I know it's hard
Mr Zeal
Mr Zeal
Mar 27

I know it's hard
The tears they flow
The pain it hurt
Nobody knows
You wanna quit
The winning towel
Just hold on it's the last hour.

808 & elite - I know
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But only those who know the sun will wake up to its Light
Olga Valerevna

Tell me where you're coming from so I can write you off
Then I will put a question mark in place of what you thought
The Darkness brings the sleepyheads together in the night
But only those who know the sun will wake up to its Light
I wasn't even listening to anything you've said
I thought you would've noticed I was every kind of dead
I guess the people talking now can do it in their sleep
And force the words to leave their mouths, developed tendencies
But somewhere in the time it took for me to move my lips
I took a breath and let it out before it even clicked

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to understand the painting if you never know the meaning behind it?
Stacy Renee

They say not to judge a book by it's cover.
But we continue to judge and assume so many things about people and forget that reading the pages is more important than the artwork.
And although the art can be beautiful and take your eyes on a journey like no other
what is the point of wanting to understand the painting if you never know the meaning behind it?
What is the point?
We continue to point fingers and label the ones who may do things different than us and we assume that someone is different because of the way they speak or act or dress
but we all have the same skeleton underneath our skin and we all look the same without our flesh and veins so why do we continue to judge?
You don't know anything about a stranger by looking at them.
How can you know them?
You can't.
You are not weight or a number or a sexuality or a percentage.
You are the books you read and the places you have been and will go.
You are the music you cry listening to and the relationships you make and so much more.
You know you.
They do not.

Just a rant poem tonight. I have a lot on my mind.
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Just so you know...
Pamela Rae

Just so you know...

my love for you
will live on
Just so you know...
Your smile, your touch, your embrace
is like balm to my soul
Just so you know...
No matter who else I love
no matter where I may happen to go...
you, my love,
are entwined with my heart

(Just so you know).

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never know:
Bruna Werneck

these are the
things you will
never know:

I was afraid
it was too late
I knew my body
so well
this should have rung
a bell

(but you will
never know
about him)

I left pieces of my life behind
the ache was so bad
you were the best poem
I have (n)ever read

but no
you will never
ever know
I do not regret

(at least
not yet)

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I just wanna know what you think
David Bojay

I'm scared of dentists picking at my teeth
I'm scared of all my friends turning their backs on me
I'm scared of everyone feeling the same way about everything
I want the sky to be a propeller and rain my feelings to everyones heart for insight and maybe one day they can do the same so I can have insight
I just wanna know what you think
I just wanna know what everyone thinks
I wanna know what kind of music they listen to that makes them feel a certain way
I have a lot to feel in the coming years
So please stay in my voyage and let's talk about what haunts your thoughts before you go to sleep

I'm listening to this cool song
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You know
Cecelia Francis

You know
my reasons:
that I'm
either too high
and forgot to
press send or
that I'm crocheting
and need to get to
the end of the row,
but you...
I wonder what
could make you
so "busy",
as if you don't
have your phone
on you
-in your pocket-
all day

#you   #know   #phone   #unanswered   #text  
I know how you feel
Dani Chase
Dani Chase
Jun 6      Jun 7

I know how you feel
Trust me
I feel the same way.
But you're better than self-harming.
You're strong
And brave,
I'll be by your side
Every step of the way.
If you ever need someone to talk to,
I'll always be here.
Please never hurt yourself,
I care about you.

Siriusly, I'm here. For anyone ^_^
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i want to get to know you.
Jun 18

i want to get to know you.
i remember thinking that when i first met you.
i wanted to get to know everything about you.

what you look like in the morning, what you look like at night, what your hair is like if you jokingly put it up in a towel, what your family is like, what words you use a lot.
what your favorite scent of febreeze is, what color you describe the sky as, what you think of when you see something beautiful.
what your favorite creamer is to put into your coffee or if you even like coffee, what you look like at 2am when you're feeling alone.
how you speak when you are angry in comparison to when you are sad (so i will never get the two mixed up), what you want as a tattoo, what you believe in.

i wanted to know everything that i could fall in love with.
and i learned that there is no one else i would rather know, than you.
because absolutely everything about you is intriguing, from what you look like in the morning to what you dare to believe in.

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Do you know me?
Elise E
Elise E
Apr 30

Do you know me?
I know you
You are the same stuck-up person
you’ve always been
You think you’re perfect,
Always right and better than everybody else
You might not think you think that
But you do

You think you can never slip up
But if you do, you’re still perfect
You try to make everything about you
Even when you know it’s not

You say bad things about people
To make yourself look good
And you have no idea
How many hearts you’re hurting

So how much do you know about me?
I doubt it’s very much
You know nothing
So I’m going to help you out

You know those things that you do and expect me to do but I don’t
It’s not because I’m rebellious
But because it’s hard
You have no idea how hard it is for me

You have no idea that I cry myself to sleep every night
Thinking about what you said to me
How you treated me
What you did to me

You have no idea who I am, or what I’m like
Because I never get my thoughts around
Whenever I’m angry, or have a problem
I’m forced to hold back my words, because I have to behave

So after all that
After everything I told you
Do you know me like I know you?
No. You don’t


That one person in your life who thinks they know everything about you. Who thinks they are better than everybody else. Who treats you like dirt and doesn't even know it. But you have to deal with them because they are in your life for good.
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