Little by little he loses his way
Sep 29, 2013      Oct 2, 2013

Romance, for he is the one who seemed to be trapped
A sea of melancholy
Oh, the beauty
Quite unbearable
How he hides what is deep inside
Having no patience nor the time for idle cares

Little by little he loses his way
This is what I call an unhidden heart
You can see it
But the thought isn't really there
Appearances at first glance
With any pair of human eyes
Are what seems to be love

Little by little he loses his way
A deeper dig you find that what you thought
Was a heart
Is an empty abyss
Little by little he loses his way
Without knowing
His personality is switching

Little by little he loses his way
Meek and darkness overpowers
This was fact
Till the day he met
She was stirring, dancing
Throughout the clouds

Feelings bursting without warning
She was everything
That Romance was not

Almost robotically,
They fell in love
Without a care

Emotion was unafraid
Unafraid to unveil her heart
Slowly but surely
Romance learned
His shell was wrapped airtight

Unfolding, slow
Layer by layer.
This took time, no rush
He became free
Time and patience
Letting go of the past

Almost robotically
They fell in love
Without a care

Ready to move on
Letting Emotion show him, her ways
To live
Not only to live,
But to thrive in happiness

Their love
A melody
Priceless, a gold you could never purchase
A light, blazing rays, a golden star

Who could not hear the beating of their hearts?
Rich and pure
Together they were a spirit, complete
Hidden in each and every one of us

We are all individual
Yet we share their story
Fate takes its course

Little by little you lose your way
Yet automatically,
Almost robotically,
They fell in love without a care

Fate once again brought two strangers in love
No questions
No ponders

Love does not need an explanation
Self explanatory
This is your story
Find your Romance and Emotion
But first
Little by little you will lose your way

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To see little children running about
Apr 26

What joy I feel
To see little children running about
Without a care in the world
The stars shining in their eyes
Hope glimmering in their hearts
Laughing at the littlest things
Loving everything and everyone with all their little hearts
Giving the world
The little love
That it needs

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Little traces of lines I find
Jacob Traver
Jacob Traver
Nov 21, 2014

Growing slowly in my mind
Little traces of lines I find
Lines drawing me ever closer to you
My longing desire I can never pursue

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little sister did you do your homework?
Dec 18, 2014

little sister did you do your homework?
little sister don't make me ask you again
little sister why haven't you done it yet?
little sister i swear if you don't

little sister stop following us
little sister- no not now
little sister you'll understand when you're older
little sister go away

little sister i don't know the answers to everything
little sister ask mom
little sister stop bugging me
little sister i don't have time

little sister let me tell you this
little sister life is hard
little sister i'm not going to hold your hand but
little sister i'll always be here for you

little sister stop relying on other people
little sister you're stronger than you know
little sister you can do it
little sister i believe in you

i've always been the little sister which sometimes makes it hard for people to take me seriously. i've been playing the role my whole life so sometimes it seems like the only role i know
lies a little note,
Ellie Belanger
Ellie Belanger
Dec 13, 2014

in the dirt-filled pocket
of this concrete street corner
lies a little note,
written on college-ruled
lined blue and white paper
and it says
and nothing else.

I saw this today on my way to grab some lunch
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Little did they how important they were,
Mar 11      Mar 13

Little did they how important they were,
How much they were needed,
How lost I am without,
How alone I am.
Little did they know,
Little did they understand,


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Little hands with tiny fingers
David Hall
David Hall
Jun 22, 2014

Little hands with tiny fingers
reach out like they can see,
over the top off coffee tables
and behind her daddy’s knee.

Little hands with tiny fingers
seem to always find a mystery.
They can slip almost anywhere
little hands should never be.

always grasping always searching
always reaching always learning

Little hands with tiny fingers
touch my heart and set me free.
When the little girl they belong to,
gives her little hands to me.

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Mar 26, 2014

It's funny how people that mattered,
doesn't mean an ounce of much any more.

The memories of them are rolling through my mind, like a vintage film
the screen is black and white, with no sound
A silent film.

Yet, I go back and sit through the film and watch
until the ending credits come up, until the screen goes black
reliving each moment - that's all past compare.

Some of the popcorn are burnt.

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