I want to skip,
Cat Fiske
Cat Fiske
May 12

I want to skip,
Skip class,
Skip school,
Skip life...

Skip around like the inner child in me,
Screams out asking for,

When ever things are bad,
Skipping around my issues,
Like people skipped around me,

I think about skipping out,
If all the bad things,

But what if I miss,
Something good,
Because I was too busy,

The child in me, I skipled down the hallway and wrote this.
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Then keep making the beats skip

If the heart is a time bomb
ticking away
Then keep making the beats skip

Inspired by Meghan Foukes
#heart   #time   #bomb   #skip   #beats  

Well now,
I seen you got that look in your eyes
I know you saw right through my disguise
This front, this mask I wear
Trying to tell everyone

Yeah sweet,
I see your hidden side,
That you've been trying to hide,
But please, just be fair,
I'm different I really do

You've seen what's been hidden
Underneath the paint on my face
I guess I'll have to apply a layer again
Can't let anyone touch my grace
I like being a mystery
Trapped in a

There you are, out of my view
After I had a glimpse of the real you
Now I won't be put off
Or easy to faze
My life's complex
So I love a

It's true,
I do enjoy a chase
Sometimes, getting caught
Just ruins the game
So, as I look over my shoulder
I begin to

I see...  
I'll  show you respect, admiration and grace,
I'll  continue to follow  but slow up my pace.
I still have my wits, but that's a wonder,
Considering it's your spell that I'm

Do you now...
You know that I run for a reason?
I hide my inner light,
Cause I'm someone no one believes in
This life has been hard
And I'm the one dealing the cards
But I know now, I'm not the

Unbelieved in is what you say?
I see it from another way,
You deal me the cards, and I pocket the hearts,
And you had it planned from the start,
You outplayed me, my trickster queen,
As we exit arm in arm as our final

Awesome Job Skip on your first collaboration,  so proud!  So glad I got you back into writing! ❤
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Keith Ren
Keith Ren
Jun 27, 2012

I close one eye now
to focus things close.

I've grown older than you,
though not outgrown you.

I'm no river.
I am the sand.
And you, merely the ocean.

And in no way now,
might we ever help each other.

I close one eye now,

just one.

at its the last day of class lets just *skip*.
Slender Man
Slender Man
Dec 9, 2014

I told her I that its the last day of class lets just skip.
We sat by the lake to watch the rocks just skip.
She gave a kiss and I felt my heart just skip.
What happens after this, well that's something I would never skip.

Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker
May 8, 2012

Click, click, click, it's stuck
A voice if you'd call it that in tune with
one jerky movement
The poor girl trapped inside the box
seizes and dances with lightning
through her veins and water in her head
One rhythm, no expression
Just a dull 'eee-o-o-o-eee-o-o-eee'
Wake up, Jesus, please let me wake up

Jul 11, 2013

Love doesn't always feel like love.
Sometimes it's so faint within you,
you forget it,
like your
But it will always linger between
Only showing up to send the
steady melody
of your pulse into
a frenzy.
You feel it when your heart skips
a beat and races so you
feel like you can't
Those are the times
you remember your love
you don't
forget it.

Barton D Smock
Barton D Smock
Nov 14, 2014

the boy balances a basketball on his head outside his father’s bar.  his mother is somewhere a girl set to play the moon in her school’s version of talent night.  his sister is giving birth so calmly her midwife is a male blown away by the fact that it’s only her second time wearing the blindfold I wore to fish.  his brother is in therapy to process the loss of others who think we’re gods when we smoke.

Scottie Green
Scottie Green
Aug 15, 2012

She's short.
Shorter than me. About 5 feet and one measly inch. Grant it I'm only two measly inches.

But I'd hug her. Wrap my arms up and around her teeny shoulders and back around her small frame.
I'd hug her. Tight and close.

She is the smallest of the three of us. However, she's the oldest. She will be twenty tomorrow.
I'd hug her like the first time I left her as she went to her decorated dorm room for college.
I'd squeeze her. For as long as she would let me hold her.

At that time she had just wanted to be free. A few months later she cried to me about how she wished she was home, back in bed sleeping beside me the way we had spent most of the last two years.

I miss her. Oh, how I'd hug her.

Skipper. Petit and sad. She sometimes hates the hugs I give her.
My mom always says she is lucky. She needs someone as warm and loving as me.

I'd hold her, keep her there until I had to let her go. Or at least until she made me. Yet, I know she cried too as she walked away and we stood and watched.

I wish I spent more of my summer a long side her. I regret it and I'm sorry I didn't.
It may have been her last summer home.
I didn't even drive her to Colorado. She didn't mind. She was excited for her new life.

If I had spent my time with her I would have made her miss me. She would want to visit.

I'd hug her. My arms around her bony back. I'd hold her.

Keep her for my own. No one could touch her. No one could hurt her. Not even herself.

Jan 5, 2014

There is nothing
I could have said
To fix it.

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