if nights were like coins

and in it she stood

awash with crescented chrysanthemums

with honeysuckle skin and wisteria eyelashes

and with it i said

if nights were like coins

id spend them all on you

and twinkle them between my fingers

shaking them up and admiring

the glint and value of

the night and its stars

and the coppery, nickel-y dusk

that stains my hand with

the bouquet of metal and flowers

goldenrod warmth

from nights and coins

invariably spent

alongside only you

with a perfume of


and pressing summer heat

and my whispers and promises

that tell you

that if nights were like coins

id spend them all on you

lots of wordplay in this one, particularly with pressing (of heat, coins, and flowers) and bouquet (an arrangement of flowers or a characteristic scent)
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Nov 1, 2014


never take people
at face value
some have
two faces and
it could cost more
than it's worth

I'm generally a trusting person
and get in trouble all the time
as a result!
it coins me as phrases. Its careful
Francis Scudellari

When the coin dropped, it drops
with a clang. Clanging's
a kind of language. A kind coin,
it coins me as phrases. Its careful
words are phrased not to spend me.

Jordan Fox
Jordan Fox
Jun 18, 2013

I gave you the ocean and all her waves.
I gave you my heart til the end of my days.
I asked you why are you always so tense?
It all came down to dollars and cents.

Mar 30

I don't like change,
I keep it tucked away in my wallet,
the only space for it,
no good space,

it just sits there,
weighs down on the frayed stitching in
my old jean pocket and makes things
too heavy on one side,

never worth much,
always just the leftovers,
the things I couldn't trade in for something else so
I got them back,
different now,
a stale metallic smell,
not worth as much.

#life   #change   #money  
Mohd Arshad
Mohd Arshad
Feb 27, 2014

In our each pocket they clank.
Some are new, some old, no blank.

They bring joys and sweet things
To the displeased and cheerful childs.

No ego they entertain though live with gold.
At once dive into any bowl of bronze or mud.

Alas! A little care is for their being.
On the street they sleep and spring.

In your cavern of molding 'hope' coins
Cloey Olson
Cloey Olson
Dec 29, 2014

You're vicious in your spatted  poison
Hoisting your bitter contracts
Into the face of broken attacks
Love is a foul word for you
In the gravesight of disappointments
And my words don't make a dent
In your cavern of molding 'hope' coins
I deposited everything I had
But they sit there melting away
I thought perhaps I could help
But only you
Can make love stay

on coinscoins and brightly lit rooms
May 13, 2011

stick a nickel in your mouth because you like money
melt it down and let it coat your tongue like honey
and you still can't taste food two days later
because you've got a solid metal tongue that can't taste flavor
coin tongue click your teeth for Charon to deliver
and cut your tongue out to pay him to cross the river
when you burned your last nickel in the furnace
it dissolved like the sun as it churned and spit
solar flares lick your eyes because they love you
fire only wants to kiss you like doves do
doves do burn too, feathers like ashes like carbon monoxide
they were plastic so you passed out when they fried
a little molten rubber with a little bubble
and a prize inside, pop it because it's trouble
and supple, with evaporated eyes
no doves just trinkets and magpies
a little bit of gold is the same as mass hypnosis
dove or chicken nuggets or gold nuggets for strong doses
of oxytocin and candy corn, serve them together on halloween to children
because they need thick skin and ritalin
in them to keep them quiet, and so everyone's got a little disquiet
in their stomachs, because we're all high
on coins coins and brightly lit rooms
and when we have to turn the lights off at least turn on the nickel moon

Statesmen whose faces are on coins
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Statesmen whose faces are on coins
are amenable to change.

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