May 27, 2015

I know not of the faceless side of my coin

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The sound of coins dropping
Swathi eruvaram
Swathi eruvaram
Mar 12, 2015

Two big eyes watching
A mighty spider crawling
A cob web spinning
A tiny lock hanging
The sound of coins dropping
Your first piggy bank
Your first savings

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if nights were like coins
Mar 13, 2015

and in it she stood

awash with crescented chrysanthemums

with honeysuckle skin and wisteria eyelashes

and with it i said

if nights were like coins

id spend them all on you

and twinkle them between my fingers

shaking them up and admiring

the glint and value of

the night and its stars

and the coppery, nickel-y dusk

that stains my hand with

the bouquet of metal and flowers

goldenrod warmth

from nights and coins

invariably spent

alongside only you

with a perfume of


and pressing summer heat

and my whispers and promises

that tell you

that if nights were like coins

id spend them all on you

lots of wordplay in this one, particularly with pressing (of heat, coins, and flowers) and bouquet (an arrangement of flowers or a characteristic scent)
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Sep 15, 2014

Sometimes I want to be with the crowd laughing
Sometimes I'm afraid of how the laughs sound
Sometimes I flat out hate laughing
Sometimes I'm a giggling mess

I've been told I glare when I'm not trying to
I've been told I can look like a block of ice
I've been told I have a sick sense of humor
I've been told I should sleep more

I was having a conversation, and what the other person said prompted me to write this.
It seems straight forward but it isn't at all. Lot of hidden stuff here.
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Poetry and love are two faces of the same coin.

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Poetry and love are two faces of the same coin.

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Love and hate are flip sides of the same coin.

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who pour out their hearts to deaf coins
May 22, 2014

deep below the wishing well,
in the tomb of wishful pennies,
live a team of diligent elves,
working day and night.
palms outstretched
they grab each cast away coin as it falls,
clutching them to their grimy chests in hunger.
they box them all up
and melt them down in flat sheets by the dozen
in factory fashion
in precision.
and they build from them tools and weapons;
whatever it is that they need.
their business is balanced on the backs of believers
who pour out their hearts to deaf coins
in scrunched eyes and in whispers
and a flick of their wrists to the darkness below.
perhaps if they knew the fate of their coins,
the industrial dungeon just storeys below
they might have spent their wishes on a shooting star instead,
destined to shatter through space.

Isn't it strange that we wish on things that are going to die?
Like coins thrown into fountains- they're just gonna sink.
And shooting stars- they're going to explode.
Birthday candles are going to be blown out.
So why should  wishes survive?

God's presence is most conspicuous by his absence;
God's absence is most manifest by his presence.
The absence of God and the presence of God
are flip sides of the same coin ~
with God's presence always facing you
in your time of need.

This is part of my What is God? series from [1] to [100].
If you'd like to read more, please search for them under: What is God?'

Sydney Ann
Sydney Ann
Jan 2, 2015

Yea, sure
I put on a smile when you see me
I laugh
I'm nice
I'm average,

But, you see,
There are two sides to every coin
And just because
I choose to show
The Puppy Tail side
Doesn't mean the
Dismembered Head side
Isn't alive and kickin'
                              The surface

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