Sun flickered 'pon your eyes
    scintillating as the seas,
dappled with the chemistry
   of a thousand swooning moons

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May 14

She Walks By
A Beautiful Lady
And She Smiles
We Catch Eyes
Like Two Spies
She Is Fly
Sassy Little Lady
Eyes Don’t Lie
Her lips Sealed
Red Lips Stick
I Said “Hi”
Her Body Language
Gave The Reply
So Slick,  She’s Sly
Keep Our Secrets
My Beautiful Lady
Walk On: Bye

You smile when my eyes,
Meet yours.
Which is often.
I glance around and there,
You are.
Staring me down.
I laugh and smile back,
Rolling my eyes.
Glancing away.

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Apr 6, 2014      Apr 7, 2014

She whispers
"I'm psychic"
He Gasps
he said
"I bet I can read your mind"
she said
"You’ll never read my mind"
he said
He closes his eyes
Her face closer to his
He takes a peak
She leans
kissing his cheeks
He smiles
opening his eyes
"Good guess"
he said
She smiles
"I predict it"
she said
He smiles
"I am thinking about it"
he said.

Ishshita Chanda
Ishshita Chanda
Apr 23, 2014      Apr 24, 2014

Today i met a person,
n my heart started beating fast,
together we smiled,together we njoyed n was for each other everytym,
n my heart beat turned into love,

He rang me up and said,
"I have smthng to say",
my heart beat agn started  beating first ,
n i look my best to meet him,
bt whn i heard dat
"smthing "he wanted to say ,
my heart broke into pieces,
as my love didnt reach him

As i was going bck
i saw another guy , n my heart started to beat agn ,
i realized it was not "love " it was juz an "infaution"

Aug 2, 2010

A mind spinning


feeling and reeling

In possibilities endless

Of winning in faith

Favors of a soul to mend less

And tend more

Seeking and finding

Pleasure to treasure

Without minding

Knowing that to be in


Would be true

Truth of joy

Not to toy

In Toying with romance found


Excitement induced

Feet no longer touch ground


While time killing

To be seduced

©Stephen Petluk 2010
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