Apr 6      Apr 7

She whispers
"I'm psychic"
He Gasps
he said
"I bet I can read your mind"
she said
"You’ll never read my mind"
he said
He closes his eyes
Her face closer to his
He takes a peak
She leans
kissing his cheeks
He smiles
opening his eyes
"Good guess"
he said
She smiles
"I predict it"
she said
He smiles
"I am thinking about it"
he said.

Ishshita Chanda
Ishshita Chanda
Apr 23      Apr 24

Today i met a person,
n my heart started beating fast,
together we smiled,together we njoyed n was for each other everytym,
n my heart beat turned into love,

He rang me up and said,
"I have smthng to say",
my heart beat agn started  beating first ,
n i look my best to meet him,
bt whn i heard dat
"smthing "he wanted to say ,
my heart broke into pieces,
as my love didnt reach him

As i was going bck
i saw another guy , n my heart started to beat agn ,
i realized it was not "love " it was juz an "infaution"

Aug 2, 2010

A mind spinning


feeling and reeling

In possibilities endless

Of winning in faith

Favors of a soul to mend less

And tend more

Seeking and finding

Pleasure to treasure

Without minding

Knowing that to be in


Would be true

Truth of joy

Not to toy

In Toying with romance found


Excitement induced

Feet no longer touch ground


While time killing

To be seduced

©Stephen Petluk 2010
Mar 28      Mar 30

I still remember you
I lost you because non-commitment was all I could give.
Now I wake with my sheets soaked with the residue from my nightmares, suffocating me.

I long for those days when the sun was setting and hand in hand we'd sit, in silence.
You'd pull me closer to share your excitement with me; grab a fist full of my hair to allow you to enter into matrimony with my lips.

I long to have your presence next to me; to see the rise and fall of your chest reminding me that that is where my home is.
To have you wake me in the morning with your arms protectively caressing  me, rhythmically and suggestively moving along my body...
To have you send shivers down my spine with your hot breath as I feel you smile into my neck

I remember your lips became the metaphor for our young hasty affair:
your lips often grazing every crevice on my body, arousing feelings in me I never thought existed and exciting this dormant precious place between my thighs.

My thighs, which are now the empty hallways you used to roam with so much passion and ferocity used to release waterfalls that cascaded down in a pleasurable release,
long for one more body trembling exhilarating encounter.

But most of all I long to be loved again.

Some things are just forbidden
#love   #happy   #memories   #past   #longing   #sexy   #flirty  
Madeline A Windsor
Madeline A Windsor
Jun 24      Jun 25

Well I live down by the beach,
next to the green Floridian Sea.
I like to dig my toes in the sand,
sipping some sweet ice tea.

My red lips can rock your world,
I’ll have you down on your knees.

I’m not a natural red;
I chop my hair once a week.

I can whisper you a limerick –
if you come share a bed with me.
If not, maybe a metaphor?
I’ll turn you into poetry.

But greatest talent is my tongue –
come get a taste,
you’ll know what I mean.

I can pull my fingers through your hair,
I can tell you all my dreams.
I’ll be your bombshell queen.

But by the morrow, I’ll be far out sea.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #lust   #romance   #romantic   #sex   #flirty  
2. I wish I could give you flirty eyes back, but I really have to pee rig
Amanda Jane Spencer
  1. THANK YOU!  I really really appreciate it.

    2. I wish I could give you flirty eyes back, but I really have to pee right now.

    3. I am sorry that I keep staring at you.  I swear I am not trying to be a creeper, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY have to pee, and you, being so gorgeous right now, are the best distraction from the water pressure building between my legs.

    4. Shit, I still have another 30 minutes before I am home, and I am not sure if I will make it.  But at least you are still smiling at me.

    5. Now I am just hoping that I do not lose this battle against my bladder before you get off the bus.  At this point, the only other people on the bus are either really old and/or really drunk, and I doubt they would notice the smell, but I am sure you would.

    6. I notice that you are starting to avoid eye contact with me, as I am start to rock back and forward in my seat, bouncing my knees up and down, and breathing quite heavily.

    7. Did I mention that I really am not that big a creeper under normal non bladder about to explode circumstances?

    8. Oh thank god you are getting off the bus now.  And as you leave, you smile in my direction and awkwardly say “Thank you”

    9. I hope you find this torture cute in a weird way, because I have the bladder of a 5 year old and often have to pee.

    10. By the way, I take this bus almost every night.  Maybe we could do this again when my bladder is not about to explode all over the seat.  Although that is unlikely, because once again, I always have to pee.
This is my second 30/30 piece for the month of April 2012
And incredibly true
Working out brings flirty smiles
Scott A Grant
Scott A Grant
Nov 13, 2009

Being healthy is a priority
Working out brings flirty smiles
The mirror tells the truth

(c) 2010- From Born Scripts Others Tell
Ana Sophia



















Chelsea Corcoran
Chelsea Corcoran
Jan 14, 2012

Everything I just said.
Is the reason why I despise the female gender.
Good DAY.

dancing with flirty breeze
Oct 22, 2013

without a care in world
dancing with flirty breeze
she plays along with life
as chirping birds in trees

bathing in sunlit dew
fondling with light i see
in arms of listless wind
you bloom so lazily

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