If all the good people were clever,
Eve in wonderland

If all the good people were clever,
  And all clever people were good,
The world would be nicer than ever
  We thought that it possibly could.

But somehow 'tis seldom or never
  The two hit it off as they should,
The good are so harsh to the clever,
  The clever, so rude to the good!

So friends, let it be our endeavour
  To make each by each understood;
For few can be good, like the clever,
  Or clever, so well as the good.

Beautiful poem by Elizabeth Wordsworth, thanks to Bucky Fuller - The critical path
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You think you're clever
Charles Barnett
Charles Barnett
Oct 24, 2012

You think you're clever
but I read you like
the prettiest little poem.
Red hair flickering the
edges of paper like

I am clever enough to know not to 'bite the hand th
Oct 31, 2012      Nov 1, 2012

I am clever enough to know not to 'bite the hand that feeds' me
But between you and me;
I am no ones bitch.

Clever memory,
R A Sanders
R A Sanders
Nov 30, 2011

Clever memory,
Must you float away from me,
Leaving me chasing,
Something that was temporary given to me,
Clever thought in my mind,
Giving graciously all to me,
Taking up all this time,
Please don't leave me to forget,
The best thing I had,
Don't leave me now,
But for now you stay,
In the back of my mind,
Teasing me with fading away,
You clever little memory.

he his very clever a clever cat is he

i have little cat and he lives with me
he his very clever a clever cat is he
one day i went shopping and i had lost my key
i looked everywhere but  my key i couldnt see
i thought about my cat being all alone
i was stuck outside stood there on my own
but my cat was clever and noticed my spare key
he opened up the letterbox and handed it to me
next time i go out i shall leave my key next door
then i can still get in and lose my key no more

you clever
Aug 27, 2010

I will remember
being driven by you
driven crazy
and around
the bends in the road
to our friends in the country

I will remember
your pretty
pretty little eyes

I will remember
your coffee machine spitting
revolted at itself
at its produce
at itself

I will remember
the trees
flanking sides of
the road
the trees that made me sneeze
your rhyme
you clever
clever boy

I will remember
the touch
of your
on my

I will remember
your smile
your sweet little

I will remember
the nights
the gorgeous nights that
were never long enough for us to say

I will remember
just until
I am
ready to

there was a little dog as clever as can be
Nov 24, 2013

there was a little dog as clever as can be
he  did lots of tricks for everyone to see
he could roll a barrel while he was on the top
then use it little legs to make the barrel stop
he could roll a ball with his little paws
throw it in the air and catch it with his jaws
a clever little chap as clever chap was he
doing lots of tricks as happy as can be

i saw little horse a clever horse was he
Dec 28, 2013

i saw little horse a clever horse was he
he came up to the gate to say hello to me
he began to count by tapping on the floor
counting one to ten then counted on some more
doing lots of tricks especially for me
doing them real close so that i would see
i fed him with some grass then he began to chew
then run around his field beneath the sky so blue.

he was very clever and very very bright
william worthless
Apr 18, 2010

there was a little seal he had a coat of white
he was very clever and very very bright
he lived on the ice so very far away
with his furry coat to keep the cold at bay
he like to catch a fish this he loved to eat
for the little seal this was his little treat
he had a little ball he could spin it on his nose
then toss in the in the air and catch it with his toes
he would play all day until it was time to go
then off to sleep he went in his coat of snow

I don't want to kill myself and leave my kids
without a father,
like me.

I'd better do it now then.
The color palette isn't bright anymore.
A fatherless man is just guessing.
(To be honest.)

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