Nov 29

Always passing by
slipping through my hands
never in control

A short poem, made in a pause of homework
You are not bound by the constraints of time
Faith Gabito

You are not bound by the constraints of time
Before the beginning You were there
You always existed, and always will
You loved me before time existed
And You will love me when it ends

time flies
Aug 21

time flies
so fast
that January
seems like yesterday.

time drags
itself out
so long that
I forget
when August began.

Time is the eternal sculptor
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Sep 17      Sep 17

Time is the eternal sculptor
Chiseling away through centuries
To create innovative masterpieces
Where many facets of life emerge
Bridging the past, present and future
Shaping the moments we dwell in
Where events are scheduled
To display the varied installations
Which cannot be replicated
Recorded in the chronicles of time
When our world will fade away
But time will be there till eternity
Relentlessly sculpting for the future
For, time brings change
And everything changes, except time itself

Time is ticking away.

Time is ticking away.
The watch-chain sways in time:
Swinging and sweeping, weaving and waving.
They watch as time ticks on.

The sun is shining down.
The watch-chain spangles in the sun:
Shimmering and shining, glittering and glowing.
They watch as time ticks on.

The darkness is coming quickly.
The watch-chain disappears in the dark:
Dimming and dulling, slowing and stopping.
They watch as time ticks on.

But time is ticking away. . .

Time can pass so very fast
Oct 21

Seconds on a watch

Minutes of a show

Time can pass so very fast

And sometimes very slow

Morning to midday,

Afternoon to night

Time is passing always

And never seems quite right.

We sit and think and wonder,

As the hours trundle past,

About all the people

And how moments never last.

~Nothing, just enjoy the time that we do have
Isabelle H Graye

Where did it go?
  ~I don't know
Is it lost?
  ~I am not sure
Can we get it back?
  ~I don't think we can
What do we do?
What you mean nothing?
  ~We do nothing
What should I do?

   ~Nothing, just enjoy the time that we do have

Lord time is loading a gun
Yoni Sav
Yoni Sav
May 16

Lord time is loading a gun

  First, he loads
  the seconds
  The first time you met, the way you felt

  The minutes
  soon after
  Your first date, knowing it's fate

  The hours
  Sweet talks into the night, the regret after the first fight

  Next slightly fazed
  he stacks in the days
  Getting to know each other, finding love in one another

  months goes down the Musket
  as he seals the casket
  The special why she smiled, awaiting your first child

  Lastly, with tears
  he forces in the years
  You grow old together. Time has cut her tether

Now his work is done
It's time to fire the gun.


Bringing us to life,
Nurturing us, caring for us.
Teaching us all manner of things,
From beginning to end.
Ever going onward, ravaging us in its wake.
Leaving no pebble unturned in passing.
Tearing through and affecting all.
Seeing a shell left behind, mourning a loss,
rejoicing in release, if ever it will come.
If ever one is released, by our ever present jailer.


Everything ends
and the only thing endless
is merely a made up concept
used for organizational purposes

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