I want to skip,
Cat Fiske
Cat Fiske
May 12, 2015

I want to skip,
Skip class,
Skip school,
Skip life...

Skip around like the inner child in me,
Screams out asking for,

When ever things are bad,
Skipping around my issues,
Like people skipped around me,

I think about skipping out,
If all the bad things,

But what if I miss,
Something good,
Because I was too busy,

The child in me, I skipled down the hallway and wrote this.
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Then keep making the beats skip
Hanna Kelley
Hanna Kelley
Jul 30, 2015

If the heart is a time bomb
ticking away
Then keep making the beats skip

Inspired by Meghan Foukes
#heart   #time   #bomb   #skip   #beats  
here's to the kids who skip school
Sep 21, 2014

here's to the kids who skip school
not to drink
not to smoke
not for sex
not as a joke
here's to the kids who skip school
to take care of a sibling
to take care of a parent
to help pay the bills
to feed empty mouths

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Nov 19, 2014

My soul is dense,
Saturated with tears
spilt and caught within.
Like rainwater
they seep into the depths
avoiding the external cascade.
But this will subside!
I know it will...
As I take in your form
skipped heartbeats make
ripples of the dark pool.
The dark turns to mist
and curls off in your breeze.

#heart   #tear   #dark   #heartbeat   #pool   #cascade   #skipped  
Oct 6, 2014

You are the stone thrown
into the depths of my river,
the subtle unsettling
upon my surface.
As you sink below my water,
don't fear that you may disappear
like all the secrets beneath--
from you the
stillness in my bones
ripples out and echoes sweet
from the deepness
that lives inside.

#love   #fear   #life   #nature   #sweet   #skipping   #ripple   #rocks   #echo   #stones  
sp;       skip a rope
Thomas A Robinson
Thomas A Robinson
Feb 17, 2015

I  was walking , talking today
A little girl came skipping my way
Reciting some silly nonsense song
Wasn't long before she was gone

         skip a rope

A good friend in the middle of the night
rang up involved with her plight
On her behalf could I say a few words
Why of course and now they are heard

         skip a rope

Then when the sun comes out to play
We all perk up and listen to him say
We all smile from deeply inside
From within the sunshine can't hide

         skip a rope

And with sadness you have to go
Across the ocean so far it's so
But when you land you extend your hand
from there to here and back again

         skip a rope

#girl   #sadness   #night   #skipping   #fly   #pink  
Nick Moser
Nick Moser
Jan 27, 2016

If this was a poem,
Would you read it?

And if this was a song,
Would you sing it?

And if this was a paper map showing you how to get to Rancho Cucamonga, California,
Would you be inspired by it?

Or just put your joint down already?

I love to say "Rancho Cucamonga."
#poem   #down   #heading   #song   #sing   #read   #skip   #stones   #pond   #stoners  

Well now,
I seen you got that look in your eyes
I know you saw right through my disguise
This front, this mask I wear
Trying to tell everyone

Yeah sweet,
I see your hidden side,
That you've been trying to hide,
But please, just be fair,
I'm different I really do

You've seen what's been hidden
Underneath the paint on my face
I guess I'll have to apply a layer again
Can't let anyone touch my grace
I like being a mystery
Trapped in a

There you are, out of my view
After I had a glimpse of the real you
Now I won't be put off
Or easy to faze
My life's complex
So I love a

It's true,
I do enjoy a chase
Sometimes, getting caught
Just ruins the game
So, as I look over my shoulder
I begin to

I see...  
I'll  show you respect, admiration and grace,
I'll  continue to follow  but slow up my pace.
I still have my wits, but that's a wonder,
Considering it's your spell that I'm

Do you now...
You know that I run for a reason?
I hide my inner light,
Cause I'm someone no one believes in
This life has been hard
And I'm the one dealing the cards
But I know now, I'm not the

Unbelieved in is what you say?
I see it from another way,
You deal me the cards, and I pocket the hearts,
And you had it planned from the start,
You outplayed me, my trickster queen,
As we exit arm in arm as our final

Awesome Job Skip on your first collaboration,  so proud!  So glad I got you back into writing! ❤
#love   #life   #heart   #you   #me   #find   #beware   #skip   #collaboration  
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