.
Time is limited.
Time is infinite.
Time can't be defined.
Time can be experienced.
What is time?

#time   #question  
Jun 21

I couldn't be alive for years,
I couldn't be okay for months.
I couldn't sleep for weeks,
I couldn't eat for days.
I couldn't move for hours,
I couldn't breathe for seconds.
The only thing I could do
Was irrevocably love you.

#love   #time  
time still hasn’t healed all of my wounds
Amanda Helm

One day it was you
and then, the next day….
it wasn’t.
time still hasn’t healed all of my wounds

I have a thing for loving and hating time.
David Bojay

I have a thing for loving and hating time.

What is time? A limit limit.

The sun and the moon don't determine what I get to do at a certain time in between the 24 hours in the day, time heals the wound, but there's also time to remember how much you've lost.

What is good?
What is bad?

A title to your actions based on your thoughts?

I'm confused, and I just woke up.

#confused   #time   #good   #bad  
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