Man, proud man.
Casey Thomas McClain

Man, proud man.
Dressed in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he is most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep.

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Dear Man Lee,
Man Lee
Feb 25, 2011

Dear Man Lee,

So this is how it’s supposed to go:
I eat the fruit of the seeds I sow,
And permit the weeds to grow and grow.

But can’t I take a moment to trim
All the excess fat and stretched out skin
Of the extra leaves hung on the limbs?

Can’t you see that I love my garden?
That I worked so damn fucking hard in?
Excuse my French I didn’t mean it.

So you see there’s just isn’t room
For a baby in this garden’s womb
Doomed to unnatural growth and acrid fume.

So its not that I don’t desire
To feed and care for my young flower,
I just forget, but not due to ire.

All of the world’s love I give to thee
Just don’t expect anymore from me.


© 2011 M.Lee
A man has been wandering for a year or two
Light of Day

A man has been wandering for a year or two
In the vast ocean waters but he doesn't have a clue
When will he stop sailing or where will he stay?
It seems that there's no land, or it's just far away?

And so again with faith in heart that soon he will find out
From the east to the west or from the north to south
A place where he can stay at peace and with no fears
There he won't feel the pain once more and surely no more tears....

A start of a series of poems about a man who found an island...
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Hello I am a man.
No Names Here
No Names Here
1 day ago      2 hours ago

I'll play "boy" with you
We can clench our jaws
Stare each other down

I'll play "boy" with you
We can sit in a room
And growl

I'll play "boy" with you
Let's fight over a girl
Throw punches at walls
Make mothers cry and wise men laugh

I'll play "boy" with you
Hard on the outside
Soft within
Come on! I thought it was obvious!
And henceforth from hereon-now I shall get away with everything.
Hello my name is boy.

Hello I am a man.
I no longer play boy.
Feelings are spread like butter on bread
Tears aren't shed.
But I am no longer a boy anymore.
I stand alone in a room
Clenching my jaws
Working with pen and paper in hand.
Dreaming of nothing.

I am Nothing.
I am no boy
I am no man
I am a breath at a time
Collected and calm
I know your innermost secrets and your deepest desires
They are written all over your face.

It would be too easy to fool you.
I am no boy
I am no man.
I am one breath at a time
Collected and calm.

People are not what they seem.
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Man up.

Man up.
This phrase, this idea rather, changed a teen I loved
Into a teen I don't know anymore
He had a gorgeous voice.
Earned the lead role in the play
We talked about bands that only we knew about
Sang songs and made beautiful music
It was great
but the next year he wasn't.
You see, he was popular, he was cute
So on high demand, he hung around with the cool boys
the lax bros like himself
Which was fine with me
and the next year he didn't do the play
and when I asked why
He shrugged
Just not enough time
I wish I saw the lie
on his face
Or heard the longing in his voice
that turn of rasp in each word
Or remembered when other boys said that
It was gay to do the play

He was so respectful
Now he just yells out the name of his friends in the halls
looks at me when I bend over at my locker and
guffaws with his friends
chortling in a deep voice unfamiliar
to me.
And when I saw his friend
punch his shoulder
heard them say
Man Up
to him
I knew what had happened
And remembered that lie on his face
and that rasp in his voice
and that yearning in his eye
When they said Man up
I watched as his ears lowered
eyes diverted
hands hung limp
only for a minute
because apparently
men can’t have feelings

The phrase Man Up needs to stop. I have seen boys be shot down by this bullet of a phrase from the gun that is of society
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What kind of man
Mar 23      Mar 24

What kind of man
What kind of man am I?
Sits on his hands and watches
The world go by
That stares at the sky
Never bothers asking why
Who listens to fools
And hurts those he schools
And makes his own rules
Who leaves when he wants
And loves when he can
That works when he should
And plays as he would
He stays if he was
And prays just because
He's sad don't you know
And mad you should go
And proud as a man
Cause men will be men
What kind of man
What kind of man am I?

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my heads about to explode
should i cock the gun and unload
oh its to late now
im stuck wondering how

why did you do this to me
it was you i wanted couldn't you see
but now it will never be
just wait you'll read about me
the look on your face now i will never see

so i look back and remissness
will i be the one to really miss
i think who am i leaving behind
friends family ya there on my mind
its crazy the things people do
oh wait i got a texts that's coming threw

it reads "it was all just a joke my bad"
now i think well i bet your glad
im passing the 12th floor with a frown
as im looking over the town
quicker and quicker i start to loses my breath
damn now im sentenced to death

all i could do is scream and shout
i just wish i could get out
counting the floors 7, 6, 5, 4
fuck just 3 more
i wish i could restart this whole day
and just listen to what you all had to say

He was a broken man
Apr 13      Apr 14

He didnt know how to show me love
So he showed me hate
Everyday he'd remind me of my mistakes
Not that i didnt love him , but i couldnt trust him
He'd leave my body black & blue
I'd just let him
His words hurt too
He was a broken man
Everytime he was upset , i got the backlash of his hands
I tried to leave but what would he be without me ?
A broken man
So i drank my sorrow & smoked my pain
It was all the same
Nothing would ever change
I knew , as well as he did , i wouldnt leave him
But is that to say he wont leave me ?
I was his biggest fan
The biggest fan of a broken man .

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ll these words have one thing in common MAN
Camellia Japonica

From the cradle to the grave
We're manhandled and manipulated
Manoeuvred like chess pieces
Arranged in columns, in  statistics, in order
Our worth is determined by skilful orientation
Influenced by others, employed by others, used by others

Faceless, nameless, featureless, utilisers that
Make sure we are kept within our boundaries
Yet, all these words have one thing in common MAN
Unscrupulous influence unfairly deployed
Ensure that our managed manhandling is exploited by the MAN.

#man   #humanity  
A hopeful man
Mar 25

Another idea
Another plan
A slow start
A hopeful man

#man   #hope   #plan  
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