Nov 12, 2014


emotional expression
of so many


It's been a very emotional
Day on site and off.

I am empathetic
And I feel other's pain

I have trouble with
Setting boundaries

I feel overwhelming love when you cuddle me at night.

Cuddle party
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Sep 7, 2014

Sometimes less is more,
When more threatens
To become too much.

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Emily D
Nov 4, 2014

Slip me in an envelope
seal me in safety
put a stamp on and,
address to anywhere
I don't want to know
And really do not care
as long as no one
Can see the inverted me.

This isn't a Hikku but each line either has 5 or 7 syllables.
Nov 14, 2014

~The girl is so pretty, pretty is she,
She's popular, popular maybe.
The guy is so sweet, sweet is he.
He's popular, popular definitely.
The girl has so many wrapped around her finger.
Her rollercoaster eyes take you by surprise.
The guy has everyone wrapped around his finger.
His dazzling shine, he's everyone's wanted Valentine.
She sees him one summer day,
He is clueless of what to say.
She laugh because he is so funny.
He's proud to make her happy.
He tells her, "I love you,"
She asks him, "Is it true?"
He replies with a kiss,
The kiss that was suppose to last forever.
She loved him.
She was there everyday.
She loved him in every which way.
As his popularity increased,
his love for her decreased.
She thought they had a future,
She dreamed of him always,
The day she could say "You are mine."
But little did she know,
He will come and go.
Popular boys aren't who to aim for.
They'll leave a mark on you when their love is washed away by the tides.

All this popularity. Why can't it just stop?
Jaycee Jellies
Jaycee Jellies
Aug 14, 2015

Losing people,
for me,
is a constant cycle.
No one ever sticks
I never knew it'd
end like this.

So tell me, now is it my turn to be a Jellyfish? I may extend this later.
Feeling overwhelmed
Daniel Steven Moskowitz

It’s all just too much
Burying my head in the sand
Feeling overwhelmed

I'm overwhelmed
Jan 7, 2015

I'm overwhelmed
With the sky and the trees and my house and my family.
But on top of all that I'm overwhelmed inside myself.
I don't know if you can grasp that.
Its similar to having a blender going on in your head all the time.
I can't think straight.
I can't eat.
I can't sleep.
My mom thinks I'm sick.
I'm actually just overwhelmed.

I'm overwhelmed,
Becca ODonnell
Becca ODonnell
Apr 23, 2012

I just want to let loose.

I want to scream until there's nothing left,
paint my problems on a wall,
write the words written on my heart.

I'm crying out, ready to be heard,
my mouth is moving, but I have no words.

I'm overwhelmed,

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