Caitlin Fisher
Caitlin Fisher
Oct 2, 2014

Forgive me, my love
I could only stand-horror struck
I watched, yet I didn’t, the crocodiles of the raging Nile maul your bloody corpse

My love, my love forgive me
That wretched day; that cursed hour, the very hour of our return
To see you breathe your last was akin to feeling a knife in my back
They had to hold me down
The hated guards who couldn’t save you

Forgive me, please, forgive me
I can do nothing more than carve your face into cold marble now

Antinous forgive me, forgive me please
I couldn’t save you; no one could

Antinous, forgive me

Apr 4, 2013

the killers shoot lyrical
koans on the bar delicate,
I amble for a pint of
Dungarvan beer, whatever
the where that means.
There's a sunset here
and a sunrise there,
and lunchtime somewhere
in the middle as the mahogany beneath my elbows reminds
the Romans that I'm unsure
as to whether or not they made
it as far as Ireland.

General Tiberius,
are you awake?

-Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska
4 days ago

"Don't strive to know everything,
because everything has a habit of changing more often than you would think."

-Hadrian Veska

-Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska
3 days ago

We are all wanderers,
growing restless if we stay too long in one place. The only weight that can hold us down is another person. Whether for good or ill.

-Hadrian Veska

Shadow wax
And shadow wane
Cast by the one
Who's left unnamed

He wanders about
In the dead of night
Feeding on fears,
And dreams of light

Perhaps you've seen him
that tall cloaked man
Who wanders the world
With scythe in hand

A room with walls that can't be seen
A door that's locked by unknown means
A lamp that is not yet found
To light the way below the ground

A gentle wave
Wind in the trees
Soft slow clouds
buzzing honey bees

The sun is warm
The sky bright blue
The world is green
Vibrant and new

The flowers bloom
Across the way
If only spring
Was here to stay

First to rise
Second to see
All creation
On bended knee

Third of heaven
And fourth of night
One that was
Before the light

Fifth to watch
And last to stand
Above the ashes
That once were man

Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska
6 days ago

The wolves howl
With the wolf of my heart
As I long to be free
No longer apart

To run through the forest
Under the sky
To hear the great story
Of creation and I

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