A. J. Rain
Aleksander J Rain
Aleksander J Rain
Mar 15, 2015

It rains horizontal,

not vertical,

gutters of water,

windows of pain.

faces of humans

like cats on look out,

watching the bubbles

as life floats by.

A. J. Rain

#life   #rain   #humans  
That forgot the rain?*
Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain
Mar 9, 2016

I have no sunrises
Nor sunsets 
What could you possibly 
Know of my pain?
Of the long days
That never end 
And the skies 
That forgot the rain?

#sad   #rain  
one day the rain didn't come
raine cooper
raine cooper
Mar 11, 2016

one day the rain didn't come
her suicide note read,
i'm sorry i was nothing more than a life of falling

#life   #rain   #falling   #sorry  
Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain
May 11, 2016

you sound like
when you say my name.
and i don't think
i've ever heard anything
more beautiful and yet, so painful
in my entire

I think I will expand on this one.
maybe tomorrow. :)
#love   #rain   #miss   #distance   #heartache  
A. J. Rain
Aleksander J Rain
Aleksander J Rain
Mar 23, 2015

I miss you,
having never met you
still warmer near you
across the ocean.

it rains grey
elephants and mice
in shades of
darken room
and falling curtains.

it rains in shadows
of your walk
from sunny side  
to rainy block.

A. J. Rain

*he is the rain.
Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain
Mar 19, 2016

he is the rain.
sometimes soft and gentle.
sometimes angry and sad.
But He is the rain,
& i, just a passerby
under his cloudy sky.

falling in love within
the second the first rain
to the very last.

he is
my rain,
& I have loved
every bit of him.

not full poem just an excerpt
#love   #rain  
when the language of rain
Aleksander J Rain
Aleksander J Rain
Mar 13, 2015

when the language of rain
is in need of

when the parallel lines

when observing the time
by the pizza boxes
a ceiling fan.

when pages of
stories are skipped
to the end unread.

rain touches the lonely,
rain is weaving  
the hearts
with dreams.

rain colors the lonely
arching in color
touching the sky.  

droplets  of water
through your window glass
tapping of comfort
of watering eyes.

Rain, rain, rain,
Harly Coward
Harly Coward
Oct 15, 2014

Bundled up in my big blue blanket,
Holding my heavenly hot cocoa,
Simmering as I'm sipping,
Nibbling on my noodles,

I gaze out the window,
Rain, rain, rain,
Grey clouds canvassing the sky,
Water falling creating rivers in the street,

The only thing I vow to accomplish today at all
Is finish season seven of Supernatural.

Rain ,rain, rain
Apr 29, 2014

Rain ,rain, rain
rain, rain, rain..

Please come with crystal clear drops,
Please come with a heavy shower,
Please come with great thundering,
and lightening..

lands are lying desperately
lands are drying,

Spring are waiting,
Again the world will be green,
Heaven waiting.


Please come
Lets pray for a heavy shower of rain.

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