La Mer
La Mer
Sep 25, 2014

From this being I conjure mysterious games
Like I can’t read your signs as I’m switching from lanes
I’m blinded, insulted, and completely confused
How could I ever let my good intentions feel used up and abused?
I’ve held out my hand, lent you my ears, even gave you a shoulder
My radiation was warm and open-hearted, but your heart kept getting colder
The closer I bring myself, the more often I am hurt
Expectations of a bond, has only brought my conscious to highly alert
Of your games you’ve been playing, and crushing my pride
For once just be selfless, just open up your eyes

#love   #heart   #crush   #games   #pride   #conjure  
Coop Lee
Coop Lee
Oct 13, 2014

they emerge from deep wooded neighborhood fringe into breadth
of lawn and limb.
witchy chicks.
teen dreamers with black magick lip gloss and minions, their
wayward boyfriends in the street pink cloud,
spinning wheel.
stoned on bitchcraft and hawking bile, they
wipe then smile then carry on
in ritual.

in the house,
is a child. gig. death with a younger grip.
the kid thrills on carnage,
on murder videogames and murder tv-shows and murder music.
he is a youthful demon conduit.
with televised bucket slime ceremonials.

this is the video age.
the modern dead dream-age of a holy we. these
daughters of delphi watching our kids.
tending to them.
trending them.
popcorn smell, the palace of teeth.
& twigs.

the pretty girls with drugs,
and snacks and time and fun dead things.
the demon version is grave and cruel.
the angel version is adventure-door and vision.
to conjure
at the cliff jumping. it was fun.

previously published in BlazeVOXMagazine
#love   #teen   #pray   #eat   #acid   #satan   #conjure   #witch  
Charles Barnett
Charles Barnett
Dec 18, 2012

I conjure you in my dreams.
Grecian Goddess that you are
arms and legs lined with colors
that bleed out of your tattoos
like the prettiest pieces of heaven.

Ryan Downum
Ryan Downum
Aug 12, 2013

A tear forms and fades,
the night be still and conjure
hope; stars are now free.

Eyes wide open, glancing around
Deserted, dark, pitch-black hallway.

Scar on her left eye
asymmetrical bangs, reminder of the past.
Petite hands reaching the glass knob.
Mahogany cracking,
pale white paint peeling off...


a collaboration poem with my friend, inspired by 'Conjuring' movie :))
We tried our best to make this horror inspired poem...
#she   #horror   #creep   #conjuring   #collab   #duo  
topaz oreilly
topaz oreilly
Dec 2, 2012

The prehensile snout of a Tapir
is  posturally renowned,
but  I am no caricaturist
unless I required Rhinoplasty
Neither am I an
Air Force Major or a Fireman,
never having shot or doused in anger
never clanged quid pro quo,
I am a wordsmith, without  a necessarily  dangerous  course,
a wedgeless door stop this side of juxtaposition,
trying for a profile,
riding on a buzz,
to think so few images
could  conjure so much verdure

Rochelle R
Rochelle R
Apr 2, 2016

The First
The Serpent
The Water
The venomous black ink
Slithers endlessly
Until she reaches her prey
The Second
The Demon
The Fire
The burning red ember
Watches now
As her victim is drawn to her warmth
The Third
The Conjurer
The Wind
The Shadow Of The Night
Needs only
To exist
And her casualty swarms to her allure
A trifecta binds, seeking
A fourth
The man
The earth
The flesh and the bone
A host and a home
A willing sacrifice
Falling victim to her charm
Silently striding to his own demise
He succumbs completely
She devours wholly
The elements are in order
The black magic witch is born

#love   #death   #serpent   #snake   #black   #poison   #patience   #magic   #spider   #conjurer  
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