poetessa diabolica
poetessa diabolica
Jul 23, 2015

Sun flickered 'pon your eyes
    scintillating as the seas,
dappled with the chemistry
   of a thousand swooning moons

#eyes   #sun   #moon   #flirty   #flickers  
I feel flirty.
Jan 18, 2016

I sing.
I think.
I feel dirty.
I feel flirty.
In the shower
I feel the
I can do

#dirty   #think   #sing   #shower   #flirty  
loose ones make it flirty. But no
Aula Tullius Sulla
Aula Tullius Sulla
Oct 30, 2016

Sweaters may be bad for
lonesome people. Mind you, they don't
make up for a lack of

caresses. They heat the soul;
loose ones make it flirty. But no
cashmere can kiss your neck.

#alone   #kisses   #romance   #cold   #comfort   #flirty   #sweaters  
Apr 7, 2016



How bubbly I feel whenever you're around me <3
#love   #romance   #crush   #shy   #flirty   #lang   #kita  
Ava Bean
Ava Bean
Jan 19

I wish I liked you more
When you're sober

The way you bubble over when you're tipsy
Is so enticing
I want to sip off your sweet nothings
That all wash away down the drain by dawn

You don't even remember what you said to me the next morning

Loving him with my
bad girl heart
Leaving marks on his flesh
with my vampire mouth...
Scratching down his back
with blood red nails
Kissing his mouth with
honey and morphine
dripping from my
pink glossy lips...
as he unzips my
little black dress

#love   #sexy   #flirty  
Emmily Dimond
Emmily Dimond
Oct 3, 2015

I want you
I need you
My lips pressed on your skin
Fingers touching every limb
Eyes searching deep within
Emotions giving in

#love   #and   #you   #me   #sexy   #forever   #touch   #deep   #flirty  

Heaven holds no paradise
that I've not found in your embrace.
No golden hue, divine device-
Heaven holds no paradise,
to beckon me look even twice.
No glory there to match your face.
Heaven holds no paradise
that I've not found in your embrace.

#love   #romance   #flirty  
Apr 6, 2014

She whispers
"I'm psychic"
He Gasps
he said
"I bet I can read your mind"
she said
"You’ll never read my mind"
he said
He closes his eyes
Her face closer to his
He takes a peak
She leans
kissing his cheeks
He smiles
opening his eyes
"Good guess"
he said
She smiles
"I predict it"
she said
He smiles
"I am thinking about it"
he said.

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