let go of the things not meant for you,
but hold on tightly to the things that are.
allow yourself to feel the pain when your heart biffs it,
but don’t let the pain hinder your growth.
you are an open wound.

the rain will sting.
but the blood will always wash away.

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Calamity me-oh-my:

Calamity me-oh-my:
black boots beating the pavement
Where everyone and no one belongs.

The brick and steel of the city
rise like the walls of my containment.
Calamity me-oh-my.

Boozy then witty - what a pity.
The bar buzzing with bluesy merriment,
where everyone and no one belongs.

We sat there being shifty -
snickering as their lives fell to fragments.
Calamity me-oh-my.

Our cocktails no longer fizzy,
we transformed to vagrants,
where everyone and no one belongs.

The tragedies of our gypsies
followed us around 'til our cadence.
Calamity me-oh-my:
where everyone and no one belongs.

#nyc   #urban   #villanelle   #calamity  
as you live calamity after calamity.
Sarah Gammon

A nagging feeling in the pit of your belly
eating away at any remaining sanity
as you question everything constantly.

It is sweaty palms and legs that are shaky
short breaths from a chest closed tightly
as you live calamity after calamity.

It is fear of the unknown possibilities
that plague each day with negativity
as it eternally resides in me entirely;

Copyright Sarah Gammon 2016
Apr 22, 2013

They call me,
It's sad to see
Inside of me.

They found me,
A shattered tree;
What life can be?

They hate me,
Be proud to be
Right here with me.

They call me,
I'm mad to see
the end with glee.

They found me,
I was not free
To be just me.

They hate me,
Up in a tree
Where they can't see

They call me,
It's not a name.
It's a warning.

My minds a crazy calamity
Jun 21, 2014

Call it insanity
My minds a crazy calamity
Its no feeling of agony
I call it reality

*insanity: crazy*
*calamity: great loss or misfortune*
*agony: feeling of suffering*
*reality: real life*
#reality   #grunge   #idk   #insane   #agony   #calamity  
*He's a calamity that leaves broken hearts in his wake.*
May 1, 2015

He's a calamity that leaves broken hearts in his wake.

#broken   #heart   #10w   #calamity  

Back in those days, who
broke your wings that now on, though
you are healed at last,
you cannot even bear the
sweet thought of flying itself?

#blue   #flying   #wings   #tanka   #heal   #calamity  
Mesmerizing calamity,
Jul 31, 2014

Playing at this empty calm,
Faking Simplicity.

Deepening hysteria,
Mesmerizing calamity,
Chaos abreast.

Hurricane destruction,
Twister tearing down,
But fake calm anyway.

she has hurricanes in her mind

thunderstorms in her heart.

tsunamis in her eyes


earthquakes in her soul

It was catastrophic for her to survive within.

She was ruined.

and yet

Nobody did notice the calamities inside her.

Is sticking together through calamity and elation.
Cody Henatt
Cody Henatt
Dec 11, 2015

I'm ready to go the mile,
Delve deeper into loving you,
Despite life's troublesome tiles.

By no means is our relationship perfect,
Because like anything worth having,
It possesses some defects.

The difference between love and infatuation,
Is sticking together through calamity and elation.

We're unorthodox, I know it's true,
But no one can get me like you do.

Hold my hand forever,
Until our lights go out,
And the dust settles.

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