Not every man with a heart,
Nov 7

Not every man with a heart,
Is understanding,
Not every man with ears,
Is a listener,
Not every man with eyes,
Is able to see.

For it takes,
Love and faith,
To be,
A Man.

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Dear Man Lee,
Man Lee
Feb 25, 2011

Dear Man Lee,

So this is how it’s supposed to go:
I eat the fruit of the seeds I sow,
And permit the weeds to grow and grow.

But can’t I take a moment to trim
All the excess fat and stretched out skin
Of the extra leaves hung on the limbs?

Can’t you see that I love my garden?
That I worked so damn fucking hard in?
Excuse my French I didn’t mean it.

So you see there’s just isn’t room
For a baby in this garden’s womb
Doomed to unnatural growth and acrid fume.

So its not that I don’t desire
To feed and care for my young flower,
I just forget, but not due to ire.

All of the world’s love I give to thee
Just don’t expect anymore from me.


© 2011 M.Lee
Man is the sailing boat of the soul.
Txm Orr
Txm Orr
Dec 1

Man is the sailing boat of the soul.

A good man exposed to evil
will exercise evil to put right his pride

An evil man, who knows not the bounties of good
will exercise evil under the influence of pride

To man, pride is power
but to the soul it is the growing storm.

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Man created destruction
Lazlo Mehl

God created earth
Man created destruction
God created trees
Man created disruption
God created rain
Man created pollution

God created man
Man created Greed
God created love
Man created Cheat

God created peace
Man created execution
God created rest
Man created death

God created commandments
Man created laws

God created us
Man created mistrust.

Save Our Soul, do not perish
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I am man.

I conquered vast pieces of land.
I ruled green patches and sand.
I am Akbar, I am Aurangzeb, I am Alexander, I am emperor,
I am man.

I discovered places which were unseen and unknown,
sometimes with my friends and sometimes alone,
I am da Gama, I am Polo, I am columbus, I am explorer,
I am man.

I constructed beautiful mosques and castles,
see this Taj, as if it was built by Angels.
I am Ustad Ahmed, I am Master james, I am Sinan, I am architect,
I am man.

I take rational approach to solve life's mystery,
through biology, physics and chemistry.
I am Jabir, I am Newton, I am Einstein, I am scientist,
I am man.

I have turned upside down many nations,
my thoughts and writings can inspire generations.
I am Marx, I am plato, I am socrates, I am philosopher,
I am man.

I crossed boundaries of earth to reach space,
Even on moon you can find my trace.
I am Aldrin, I am Gagarin, I am Armstrong, I am astronaut,
I am man.

I shape words like a sculptor with delicate touch,
my few words can convey so much.
I am Iqbal, I am Kabir, I am Wordsworth, I am poet
I am man.

I Stayed for nine months in her womb,
her love and kindness made a man in me to bloom,
She is sister, she is wife, she is mother, she is woman,
Yes, I am man because of a woman.

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erroneous man
Jordan Harris

He is an
erroneous man
with a soul splotched
in every color
whose death
his ultimate

Auto, bus, walking and sweating dermis,
somehow on time I reach my office.

work needs to be finished on time so I sit in-front of computer.

breakfast time, toast, butter and tea glass,
hurriedly I eat, unaware it may appear boorish and crass.

work needs to be finished on time so I sit in-front of computer.

lunch time, dosa containing rice, dal and yeast,
the way I eat can put to shame any wild beast.

work needs to be finished on time so I sit in-front of computer.

till evening, I am tired, drowsy and dozy
but I skip the plan to go outside to have some tea.

work needs to be finished on time so I sit in-front of computer.

My head aches, my eye burns
but I continue work amidst yawns.

work needs to be finished on time so I sit in-front of computer.

Just before lo-gout, I work with great pace,
with time I contest, compete and race.

work needs to be finished on time so a computer sits in-front of computer.

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a man will surely rise from this here boy
Oct 1

from this mangled shell I have to nurse
I'm trying to break an ancient curse
my honesty is fragile when it's coy
I can't compete with better poets
who split the sun and seem to know it
a man will surely rise from this here boy

the scenes that play out in my mind
pretend to waltz with the sublime
I cannot see by looking with my eyes
I'm told to hoard my smiles some more
life is miserable at its core
from this here gloom, a man will surely rise

my family says I've got no plan
my boss will hardly understand
I've got no need for certainties at all
all the ladies in distress
a man who rises has to bless
if a man will surely rise at all

I refuse to write about a pain
that leaves my armies cruelly slain
I won't add to the sorrow of the wise
there's too much heartbreak going 'round
who will finally drown that sound?
finally, a man will surely have to rise

I bathe in glorious lights of praise
my wallet's empty but my head is raised
if I make you smile, at least I've written right
if my happiness is such a bore
that you might not want to read more
a man will surely rise tonight

I haven't got a thing figured out
just try and ask me what this is about
I'm always the example of what I most despise
but now I think I've found my groove
I've got no goddamn thing to prove
and you'll know, too, a man will surely rise

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