May 27, 2015

I know not of the faceless side of my coin

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Ceyhun Mâhî
Ceyhun Mâhî
Dec 2, 2016

Beyond that bitter, grudging and vile lip,
Who only spews and is covered with pride,
There lies more when you make it with love flip,
Like an old coin who has another side.

The first few verses I wrote after I woke up from an inspiring dream.
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The sound of coins dropping
Swathi eruvaram
Swathi eruvaram
Mar 12, 2015

Two big eyes watching
A mighty spider crawling
A cob web spinning
A tiny lock hanging
The sound of coins dropping
Your first piggy bank
Your first savings

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We trade words like old coins,
Cameron Boyd
Cameron Boyd
May 17, 2016

We trade words like old coins,
Rattling them in our piggybanks
Until they clink past our teeth
And onto the floor between us.
Coin for coin,
They slide in exchange.
Fair is fair,
Each is stashed in the others collection.
And when we leave,
I know our sums have stayed the same,
But somehow I always feel richer.

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if nights were like coins
Mar 13, 2015

and in it she stood

awash with crescented chrysanthemums

with honeysuckle skin and wisteria eyelashes

and with it i said

if nights were like coins

id spend them all on you

and twinkle them between my fingers

shaking them up and admiring

the glint and value of

the night and its stars

and the coppery, nickel-y dusk

that stains my hand with

the bouquet of metal and flowers

goldenrod warmth

from nights and coins

invariably spent

alongside only you

with a perfume of


and pressing summer heat

and my whispers and promises

that tell you

that if nights were like coins

id spend them all on you

lots of wordplay in this one, particularly with pressing (of heat, coins, and flowers) and bouquet (an arrangement of flowers or a characteristic scent)
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Sep 15, 2014

Sometimes I want to be with the crowd laughing
Sometimes I'm afraid of how the laughs sound
Sometimes I flat out hate laughing
Sometimes I'm a giggling mess

I've been told I glare when I'm not trying to
I've been told I can look like a block of ice
I've been told I have a sick sense of humor
I've been told I should sleep more

I was having a conversation, and what the other person said prompted me to write this.
It seems straight forward but it isn't at all. Lot of hidden stuff here.
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This world is set of vice and virtue
Good and bad play their due part
In front of Satan say we do, we do
Good ones have their way to depart

All those who are servant of God
Uphold the verdict not to astray
They are fully protected by Lord
They travel like a clear light ray

Servants of devil take double death
They carry along deplorable plight
They carry death with every breath
Their eyes are blind not to see light

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

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know, how many coins will you throw to see my depth.
Poetic T

I will not crave the admiration of others on the reflexes
of what I verse, incomplete metaphors  are a valuation
of what you perceive in what is collected in the vaults
of my indiscriminate imaginings.

I will throw a penny in the fountain of what I spill in
unprecedented flurries. Would you catch what I scatter
into the pond of vacant words. Would you catch what
I throw? or watch the ripples of what it could become.

I will always throw a stone in to the white to see what
splashes on the verges of mind. I'm more deep than I
know, how many coins will you throw to see my depth.
Will all sink not  showing the shimmer of my words.

Mar 28, 2016

Both sides
Have lead me

To face the same answer

I'm not ready
What have you become?

I haven't coped
How was I so blind

I'm still in shock
You were the biggest lie

For whats become

Of this
I had to face

Knowing what's unjust
And what

I feel

I Felt

Am feeling

Am not feeling

Tore my head
Into two


I hate You
I hate you too

I hate You for becoming
A violent monster
Shedding me to pieces
One by one

Convincing me
I was
The one insane
Who deserved it

I pity You

For a creature like You
Is the epitome of the destruction of beauty
Much like the Ungoliant

But you
I also hate

For taking away something
I held so dear

Even if
It was a lie

Even if
He is

Took the little home
I once thought I had

Slowly but surely
Replaced me

Threw me out

Too caught up in you're own guilt
To even look at me

Too weak to break free

I don't pity you anymore

My emotions

Yet it has become
Two sides of the same coin

Can't sleep, I'm so confused, I don't know what I'm feeling,  but everything is clashing.
I'll edit this later, right now it's for my peace of mind...
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