Maybe it's my fault
May 11, 2014

Maybe it's my fault
Maybe it's not

Maybe I care too much
Maybe you don't care enough

Maybe I trust too much
Maybe I don't trust enough

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*maybe* it's time for me to *go*
Jul 12, 2014

maybe it's time for me to go


maybe it's time to let it go

Nov. 15
#go   #time   #leave   #you   #maybe   #leaveyou  
But i guess maybe
Rebekah James
Rebekah James
Sep 12, 2014

I keep repeating
"it makes no sense"
But i guess maybe
It does
I guess maybe
you just need a break
From me
I guess really
I need a break
From me too

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And maybe you do,
Sabrina Yusof
Sabrina Yusof
Mar 7, 2015

It seems that you know I like you,
And maybe you do,
Or maybe you just want me to.

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*Maybe because I’m thinking too much,
May 24, 2015

Maybe because I’m thinking too much,
nothing feels right already.
Maybe because I’m so scared,
everything will just burst to bits.

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Maybe he was not good enough for me, &nb
Fabiola Martinez
Fabiola Martinez
Feb 2, 2015

Maybe he was not good enough for me,  
Maybe I was a loser to believe he had feelings for me,
Maybe it was just a horrible game that neither of us know,
Maybe we both thought it was a kind of sentimental meaning furthermore nothing,  
Maybe just dreaming its good enough for us

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Maybe I'm not perfect.
Jul 29, 2014

Maybe I'm not perfect.
Maybe I'm not right.
Maybe I'm a mess.
Or maybe I'm not fine.
Maybe all these things are just excuses.
But to me, they're all the same.
Maybe I make all these stuff in my head.
Just for me to forget that I'm the one to blame.

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maybe i’m no longer suffering.
Pauline Chan
Pauline Chan
Oct 30, 2014

maybe i’m no longer suffering.
maybe this is just the after shock.
maybe, i don’t miss you anymore.
maybe i’m just experiencing what’s left of me
maybe, it isn’t supposed to be like this.
its been while but i still feel the same.
and maybe its because of you.

#love   #sad   #maybe  
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