Sep 7, 2014      Sep 7, 2014

Sometimes less is more,
When more threatens
To become too much.

#more   #overwhelmed   #less  
Emily D
Nov 4, 2014      Nov 6, 2014

Slip me in an envelope
seal me in safety
put a stamp on and,
address to anywhere
I don't want to know
And really do not care
as long as no one
Can see the inverted me.

This isn't a Hikku but each line either has 5 or 7 syllables.
Feb 7, 2014

kiss me harder
and we'll go down together
I swear I'm not going
because you're exactly what I needed
and you showed up the
looked away
I'm holding my breaths in
and imagining yours
your mouth
and everything I learn about you is a new
and you form constellations with ease
while I'm stuck stargazing
you are composed
and I am erratic
you don't see a difference
(I wish my words were as beautiful as you)

I can't handle you, girl,
as we go to town,
I can't
You're too much
Just too, too much for me
As I let out this breath all at once
in an exhalation of anxiety,
you ask if I'm okay
Yeah, girl,
I'm so much more than okay
I just wasn't prepared for this today

Emma Russell
Emma Russell
Oct 14, 2014      Oct 14, 2014

As I open the door

The cold engulfs me first
raising hairs on my neck, shivers down my spine, prickles on my scalp

Next the smell
so mild, pleasant, crisp. similar to rain or dew
my lungs take in this air for the first time

The light begins to peek over the mountains
clearing the fog, cutting away the dark

The quiet is both a comfort and an uneasiness
Only the earth under my feet whispers as I walk the dirt path

The lake unblemished, like a mirror for the sky to look upon
no wind, no waves, no life

standing there, absorbing the surroundings
I am the one to break the silence, to shatter the utopia
as I drop the pebble in the waters…

these ripples go on                                                              ­Forever

Apr 19, 2014      Apr 20, 2014

life is bursting
with fullness

fear of failure
strangles me

#fear   #life   #failure   #bursting   #strangles  
I'm overwhelmed,
Becca ODonnell
Becca ODonnell
Apr 23, 2012

I just want to let loose.

I want to scream until there's nothing left,
paint my problems on a wall,
write the words written on my heart.

I'm crying out, ready to be heard,
my mouth is moving, but I have no words.

I'm overwhelmed,

Oct 13, 2013      Oct 14, 2013

Overwhelming confusion
Thoughts unexpressed
Depression overtaking
Insanity barely repressed
Locked within memory
Neglection of today
No trust left for life
The mind goes away

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