Blue Ink
Blue Ink
Apr 27, 2015

Because I get some peace,
whenever I am writing my very own piece

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So here I'ma singing, *"Blue Ball Blues,"
Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Feb 24, 2015

This poor boy got a condition
This man ain't got no woman
I'ma here beggin' da question:
"How do I fix dis hard'in?"

So here I'ma singing, *"Blue Ball Blues,"
I got me a good harmonica,
but if I could choose,
I'da pick a good girl named, "Monica."

No, no, no... I don't need all night
Just gimme dat one good minute,
with a good girl. Dat'd be alright
I'll be singing, "Dat done did it."

Dem Blue Ball Blues ain't no fun
Dat strain in my pants killin' me slow
Please, will you excuse da pun:
I got no place to... Come or go

I'ma hopin' some pretty thing come my way
to help dis man find some relief
I'ma hopin' soon, one fine day,
dat dese Blue Ball Blues give no mo' grief

Haha, I hope y'all find this more funny than perturbing. All in good humor

P.S. Lzzy, if you see this, you're the only girl for me!!!!!! <3
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Blue is the sky on hot summer days when you'
Andrea Svanne
Andrea Svanne
Jun 24, 2014

Blue is the sky on hot summer days when you're holding a cold drink in your hand,
Blue is the winter sickness with warm sweaters and hot tea,
But blue is
Loving this

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We bounced a blue ball,
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones
Dec 15, 2016

We bounced a blue ball,
It broke a blue glass.
We banged on blue drums
and called it bluegrass

That blue is what keeps you alive
taylor bush
taylor bush
Oct 23, 2014

When you are sick
Stuck on bed rest
That blue is what keeps you alive
That liquid blue
The blue that eases all the pain
The blue that goes down so soothingly
Liquid blue
Blue like the ocean you'll never swim in
Blue like the sky you'll never touch
Blue like the tears that roll
If you don't have it

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