poetessa diabolica
poetessa diabolica
Jul 23, 2015

Sun flickered 'pon your eyes
    scintillating as the seas,
dappled with the chemistry
   of a thousand swooning moons

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I feel flirty.
Jan 18

I sing.
I think.
I feel dirty.
I feel flirty.
In the shower
I feel the
I can do

#dirty   #think   #sing   #shower   #flirty  



How bubbly I feel whenever you're around me <3
#love   #romance   #crush   #shy   #flirty   #lang   #kita  
Emmily Dimond
Emmily Dimond
Oct 3, 2015

I want you
I need you
My lips pressed on your skin
Fingers touching every limb
Eyes searching deep within
Emotions giving in

#love   #and   #you   #me   #sexy   #forever   #touch   #deep   #flirty  
Apr 6, 2014

She whispers
"I'm psychic"
He Gasps
he said
"I bet I can read your mind"
she said
"You’ll never read my mind"
he said
He closes his eyes
Her face closer to his
He takes a peak
She leans
kissing his cheeks
He smiles
opening his eyes
"Good guess"
he said
She smiles
"I predict it"
she said
He smiles
"I am thinking about it"
he said.

May 14, 2015

She Walks By
A Beautiful Lady
And She Smiles
We Catch Eyes
Like Two Spies
She Is Fly
Sassy Little Lady
Eyes Don’t Lie
Her lips Sealed
Red Lips Stick
I Said “Hi”
Her Body Language
Gave The Reply
So Slick,  She’s Sly
Keep Our Secrets
My Beautiful Lady
Walk On: Bye

Emmily Dimond
Emmily Dimond
Oct 4, 2015

I want to make patterns on your skin, make art
with my fingertips.
And my lips to drag across  
your neck.
Your soft lips separate as you let out a sigh.
I want to hear that crave, that relief, that  satisfaction you get when you are near me.
I want to plant kisses all over and watch them grow.
I want you, not just for lust but cause I love you.

#love   #want   #need   #lust   #happy   #good   #you   #forever   #crave   #flirty  

If I haven't told you
If I forgot to say
Let me clear the air now,
Before time slips away

In case you missed it, baby
If the message failed to send
I'll try to make it clear now
Try to help you comprehend

If you wonder where my heart lies
You can lay that doubt to rest.
Nothing else in this whole world
Puts this thunder in my chest.

So in case I failed to mention,
To be certain that you've heard
You should know how much I love you
Without a single spoken word.

Some things go without saying.
Still, some things should always be said.
#love   #romance   #personal   #flirty  
Mar 10

We've grown and we're growing.

Don't know where we're going.

My feelings are showing.

I'm flying. I'm floating.

The ocean is cold,

And i'm not losing hope.

I'm anchored to you,

Ain't no rocking this boat.

You see it approaching.

I'm watching you notice.

We both saw this coming.

Binocular focus.

Through hot and through cold.

Polar or solar.

Girl I see your beauty.

And I'm the beholder.


This was a real text message that I sent to someone special.
#love   #first   #poem   #passion   #hope   #beautiful   #beauty   #touching   #simple   #flirty  
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