little faces smiling up at you that's what I l

little faces smiling up at you that's what I live to see
Little legs chasing birds taking flight is amazing the sight
Little baby here in my arms you won't stay long soon you will be dancing and singing a song
Little angel you grow too fast my love fills the very sky
Little one you speak with power and with wonder
Little child I see you fight me every day trying to be like me
Little cutie I will always see you just this way, even when you are I are old and grey
Little hunny I will never let you go just so you know you will always be my baby

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*The Little Things*
Hannah Dutton

The sun rising after a peaceful
The rainbow after a storm
The rain pouring down during a
A cup of tea when you are feeling
Bright green grass in the middle of
Sun light sparkling against your
The Little Things


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It's funny how people that mattered,
doesn't mean an ounce of much any more.

The memories of them are rolling through my mind, like a vintage film
the screen is black and white, with no sound
A silent film.

Yet, I go back and sit through the film and watch
until the ending credits come up, until the screen goes black
reliving each moment - that's all past compare.

Some of the popcorn are burnt.

It is too little
Ashley Spence
Ashley Spence
1 day ago

If you don't know why
what you write isn't that good
It is too little
And you didn't think enough
Or it's too much, and you thought.

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The little girl so full of love; now grown.
Kate Little
Kate Little
Mar 15, 2011

Always hoping, always dreaming. Alone.
Big sister to her brothers; minded dad.
The little girl so full of love; now grown.

Tomorrows came and yesterdays were gone.
Some days were good; and, God, some days were bad.
Always hoping, always dreaming. Alone.

Said mother to her daughter: “I disown.”
“For you, I know, I never should have had.”
The little girl so full of love; now grown.

This little girl knew not what she had done
Why would her mother utter words so bad?
Always hoping, always dreaming. Alone.

She dreamt the dreams of love she had not known;
Those dreams of being loved by mum she had.
The little girl so full of love; now grown.

A happy picture painted; not in stone.
Illusions all; reality just sad.
Always hoping, always dreaming. Alone.
The little girl so full of love; now grown.

A Villanelle

Words by Kate Little
March 2011

All Rights Reserved
Little by little he loses his way
Kayla Lam-Little
Kayla Lam-Little
Sep 29, 2013      Oct 2, 2013

Romance, for he is the one who seemed to be trapped
A sea of melancholy
Oh, the beauty
Quite unbearable
How he hides what is deep inside
Having no patience nor the time for idle cares

Little by little he loses his way
This is what I call an unhidden heart
You can see it
But the thought isn't really there
Appearances at first glance
With any pair of human eyes
Are what seems to be love

Little by little he loses his way
A deeper dig you find that what you thought
Was a heart
Is an empty abyss
Little by little he loses his way
Without knowing
His personality is switching

Little by little he loses his way
Meek and darkness overpowers
This was fact
Till the day he met
She was stirring, dancing
Throughout the clouds

Feelings bursting without warning
She was everything
That Romance was not

Almost robotically,
They fell in love
Without a care

Emotion was unafraid
Unafraid to unveil her heart
Slowly but surely
Romance learned
His shell was wrapped airtight

Unfolding, slow
Layer by layer.
This took time, no rush
He became free
Time and patience
Letting go of the past

Almost robotically
They fell in love
Without a care

Ready to move on
Letting Emotion show him, her ways
To live
Not only to live,
But to thrive in happiness

Their love
A melody
Priceless, a gold you could never purchase
A light, blazing rays, a golden star

Who could not hear the beating of their hearts?
Rich and pure
Together they were a spirit, complete
Hidden in each and every one of us

We are all individual
Yet we share their story
Fate takes its course

Little by little you lose your way
Yet automatically,
Almost robotically,
They fell in love without a care

Fate once again brought two strangers in love
No questions
No ponders

Love does not need an explanation
Self explanatory
This is your story
Find your Romance and Emotion
But first
Little by little you will lose your way

The same as a little kid.
Elli Decker

I would write you a love letter
And send it to you.
You know, elementary style.
Shove it into your locker before school starts.
But this isn't the 4th grade.

I would tell you that I
Have a "crush" on you.
Just like 3rd grade.
Maybe I would make my friend tell you.
But this is more than a crush.

I would ask you if you
Like liked another girl.
The same as a little kid.
Except I already know the answer.

Now, if we were just kids again
I would say she's smelly.
Then, you would forget about her.
But this is different, and to be honest,
She's beautiful.

I want to be that good friend
That you want me to be.
I want to say that the two of you
Would be soooooo cute together.
You really would.

But the thing is I am human
And I apologize for caring about myself.
I like like you, I have a crush on you.
Why can't it be that simple?
I miss simple.

You know what?
Maybe the little kids
And the elementary schoolers
And the 4th graders
Maybe they got it right.

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I love the little things about him.
Amber Katelyn
Amber Katelyn
Apr 5      Apr 6

I love the little things about him.
The things most people don't notice.
The details that are constantly overlooked.
The things that mean so much to me.

Like the way he laughs,
especially when it's unexpected.

Or the way he smiles,
and how his eyes hold a smile of their own.

Like the way he sings along to his favorite songs,
when he doesn't think anyone is paying any attention.

Or the way his eyes are so convincing,
and if you're looking into them everything else fades into the background.

I am the only one who sees these things.
I don't see how,
but I'm glad I see them.

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Little Miss Muffet
David Alexander Jackson

Little Miss Muffet
Sits on her knees
Eschews cottage cheese

Does as she pleases.

No cobwebs
Or flies on her.

Life does not frighten her
Either side or during
Any meal.

And do you know what?

I am not afraid to say
I could write
A graphic novel
About my ideal
New Millennial Girl.

Second part of the Little Miss Muffet trilogy. Spiderman makes a reappearance in the final part.
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Little Miss Muffet
David Alexander Jackson

Little Miss Muffet
Sits not on a tuffet
But on a Le Corbusier chair.

Curds and whey
Are not for her
As she is a vegan
And rarely eats between meals.

Along comes Spiderman,
Sits down on a sedan
And questions her
On all things entomological
And graphic novels.

And do you know what?

She is not afraid at all!

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