Dear Man Lee,
Man Lee
Feb 25, 2011

Dear Man Lee,

So this is how it’s supposed to go:
I eat the fruit of the seeds I sow,
And permit the weeds to grow and grow.

But can’t I take a moment to trim
All the excess fat and stretched out skin
Of the extra leaves hung on the limbs?

Can’t you see that I love my garden?
That I worked so damn fucking hard in?
Excuse my French I didn’t mean it.

So you see there’s just isn’t room
For a baby in this garden’s womb
Doomed to unnatural growth and acrid fume.

So its not that I don’t desire
To feed and care for my young flower,
I just forget, but not due to ire.

All of the world’s love I give to thee
Just don’t expect anymore from me.


© 2011 M.Lee
erroneous man
Jordan Harris

He is an
erroneous man
with a soul splotched
in every color
whose death
his ultimate

When you can call yourself a man
Hidden Secrets

When you can call yourself a man
In every essence of the word
Then you can step me
Not just a being that has a piece of meat hanging between their legs
I mean a real man
Provider. Care taker. Gentleman. Head of the house hold type of man
The kind of man that has a strong head on his shoulders
And a soft heart in his chest
Im gona take care of my kids
And make sure my woman is happy sort if man
Im gona be there for you
And Ive got your back type of man

But if you arent that type of man
Then please sweetie oh please
Stay the hell away from me

Wrote this dedicated to the guys and girls out there since i havent written in a while
#man   #real  
He has told you, o man. What is true
Zakk Shut
Zakk Shut
May 10

He has told you, o man. What is true
And what has the Lord require of you
Not to bow to wooden statues,
But to give praise where praise is due.

  Show me, o man. What is good
What's better than the Christian worldview,
If the world could view a life of a man like Christ's eyes would do.

Is to live forever better than to reincarnate?
Is to be forgiven of sins better than to live as a cow, a jackal, several lives until you become the whole zoo until all your transgressions you could pay?

The audacity, o man. To be able to doubt
The very air we can't breathe without
Is to where we get the right.
To question the freedom given by Who fought the good fight.

How dare you, o man. To look for the Omnipresent amidst the presence of evil in life.
Rather than to ask where does it come from, the very consistent evil inside.

For God created you, o man.
A fine, unique, intricate work of art.
Yet you burn daylight, tweeting about how awful this world became where in fact it is an issue of the heart.

I beg of you, o man. Not to wait until you are so called "worthy" to be forgiven.
For wickedness will only be increasing,
Without a God whose forgiveness is anything but depleting.

In the path of life, o man. The wicked will be corrected by the rod.
Through the fall and whimsy and everything odd.
He asked you, o man only to commit justice and to walk humbly with your God.

Written for 'Or Are We' with Ullrich Lariosa as its guitarist
#man   #god   #jesus   #humility  
Man, proud man.
Casey Thomas McClain

Man, proud man.
Dressed in a little brief authority,
Most ignorant of what he is most assured,
His glassy essence, like an angry ape,
Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven
As make the angels weep.

#man   #pride   #ignorant   #proud  
He's the man I love
Mikee Baudelaire
Mikee Baudelaire
Jul 14      Jul 15

His tan skin and manly hands
that I want to touch
His deep voice and dark eyes
that I can't get enough
His bright smile
that can light up my day
He's the man I love
that I'll cherish all of my night and day

#love   #man   #i   #the  
man abuses

man abuses
man kills
God disposes
God heals.

#man   #god   #abuse   #kill  
I'm a broken man,
Bernhard Tischler

I'm a broken man,
breaking your life,
crushing your heart,
if you come too close to me.

I'm a broken man,
you are fascinated of,
hoping to help me,
with myself.

I'm a broken man,
living in stupid dreams,
ignoring my world
till it's broken itself.

#love   #broken   #man   #sadness   #heartache  

I'm eaten up by everything that gathers on my skin
The taste becomes familiar just before it settles in
And as my concentration goes from weak to weaker still
I foot the path ahead of me but cannot find the will
To be another passerby to everything I see
Avoid the one who made it near impossible to leave
Undress me with your subtleties before I walk away
Before I tell you all the things you never thought I'd say
My lips are moving faster than my body ever could
A race upon the bone along the back of where I stood

sometimes we carry something heavier than us
#man   #back   #walk  
Aug 7

Would loving spoil what we both feel?
Chemistry was so unreal.
The night you held me, until dawn.
With such a force,  we  both were drawn.
Couldn’t wait ‘til  next we met,
To let you feed, lest you forget:
Satisfy this constant need:
Raging passion, lust  and greed.
Trip was everything we thought:
He loves me, he loves me not.
Life will never be the same.
Confusion rules the heart and brain.
Mental pictures, dreams, at night,
Silhouetted by the light,
I  sat astride you, tossed my hair:
My favourite thought,
when you’re not there!

#love   #man   #heart   #brain   #confusion   #married  
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