Chasity Moreno
Chasity Moreno
Aug 11, 2013

what does it mean
to do what you're told

follow the rules
and fill the mold

is there freedom
is there a choice

Barton D Smock
Barton D Smock
Aug 14, 2012      Aug 15, 2012

my son says
he is as sick
as a whale
and I take him
at his word
but ask
has he swallowed
he should not have
and my son says
he was told
to swallow a pill
by a small woman
who pointed
to a smaller man    
     who got to the pill

Come here girl, you know there’s no point
in skulking.  This is what you deserve.  You know
I’m not responsible.  It’s not my fault
you can’t cook right.  Don’t hate me
for my sense of duty.  
                    You’re so frail;
even that chicken-wire crosshatched skeleton
can’t hold you up.  Get my newspaper.
                    There’s  simply no point in weeping.

Part I

I see the sky,
The goodness hides;
The low tree tempts my wandering eyes.

Elizabeth Thorn
Elizabeth Thorn
Mar 17, 2013

Those who are the most compliant
Are most often
The ones with the strongest defiance
Lying beneath the surface

You speak of duty
Of a mission as sacred as any soldier
We must obey
Resistance is for naught

But we have reason
Though we may not have rhyme
The ability to lead
And the ability to die

It is not cruel
If it is at the hand of authority
Not if the person is
As worthy as their voiceless deeds

No strength of nature can suffice
To serve the Lord aright:
And what she has she misapplies,
For want of clearer light.

How long beneath the law I lay
In bondage and distress;
I toll'd the precept to obey,
But toil'd without success.

Then, to abstain from outward sin
Was more than I could do;
Now, if I feel its power within,
I feel I hate it too.

Then all my servile works were done
A righteousness to raise;
Now, freely chosen in the Son,
I freely choose His ways.

"What shall I do," was then the word,
"That I may worthier grow?"
"What shall I render to the Lord?"
Is my inquiry now.

To see the law by Christ fulfilled
And hear His pardoning voice,
Changes a slave into a child,
And duty into choice.

Brie Sarita
Brie Sarita
1 day ago

maybe one day i’ll catch you
your famous smile
and a bottle
between us
the moment
we lost years ago

maybe the sun won’t
go all the way
and we can sit
suspended between

Jun 27, 2013

Aegri Somnia Vana (Latin): a sick man's dreams; hallucinations

In the country of the blind,
the one eyed men are kings
So condemn what you don't understand


It's more alluring to feed the machine


Is your life the masterpiece you dreamed of painting?

From out of the depths,
Comes Father Time to devour your /follie de grandeur
Your blissful ignorance
Your wishful thinking


It's all I can do to preserve a calm mind
Or try

But I'd rather play follow the leader

I'm plagued by my cognitive processes
It haunts me
And my inability to bring luminescence
to the infinite shadows swirling around me

Don't you know by now your essence of life
manifests in the vibrancy of your frequency?
Philosophy or logic
It's a Love > Fear dichotomy

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur:
"The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived"
Faith, prayer and obedience.
Sy Lilang
Sy Lilang
Aug 19      Aug 19

Wet season becomes dry
But dryness is not permanent;
It's a test.

And when one embrace the vision,
There will be a provision
Unto him, due to his higher calling.

There is a revival
An awakening of the soul
There, justice shall submerge
And it shall be a payback time.

For to where a revelation lies,
There will be power and inspiration
And the keys to the multitudes:
Faith, prayer and obedience.

#god   #faith   #season   #jesus   #messiah   #revelation   #obedience   #dryness  

The tail that wags the dog to bliss
Must put his mouth before his heart.
The simple rule of paw is this:
Show your master he’s smart.

The dog intent on happiness
Knows it pays to learn the tricks
Of when to sit and when to piss
And how to accept his master’s kiss.

I know the human breath is foul,
But you must let him pet your head.
The dog that turns away its jowls
Will keep his pride but won’t be fed.

When he throws you food upon the floor,
Swallow it with a smile.
Smack your lips and beg for more:
Show the bum your style.

When you fetch your master’s stick
Drop it gently to his feet.
If you whine, pretend you’re sick;
He’ll then fetch you more to eat.

I know it’s tough to be a hound
And forsake all that you hold dear.
But remember, when he’s not around
You can always piss right on his chair.

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