Pearl Smoke
Pearl Smoke
Sep 6, 2014

Love, What's Love?
The Only Love iVe Experienced
With Are Drugs.

Love, Only The Drugs
iConsume iN My Body.

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Never alone when on crystal meth.
Crystal Erickson
Crystal Erickson
Dec 17, 2014

Twisted morbid thoughts
Venomous dreams
Poisonous looks
Life sucking streams
Love dies
Memories fade
Hearts grow cold
Feelings go numb
Lonely empty open space
All the time in the world to waste
Alone in life is alone in death
Never alone when on crystal meth.

© 1997 Crystal Erickson

Pearl Smoke
Pearl Smoke
Sep 6, 2014

iMMa Love You
Till The Day They Make Me Leave You.
They Don't Know Your My Soul & i
Need You.
I Know iTs Wrong, But iT Feels So Right.

2012 iD Always Repeat "imma Smoke This Shit Till iM Dead" Was So Out Of, Smoked Out Telling My Parents iLove Crystal More Than Then.
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Dear Meth,
Sep 23, 2014

Dear Meth,

       Fuck you and your devilish traps
thanks for making my good days go to crap
thanks for separating me from my mother,
for making me look like a fuck up to my brother
thanks for the addiction I have to face
you really did take me to another place
thanks for making me into the person I am
at least you never made me slam
thanks for making me stay up for a week or two
you showed me that I got nothing to lose
thanks for putting shadows in front of my eyes
but if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have realized my lies
I now put a gat in the side of my lap
cause I can’t even sleep or even take a nap
I’m always moving around , where ever it is you take me
bringing me to my dealers house making me beg on my knees
even if it’s just leftover’s, crumpled up in aluminum foil
Now I pick my arms because I think it begins to boil
I’m known as the black sheep in my family
you made my life a fucked up tragedy
The scars you caused aren’t only visible but mental
Thank god I stopped before I melted my dentals
There’s still a voice in my head telling me not to leave you
but I want to start my actual life, I want to be someone new
I thank you for the shit caused, for the mistakes you made me do
But I’m leaving you now, one last thing, fuck you.

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Nov 27, 2013

For my birthday I would like a few new veins  
And a brand new life, okay?  
Wrap up some happiness, love and a little bit of sanity  
With Star Wars wrapping paper from the late to mid-70’s,  
Be sure to use bubble wrap because those three things  
Can’t arrive cracked, I can’t survive disappointment like that  
Help me find a way out of the life I’ve been trapped  
And stop me if I ever try to go back.
Today is October 17th and I am now twenty-three years old,  
Daydreaming of quitting before reaching twenty-four
I’m alone in my apartment, sober and painfully lonely
Thinking of all the ways I could make my life end.
I spend every day counting numbers in my head,  
Adding dollars, subtracting minutes and hours
Ounces and grams, dividing 1.5 by 2  
And injecting the remainder into my arm
I’ve never been any good at math  
But I’ve become an expert at calculating  
The amount of poison needed to keep breathing,  
The amount of toxins required to stop myself from  
The equation is simple:
Just count up all of your regrets  
Add that number to how many mistakes you’ve made,
Multiply the sum by how many people you’ve disappointed  
Now take that product and add all the people you miss,  
Multiply that sum by how many lovers have said,  
“I’m sorry but, I just can’t do this”
What number are you now left with?
That number is the amount of reasons you have
For wanting to quit all of this
To check out, to give in – to end it
But sometimes,
You can take that number and subtract it by grams,  
You can reduce the amount of pain that you’re in
Numb is possible with poisonous subtraction.
Right now my bag is empty and so is my wallet,
I have no variable left to subtract from
There’s only more addiction and multiplication
What happens when I reach infinity  
And there’s no poison left to reduce the severity?
Is it sick to find it slightly poetic to die on the day
You took your very first breath?  
I’m growing tired of math and equations
I’m better with words and false explanations,
Am I simply venting  
Or is this my official letter of resignation?  
Well, you do the math.  
I’ve subtracted my life into the negative  
And I’m sick of being in debt.

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Pearl Smoke
Pearl Smoke
Sep 6, 2014

iTs Difficult To Live Mylife,
The Struggle.
The Problems iHave And Keep Creating.
Not Knowing Who iAm
Being A Drug Addict Who Cant Seem To Stop There Bad Habit.
They Say iTs Easy You Just Want To Want iT.
Not iF You Fallen So Low, left All Alone.
iM Deep iN This Shit, Deserve To Be 6ft Down To Rest.
iTs The Best.
For Everyone.
iM Doing Nothing But Disappointing The Ones Taking There Time Trying To Support Me.
Wasting There Encouragement Not Knowing iWont Last Long Before iUse And Fall Back in
The Same Cycle All Fucking Over Again :/
iTs  Very Sad, To Continue This.
Been To Many Places Yet Nothing Changes,
iM Tired And Overwhelmed .
Why Am iUsing Now?
iFeel Lonely.
This Drug Fills Everything Up inside Of Me.
This is The Reason Why iWent Back To iT.
Before iT Was Cause iLoved The Effects And Kept Trying To Get High Asf Like My 1st Hit,
Then Lead To Me Going At iT Cause
My Body Felt Like iT Couldnt Function Off iT
Which Made Me An Addict .
Loving And wanting To Always Have iT.
Before iT Was Great,
Nobody Knew.
Then they Found Out The Truth.
Ever Since Then Ive Been Living Daily On Lies Having To Hide iT, Denying im On iT When Clearly iTs Obvious.
Chemicals Messing With My Mood ,
My Mind Now Plays Tricks On Me. Dont Know When itl Be Over Cause iDont think il 
 Want To ever Be Sober.

#drugs   #hope   #hopeless   #difficult   #struggle   #meth   #crystal  

Do not lay, lay in fair repose, sweet angel,
My one true love whose dreams give wing to solemn night
And steer the stars above this swale of ragged wood we call our home.
Arise fair angel!

Hurry! Let us hurry to the peach grove
Before the breath of morn gives harbor to the chatter of birds
And the knells of treacherous commerce call me to my obedience.
Awake from your slumber!

Here in the peach grove,
where the herons drink from the mouth of their reflection
we shall build our quaint crib of cockle burrs & jellybeans
and make love & eat Ben & Jerry's all day without getting fat
& drink Cointreau & order shit we don't need over the Internet.

Here in the peach grove, we shall build our brave new world
where there's real justice and and suicide bombers wake up to a harem full of seventy virgins but their cocks are blown off and they don't eat pussy.

Here in the peach grove where the traffic lights are synchronized and everyday is a four day weekend in a leap year of Sundays
and where there are as many raisin nuts inside the cereal box as there are on the pretty picture on the outside

and where you answer a piece of Nigerian spam mail and actually receive a certified check for 40 million dollars

and where people who drive while using cell phones crash and burn on the second ring (and on the first ring if they're driving an SUV); crash and burn along with the scumbag tailgaters who honk their horns at you the nano second the light turns green

and where gas prices fall to a dollar a gallon but everything's in walking distance anyway all cars have been beaten into ploughshares -- except for Ferraris which are transformed into gelato

and where Martha Stewart goes back to prison and just stays there for life
and where George W. Bush gets fucked in the ass by an escaped Texas Death Row inmate

Hurry with me to the peach grove where the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.


No one ever, no one ever shall dare keep us apart.
Morpheus the chemist, lays murdered; he floats face down
like Ophelia, gurgling obscenities to the fish.
Now, you and I & me and you,
just the four of us
shall lie awake forever & ever & ever,
tweaked, cranked and spun like Rapunzel
until our swirls of dust have righteously mingled
and squarely blackened this howling cunt-eye of a moon.

Please wake up, Angel. Please,

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Sharp shard with blood, it cuts
your armored heart of crystalline
no one knows you, nor gets in
barbwire wrapped and shut
black, the deep - you've fallen
your desultory descent ever sullen
gasp of strife that smokes
and chokes apart your life
makes a slave of you, alone
calls for your blood
and bones

Naomi Gamby
Nov 14, 2011

This addiction is bad
These injections will change your life
It is everything, it is nothing, it is unexplainable
Like being stabbed a million times with a knife

It burns my whole body
Inside and out
I want to stop so bad
But it fills my mind with doubt

I become obsessive,
Sometimes I'm in rage
Even saying something simple
Will put me on a rampage

There are bugs in my skin
I get constant heat flashes
I can't stop itching
It leaves me with gashes

Your friends become enemies
Every family member is now a stranger
No one can be around you
Everyone is in danger

I'm loosing my body
I'm loosing mind
This specific drug,
It's the worst kind

I can't feel my body
Now it's all down hill
I no longer shake
I am completely still

My vision is impaired
Feels like it was injected into my eyes
I lay here stiff as a board
As my body slowly dies

Vegan Meth Cake
Vegan Meth Cake
Mar 11, 2014

me and u
holding hands
miles away

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