after treating them to a mint julep,
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi
Oct 21, 2014      Oct 21, 2014

I've had more than a hint of a tulip or two,
after treating them to a mint julep,
or two.

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The mint julep is a mixed alcoholic drink, or cocktail, consisting primarily of bourbon (or some other spirit) and fresh mint.
i was never a big fan of mint, but after you kissed me, with those sw
Jun 18

i was never a big fan of mint, but after you kissed me, with those sweet spearmint lips of yours, i was hooked.

i was never a big fan of horror movies, but when we watched one, you covered my eyes and held me like i was glass, and i realized that i would probably hold on to you in the middle of a snowstorm.

i was never a big fan of hiking, but when we went on a camping trip, i could see that your eyes were the brightest thing shining in the night; and i wanted to look into them forever.

i was never a big fan of life, but on the night that my world spun and my head pounded with thoughts, you told me it was worth it; that i was worth it.

i was never a big fan of you, but after you picked me up in your old car and kissed me, and kissed me, i couldn't stop chewing mint gum. i still can't.

#love   #kiss   #poetry  
Red Mint
Red Mint
Jun 20, 2014

Red alluring dress
Wearing a woman.
Dirty back:
Red versus black, -
Designers applauding.
I envy God
Not power, but the vision.
Quivering eyelashes will
Furbish the dirty feet
Smelling of Mother - - -
Let's get acquainted.
After all
Man's longing
Is measured by

Rules of seduction - 1. Always know what you're receiving.
#love   #metaphor   #sad   #lonely   #red   #patriarchy   #dress   #attraction  
Red Mint
Red Mint
Jun 19, 2014

Surrounded by a flock
Of hungry eyes
That look down
From the tower but
Cannot see
As the grass digs deeper
Into my skin
While I hold the skies
For you still
Becoming a monument
In the honor of
Tower of power
Time - full yet
Life - less

#sad   #abuse   #hope   #hurt   #shame   #surrender   #giveup  
Red Mint
Red Mint
Jun 19, 2014      Jun 19, 2014

Nowhere in the textbook does it say
How to get up in the morning
So that shivering of the ventricles
Wouldn't turn into flaming butterflies
As the rhythm whips
Last wails of the bell tower
In the blink of an eye
Rushes through your hair
And you are left alone
With a deflated pillow
That leaks the dream of
Candyfloss in the sun
Ultraviolet rays
Through the desert of longing
Thirst satisfied by chemicals
Then you drag your feet to learn
From your mistakes
(without a permission to live)
As the cancer itself -

#dream   #metaphor   #depression   #life   #time   #nature   #cancer   #textbook  
Red Mint
Red Mint
Jun 19, 2014

You are breaking everything with your (un)worn shoes
Stomping on stereotypes, evil, and souls
While tasting the smoke of a rolled cigarette.
Then you worship the streets in the background of jazz
Calling a revolution:
The king is dead, long live the anarchy,
Monarchy is buried under fedoras and ashes.
Damp fingers and open lips cease to surprise,
Just burning leftovers of shame and bray goosebumps
In churches. Heavy breathing nuns and squeaking altars...
Men, what can you see through the illuminators of your glasses?
Your planes and ships, machines have already turned
Back into pumpkins, bleeding cinderellas and their babies
Born in the tales of horror.
Evening - it's the new tomorrow! Instincts wake and it doesn't hurt
When you tickle the Milky Way in search of a Friend.

#dark   #space   #fairytale   #humor   #horror   #jazz   #urban   #counterculture  
Red Mint
Red Mint
Jun 19, 2014

Dear people of the world,
I left you a letter.

There, on the first asteroid on the right.
Is hardship in paper and paint
Worth more than dismay and wax
Melting in prayer during a storm?

Tell me, Friend, how wide
Your face and all the world was
When it's been raining stars
And you left without umbrella?

I saw how nights can twinkle -
The endless raven highway.
How many gods does it take
To change a burned out star?

It is so crazy that we are
In time and space that hatches
Life. It matters not. Like stars,
One day we all run out of matches.

Eternal is nothing.
Mint butterflies
Wuthering Heights

Mint butterflies
soar in the ticking
and tocking of rain.

Cadence Musick
Cadence Musick
Oct 10, 2013

my room holds your scent
like it's another being,
forming hands and lips
winking at me from under warm bed sheets
it whispers your name
a desire i've always known
but couldn't put words to it.
an unspoken holiness
,your name,
and i find my fingers steepling together
to kneel in prayer,
thank you for leaving
and always coming back
to give your smell
/ a body /
and a mouth.

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