zen dead from above without ever having felt sorry for itself.”
David P Carroll
David P Carroll
3 days ago

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from above without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

Never Felt Sorry
David P Carroll
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I've never once felt loved
Dana Skorvankova
Dana Skorvankova
Jul 15, 2016

I've never once felt loved
But I've been fortuned just enough
To belong among those few ones
Who've never once felt loved

I've never once captured a smile
But those many houses I've walked through
Thumbing mile after mile
They've never once captured anyone's smile

Next time you see a storm on the horizon please don’t fear 
Its just heaven doing me the favor of taking you my kiss
Walk outside and kiss the rain whenever you need me
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I Felt
Historian E Lexano
Historian E Lexano
Jan 13, 2016

I Felt●

You curled
Your hands from the heights

Did instigate●

I could fly and catch your smiles
I felt I could fly but to that mile
Just like the kites●

Endless fantasies
I clench myself like colourful crayons●

I felt each had a riven beak
And foil me
To print the picture of these delusions
So bright●

I feel am right,and myself
Waving back to the same heights●

I Felt●

©Historian E.Lexano

I Was Waving At A Friend. from The Third Floor
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i felt you ...
hazem al jaber
hazem al jaber
Sep 20, 2016

i felt you ...

while i'm watching the moon...
i heard your voice...
as a sweet whispers...
calling me from there...
asked me to be there..
yes sweetheart...
i heard you ...
i felt you ...
i felt you babe ...
felt every part in you ...
felt how much those parts ...
are needing me so...

here i'm coming ...
flying so high fast ...
after you sweet angel mine..

i feel you ...
yes i do ...
i feel with you deep ...
and feel how much you need ...

i felt you ...
will be here and there ...
just only for you ...
as your angel above you ...
always  will be ...
will feel you ...
will feel your breathes...
your sweet whispers ...
as i'm living you ...
with every new day ...

good morning sweetheart..
whom always with me ...

hazem al ..

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i felt your hot breaths on my face
Nov 12, 2015

i felt your hot breaths on my face
the extreme anticipation as your lips neared mine
i felt the warmth coming from your embrace
the synchronization of our hearts' beats
i felt the perfection as our fingers intertwined
the silence in the air but the noise in my emotions
i felt the way your hair brushed against me
the way it hid your face from time to time
i felt the motion as your curled up to my side
the safety and security i knew i had
i felt the intensity as my name matched with your sleepy voice
the sound of sweet serenity

i felt the morning sun rising up to shine upon everything
the night has faded, the moment has ended
i felt my eyes opening up to the feeling of loneliness
the empty side to my right desiring your presence
i felt the need for you so much
the person i may never have on the same bed

i felt it
the dream

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I wasn't sure how you felt
Nov 18, 2014

I wasn't sure
I wasn't sure how
  I wasn't sure how you felt
   I wasn't sure how you felt when your smile made me melt
   Your smile made me melt
  I wasn't sure how you felt
I wasn't sure how
I wasn't sure

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They can only be felt*
aarvie angelica
aarvie angelica
Jul 1, 2016

Some things can not be explained
They can only be felt

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onto. I never realized how exhausted I felt until I wasn't treading water anymore.
Ashes to Ashley
Ashes to Ashley
Jul 19, 2016

I was drowning in my own pool of resentment until you gave me something to hold onto. I never realized how exhausted I felt until I wasn't treading water anymore.

Blackbird Poetry

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She *felt* his heart beat
Jun 1, 2015

She felt his heart beat
He heard her heart beat
But everything’s against it
Everyone’s stopping it from beating together

lol idk
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