alisi olelagi

it's all I ever need.
Time to love,
time to dance.
A time to everything.

As the days roll on
and time unfolds.
I look for time,
to feel whole.

I don't know.  Just felt like this poem was right.
Time is ticking away.
Rhiannon Begley
Jun 9, 2014

Time is ticking away.
The watch-chain sways in time:
Swinging and sweeping, weaving and waving.
They watch as time ticks on.

The sun is shining down.
The watch-chain spangles in the sun:
Shimmering and shining, glittering and glowing.
They watch as time ticks on.

The darkness is coming quickly.
The watch-chain disappears in the dark:
Dimming and dulling, slowing and stopping.
They watch as time ticks on.

But time is ticking away. . .

Phrank Kankasa

Ever transforming like Optimus Prime
Thin as a leaf of pine,
Yet the very important  interval
With determinations of when and where to go
When you are lost and never recovered
How to keep you, so have humans failed
Past...Present and future
Still keeping your posture

Jan 14

Where does time go?
Time flies, nobody knows.
Once time is wasted, it is Something you can never get back.
Only way to bring back time is through memories, tapes, videos..
Alot changes through time. Things, people, the way we see things, as ourselves also change.
Even when times are different, the history will never change.
Time is precious, should never be wasted.

Quick write, release some boredom
time flies
Aug 21, 2014

time flies
so fast
that January
seems like yesterday.

time drags
itself out
so long that
I forget
when August began.

Measuring the passing of time

Measuring the passing of time
by the expiration dates on my yogurt.

Time can pass so very fast
Oct 21, 2014

Seconds on a watch

Minutes of a show

Time can pass so very fast

And sometimes very slow

Morning to midday,

Afternoon to night

Time is passing always

And never seems quite right.

We sit and think and wonder,

As the hours trundle past,

About all the people

And how moments never last.

~Nothing, just enjoy the time that we do have
Isabelle H Graye
Isabelle H Graye
Apr 11, 2014

Where did it go?
  ~I don't know
Is it lost?
  ~I am not sure
Can we get it back?
  ~I don't think we can
What do we do?
What you mean nothing?
  ~We do nothing
What should I do?

   ~Nothing, just enjoy the time that we do have

Time brings all things to pass,
May 16

Time brings all things to pass,
Time waits for noone,
Time is an asset,
Time is the most common yet important thing.
Time heals wounds,
It heals broken hearts,depending on how its used.
Time is fair,it rushes for noone and stops for noone
If there's anything that we all have in equal amounts;its time..
Time let's everyone use it,
Either for success or failure,building or destruction..
Time is to be treasured and used rightly,
As common as it may be,a day will come when you will no longer own it.

Lord time is loading a gun
Yoni Sav
Yoni Sav
May 16, 2014

Lord time is loading a gun

  First, he loads
  the seconds
  The first time you met, the way you felt

  The minutes
  soon after
  Your first date, knowing it's fate

  The hours
  Sweet talks into the night, the regret after the first fight

  Next slightly fazed
  he stacks in the days
  Getting to know each other, finding love in one another

  months goes down the Musket
  as he seals the casket
  The special why she smiled, awaiting your first child

  Lastly, with tears
  he forces in the years
  You grow old together. Time has cut her tether

Now his work is done
It's time to fire the gun.

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