A man on earth is judged by the stars.
Mar 31

Sometimes I wonder
If shooting stars
Are the santas to our wishes
Or just punishment to men.

Shooting stars,so seldom, so rare,
Are believed to be the core of our prayers.
However, whenever a star passes by,
A man on earth is judged by the stars.

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Mar 31      Apr 2

Pictured as bloodshed
The word 'war' is fear by all
Everything that one can think of
Environment, Economics,Politics
All joins in the fray

Country against country
War begins
Sending dancers of death into the battlefield
Changing the landscape, death to all
Leaving behind a stage , full of agony

What can we say,
When wars are waged,
Both sides are equally just.

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all your life, you struggle for love
when you know those who loved you had a big smile on their face
while you cried at your birth
your tears, who cared?
you kept on crying
they kept on celebrating

Not every man with a heart,
Nov 7, 2014

Not every man with a heart,
Is understanding,
Not every man with ears,
Is a listener,
Not every man with eyes,
Is able to see.

For it takes,
Love and faith,
To be,
A Man.

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"What on earth have you done my Dear Man", he cried, and
Kypros Koutsokoumnis

"What on earth have you done my Dear Man", he cried, and          

lugubriously he cried it again, his arms up,                                

ferociously flailing like a mad man, howling,                        

for he missed the sound of the wild wolfing shout.

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Apr 24

When you take her breath away

I'm a Evil Man
Dec 27, 2014

When I want to be

I'm a Evil Man
When I must be

You know not the lengths
I will go
For Her
My Children

Man is the sailing boat of the soul.
Tom Orr
Tom Orr
Dec 1, 2014

Man is the sailing boat of the soul.

A good man exposed to evil
will exercise evil to put right his pride

An evil man, who knows not the bounties of good
will exercise evil under the influence of pride

To man, pride is power
but to the soul it is the growing storm.

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Dear Man Lee,
Man Lee
Feb 25, 2011

Dear Man Lee,

So this is how it’s supposed to go:
I eat the fruit of the seeds I sow,
And permit the weeds to grow and grow.

But can’t I take a moment to trim
All the excess fat and stretched out skin
Of the extra leaves hung on the limbs?

Can’t you see that I love my garden?
That I worked so damn fucking hard in?
Excuse my French I didn’t mean it.

So you see there’s just isn’t room
For a baby in this garden’s womb
Doomed to unnatural growth and acrid fume.

So its not that I don’t desire
To feed and care for my young flower,
I just forget, but not due to ire.

All of the world’s love I give to thee
Just don’t expect anymore from me.


© 2011 M.Lee
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