never take people
at face value
some have
two faces and
it could cost more
than it's worth

I'm generally a trusting person
and get in trouble all the time
as a result!
it coins me as phrases. Its careful
Francis Scudellari

When the coin dropped, it drops
with a clang. Clanging's
a kind of language. A kind coin,
it coins me as phrases. Its careful
words are phrased not to spend me.

Joy and despair are found on the same vertical
They court like the light and the dark eternally
Dance and duel in our minds atop fractured glass
Each existing for the sake of the other only

See there is no sky without the earth
To bless it with form and beauty
As there is no happiness without sadness to show us its worth

Jordan Fox
Jordan Fox
Jun 18, 2013

I gave you the ocean and all her waves.
I gave you my heart til the end of my days.
I asked you why are you always so tense?
It all came down to dollars and cents.

In our each pocket they clank.
Some are new, some old, no blank.

They bring joys and sweet things
To the displeased and cheerful childs.

No ego they entertain though live with gold.
At once dive into any bowl of bronze or mud.

Alas! A little care is for their being.
On the street they sleep and spring.

on coinscoins and brightly lit rooms
May 13, 2011

stick a nickel in your mouth because you like money
melt it down and let it coat your tongue like honey
and you still can't taste food two days later
because you've got a solid metal tongue that can't taste flavor
coin tongue click your teeth for Charon to deliver
and cut your tongue out to pay him to cross the river
when you burned your last nickel in the furnace
it dissolved like the sun as it churned and spit
solar flares lick your eyes because they love you
fire only wants to kiss you like doves do
doves do burn too, feathers like ashes like carbon monoxide
they were plastic so you passed out when they fried
a little molten rubber with a little bubble
and a prize inside, pop it because it's trouble
and supple, with evaporated eyes
no doves just trinkets and magpies
a little bit of gold is the same as mass hypnosis
dove or chicken nuggets or gold nuggets for strong doses
of oxytocin and candy corn, serve them together on halloween to children
because they need thick skin and ritalin
in them to keep them quiet, and so everyone's got a little disquiet
in their stomachs, because we're all high
on coins coins and brightly lit rooms
and when we have to turn the lights off at least turn on the nickel moon

Statesmen whose faces are on coins
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ

Statesmen whose faces are on coins
are amenable to change.

Who will place two coins on my eyes
Tammy M Darby
Aug 8, 2013

Who will place two coins on my eyes
Down the river  Styx
My soul will glide

Two coins for the boatman
Ferry me away
To the throne of Persephone
Snatched from light of day

Two coins I cry
Two coins for my eyes
Through dark waters I float
To where my body must lie

Two coins for Charon
That looks away
Never seeing my face
Or the light of day
Two coins

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Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3),
Tammy M Darby

Sep 30, 2012      Sep 30, 2012

laugh at me
You are normal
Popular psyche exam
You forget me so easily
How the mighty have fallen
If I use that trite expression
Would you still listen to
Jazz and shooting stars
Slipping through the
confines of your eyelids
I was the master Now the Slave
Once a biochemist-
Now blind children divine the future with my finger-bones
Where is the peace i deserve?
How dare this life pour itself out upon me!
I have spent too much time inside this mind
Trying to understand your question marks
Rereading your sentences-learning to read between lines
I am a young god or a soul
I am an aged demon full of electrons
Draw the line here
I am a poet to snakes
Dreaming of becoming a bird
Birds dreaming of mouthfuls of insects

All complacently cozy cuddling your coins
Shelby Hemstock
Shelby Hemstock
Jul 18, 2013

The plantations have been privatized
The cotton fields paved with concrete
They still exist
Despite how much you resist
Needing working bee's
They persist
And insist you enlist
From the stone like mass
Sky scrappers are erected
At the tiptop, a dick head runs the show
He tells all the little white men
Who work beneath him
What to do and were to go
You're too tired to even think
But you have to work
If you want to eat
From cotton
To poppy
From slaves in shackles
To droids with imperceptible chains
Leading and whipping the pack,
NASDAQ reigns
Grinning like a fool
All complacently cozy cuddling your coins
In an ornamented box
Where your view of the stars is blocked
Politicking away with a bottle scars of yesterday
Telling yourself "Everything will be okay,
It has been this far."
All the while Uncle Sam blows freedom smoke
Up your ass with his federal cigar
Buy, consume, sell
Get drunk, stay distracted, inhale
Imbibe thoughts instead of ale
You could read a book for fun now,
Or to cure boredom in jail

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