Amber Yung
Amber Yung
Jul 10, 2013

I haven't done this in a while -

Last minute parties relocated to Spain,
The Mediterranean, with white canines
And jagged front teeth

I'd almost forgotten what it felt like -

It was a paradise, even
We made fire and burned our pride
Used the herbs in the garden to get high
Slept on the roof top, mixing the stars

This is nice -

I don't know why I'd been clean
Perhaps I felt that one of us had to
But mostly

I slept for the first time in years.

they tasted like mint & cigarettes.
Natalia Abadia
Natalia Abadia
Sep 30, 2013      Oct 2, 2013

I met a boy who awoke all the butterflies in my abdomen.
The butterflies I had sworn were taken by death.
I was infatuated by the way he'd send shivers down
my spine every time he'd kiss the space between my breast.
I was intoxicated by the taste of his lips
they tasted like mint & cigarettes.
It was one night,
but we left our mark on each other
and I hope he thinks of me when he sees my
love marks on his neck and the bruise on his lip,
the lips of a mouth that taste of
mint & cigarettes.

Cadence Musick
Cadence Musick
Oct 10, 2013

my room holds your scent
like it's another being,
forming hands and lips
winking at me from under warm bed sheets
it whispers your name
a desire i've always known
but couldn't put words to it.
an unspoken holiness
,your name,
and i find my fingers steepling together
to kneel in prayer,
thank you for leaving
and always coming back
to give your smell
/ a body /
and a mouth.

Catherine Galvin
Catherine Galvin
Dec 19, 2013      Dec 21, 2013

my toothbrush is still black
from the last time we kissed.

Dark lips left stains and
I’m reminded now of
what could have been;
twice a day.

I could remove the tarnish
and replace the white, but
the memories warm my mind  
as the ice cools my mitts.

Straight, clean, without blood.
I can almost taste your bites.

#love   #memories   #longing   #missing  
Jun 16, 2013      Jun 16, 2013

If my
kisses were currency
could I
afford your

The Mint is where English money is made as well as a flavour filled leaf
I can smell the mint on your breath.
Claire Elizabeth
Claire Elizabeth
Apr 16, 2013

I can smell the mint on your breath.
Inhale it and breathe deep, relish the scent.
How I long to chew that, to taste it again.
But I have no teeth inside my mouth.
Why you may ask?
Because they are of no use.
They are simply vestigial organs that have long disintegrated,
But I do want to chew that minty gum.
I do want to taste that fresh cold again.
And then drink freezing water so that it numbs my mouth.
I never did think my teeth had a use after all.
I never talk or eat or laugh or anything.
So why have them?

I can smell the heavy silence on your skin.
I inhale and breathe deep, memorize the scent.
How I wish to free you from that everlasting stench.
How I long to brush away the lingering effects of it.
I want to taste your mouth, which hasn't opened since first grade.
What did you say?
You said hello to me, a sweet, sticky hello.
I haven't heard your voice since.
I really do want to hear your thoughts though.
To turn them around in my head.
And I want to hear your words.
And turn them around in my mouth.
Just move your lips.
Maybe I will even give you some minty gum.

Jun 21, 2010

Sweet, smooth, bright-green beauty,
Chunks of chocolate perfection
Generously swept through the soft swirls.
An orgasmic minty dessert.

Jessica Nichole
Jessica Nichole
Oct 27, 2011

beautiful green mesh
of a garden full of
a thick snowy web
gently tops the tall,
fragrant mint—
never thinking where this
dewy web derived from.

i suddenly spotted the source.
how could something so
so ghastly
create something so beautiful
such as this web?

thick body, thick octet set of legs
and ready
for something.

when it dies
the vermin
could possibly redeem itself
because of the
snowy, dewy web
(a home)
it made in the green
meshy garden of mint.

Jessie Latham
Jessie Latham
Apr 6, 2013

I am perched upon a
ledge of absolute
& very little alcohol
money's tight and I haven't
put up much of a
to melt these mindless
thoughts down
into words

when will it come?
how will it come?
will it even come at all?

I want to make it come
to ride atop the
embodiment of creativity
crashing & moaning
sighing & stopping

but my body only
rests with the
& he's a far better
than poetry could ever
dream to

his eyes spark a
life -- hell,
they ignite courage
that I never thought would

from me

so let it come

tastes of mint smoke.
Julia Burden
Jun 10, 2010

Your smile
tastes of mint smoke.
It’s refreshing
against the taste of my tears
and the drink you gave me
to stop them.
Your eyes
trace their way down
my body
every little sweet spot
long forgotten.
Your hands
melt into mine;
a connection revisited.
And for a moment
I see in your gaze
that (love lust longing) we shared.
I blink
and it is gone
in the moonlight
and blinking light
from your clock.
So I close my eyes
and let the smell of tobacco
in your hair
and the smile against my lips
bring me
to a dark connection
I know far too well.
We can be together.
Just one more time.
Just for tonight.

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