after treating them to a mint julep,
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I've had more than a hint of a tulip or two,
after treating them to a mint julep,
or two.

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The mint julep is a mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, consisting primarily of bourbon (or some other spirit) and fresh mint.
the smooth yet sharp mint
Oct 5, 2014

the smooth yet sharp mint
of the menthol between my lips
will never give me the satisfaction
that you could

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You smell like mint and freshness
Hannah Meyer
Hannah Meyer
Aug 6, 2015

You smell like mint and freshness
And I am so sorry I don't
I smell like plants and cigarettes and herbal teas
And you are my everything
And I am your nothing

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ed but at least she left me a chocolate mint.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

The maid turned down my bed but at least she left me a chocolate mint.

Some associate a faded mint
Allison Sylvia
Allison Sylvia
Jul 23, 2014

Some associate a faded mint
with either the speckled mint chocolate
chip ice cream from their nearest shop
or the chipped colors on her fingernails
that were the perfect spring shade.
Personally, I recall the sign
at the café down the street
from my cramped two bedroom
apartment that the three of us shared
after they separated,
soaked with nostalgia and resentment
and appreciation for the new home
I share with our new addition
in a much nicer city
where all the houses are beige
cookie cutter resemblances,
but I can take refuge in my car
for the night and not fear
what lies outside the frosted window.

April 14, 2014 8:54:27 PM

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Mar 28, 2014

who needs tampons
and breath mints
and safety nets
if you're there to cradle my fall?
i'd jump out of a perfectly good airplane
from thousands of feet in the sky
without a parachute
because i know you'll be there
at the bottom
with open arms

LDR life.
#fall   #sky   #her   #safety   #ldr   #tampons   #mints   #nets   #airplane   #parachute   #openarms   #arms  
I exhale mint when I breathe in the world.
Sage Ripley
Sage Ripley
Dec 7, 2014

some connections can't be adequately explained
freezing wind and gilded ceilings, mousy brown roots
on bubblegum hair
keeping a scarf in place is too hard, and staying inside is too easy
(the bottom has cobblestones)
why is there is only such thing as effortless
when the air is cold enough to burn?
(the best veins are beneath the lids of my eyes)
if footsteps don't echo there's neither point nor interest
menthol, sorbitol, glycerin, xanthan
I exhale mint when I breathe in the world.

i am only an egg
i am only a rug
i am only a bud
turning into a flower
i really like figs
simplicity is magic
word is bond
this is to you, September Eleventh
and you, Reverend Donald Green...

Listen to this Lady
She's talking Jabaca
right now. right in there
is an envelope i made.
i am only an egg
i make mistakes
i miss steak, my mistake.
Will you please piddle-paddle up to my Jhorts?
never go full retard with Marissa Golden
kicking dogs in the face
Are you ok?
Are yo clown?
we are also powerfully stoned, Mamajama Ladybird!

a collaborative masterpiece with Julia & Justin :-D
Jessica Nichole
Jessica Nichole
Oct 27, 2011

beautiful green mesh
of a garden full of
a thick snowy web
gently tops the tall,
fragrant mint—
never thinking where this
dewy web derived from.

i suddenly spotted the source.
how could something so
so ghastly
create something so beautiful
such as this web?

thick body, thick octet set of legs
and ready
for something.

when it dies
the vermin
could possibly redeem itself
because of the
snowy, dewy web
(a home)
it made in the green
meshy garden of mint.

at the market
in front of me, he was buying wine
and breath mints for later

he was short twenty cents
on his hopeful purchase; I gave him a quarter
he didn't say thanks

for later
when he would tap on the apartment door
and she would answer, eager

would she let him
all the way in, would he stay
the night?

I hope
the two bits I gave him
changed something for
mints may matter

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