A dystopian world,
Tanya Ward
Nov 26, 2012      Nov 28, 2012

We are the people that you created.
A generation going nowhere.
We are the kids that you hate.
Brought up by fear and paranoia.
The technology era,
distinguished by guns and violence.
Raised and spoiled;
aggression and hate the new emotions.
Alienated from each other.
Passion and empathy completely diminished.
A dystopian world,
ruled by liars and thieves.
Pain is coupled with pleasure.
Angst and depression consuming the minds.
Break away from the hate.
Become a better generation.
We are not the nowhere kids.

nly this place can release my from this dystopian enchantment
Jan 19, 2013      Jan 21, 2013

In the place where the moon meets broken shadows, it begins with the swelling of my eyes  

Tears roll across the scars, that no one else can see

A phantom’s curse

Only this place can release my from this dystopian enchantment

The sweet smell alone entangles me with feelings of safety and wonder

For a reality flooded with forest flowers and a throbbing wind

It teases my subconsciousness, it trickles down to my soul

Like a an agonizing murmur

The hypnotic web forms

In this quiet place clouds hurry across confusing shadows

Shivering in the delicious sunlight

My immaculate hour of rediscovery begins…

The world is in a dead awkward silence
everyone looked at the aggressive brutality and cruel violence
They wondered to themselves how did they get here
without even realising there were people pulling their strings like a masquerade puppeteer

Can you imagine a world without anything but just broken gravel?
Living in fear of just catching nothing but just the common cold rattle
Growing up to learn the destroyed world and be nothing but just to grow old..
Change the time of you which you live in now
technology just complicates our lives and our true knowledge

Before everything just becomes nothing but bitterness and displease
will it then maybe shock you? And come ten times worst as respiratory disease

Only death was left.
Death of creatures.
Death of bushes and flowers and trees.

Death coated the landscape like a blizzard.
Layer upon layer it continued to pile high.
They all tried to dig themselves out.
But soon it became so overwhelming  that the very people who were digging, were now enveloped in its icy grip.

But even as death squeezes to land dry
there will come a day
when even death must die.

something I just threw together
Nov 6, 2012

The urge to create, to write
to paint to compose
is only a disillusioned
form of madness.

But great art can come
of madness, and
sorrow can birth
extraordinary genius,
so embrace your
defects and fault lines,
for normality
is a fate
worse than death.

The sky is dark,
not pitch black but a deep
and dangerous blue.
Dark enough to hide the stars
but not enough to hide the clouds
looming above me.

My heavy boots thud
against the sidewalk
and they thud harder when
I walk against the howling wind.

I feel it blowing through my sweater
and chilling my bones as
bare-bones tree branches wave
above my head.

The darkness wind and chill
all point to the end times,
where green grass will never return
and the sun will never again
show its bright face.

Nights like this
are a spiritual experience.
The air speaks to me
in ways the sunlight never can.

I feel the apocalypse every time it storms.

Words clouded me
What was going on
The Earth fell and
Nothing was left
I was alone on the
Earth. It was dark
And gloomy like
Nothing I'd seen.
The trees were dead
And the rivers full of dried
Blood. The lone cloud
Was dark, the sun shone
But everything was dark.
Noises came from all
Around but I was alone.
The voices louder as I
Walked towards them
And all at once it was quiet
And it was clear.

This poem was more of my flowing thoughts, but when I reread it, it reminds me of the "Old Earth" or whats left of it at least. I was looking for it to be like this but i like it.
Nina Ines Ward
Nina Ines Ward
Jun 15      Jun 16

there is something of an "x" about you
cracked circle
ancient exoskeleton sharp
against bluish glass
womb towers

the world is we
not you:
crystallized lips
pricked cardinal sine
are not in accordance with those
interlocked boxes
separating tongues

your parenthesis silence me:
this orderly
bisected heart
tucked into infinity
glimmering blush

wrap me in epilepsy
tie magenta ribbon
with equilateral precision  
like the isosceles of your pout

make me irrational  
a reflector in the dark
you'll be my resurrector  
albino arc

luminescent smoke
chopping down the Green Wall

#love   #we   #dystopian   #yevgeny   #zamyatin  
May 30, 2013      May 30, 2013

A satellite is watching its ants,
Broadcasting the pixelated sins of your fathers,
Go on sew,
Sew your seams little one,
All this humanism is bound to bust when you all find yourselves-

Eating cotton

Turn on the television,
I am naked,
I need to hide,
Turn off the lights,
I need darkness,
To abide,
And Babylon is seeping through the screens,
Demean us all,
Demean us all,
As long as I can be seen,
Demean me please,
Ease the curse of this vulnerability,
How do I survive on this tilted planet?
What's the use of living,
If I'm not alive?
Was man meant for this?
All these cages,
My job my house my car my body,
Is anybody conscience of this missing bliss of life?
Who can see,


The world washes over our bodies
The world washes over our bodies
The world washes over our bodies

Jul 28, 2013      Jul 29, 2013

A cold room for puddles of blood,
Yes its true,
My conscience is slowly dripping down my fingertips,
Can you see me becoming the monsters that grow teeth over us?
Just listen,
Wolf Queen,
You know I can't give my hands to you,
Matchstick man,
How long will I have to burn away my roots?
How long do we have to burn?
The self destructive gene...
I have no hands to catch the ashes
You know I loved the sound of rain more than the sound of my own pulsing blood,

Dreams spill over these days,
I told you,
When I release the spectrum in my chest,
It would absorb the colors of this world,
Hiding from my own face I,
I have become,


I sleep with a ghost,
For it cannot be I that has flesh,
A specter for a dying town,
Memories trapped in dusty pictures,
Scattered everywhere here,
I stood still in this place and watched the movements of decay,
Decay into


All my colors are bleeding out
All my colors are bleeding out
All my colors are bleeding out

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