"When I tell you to go fuck yourself all I wanna' hear from you is,
'How high?'

Chasity Moreno
Chasity Moreno
Aug 11, 2013

what does it mean
to do what you're told

follow the rules
and fill the mold

is there freedom
is there a choice

Obedience is nature by birth
Mohd Arshad

No star asks the heaven about its shimmering on an aphostic curtain
No raindrop ever puts its case before the clouds

No flower swiftly shuts its door too see the bees
No branch goes up when fruits are pregnant

Obedience is nature by birth
My father's soul bid us goodbye cheerfully

The Almighty wants this from all human biengs
Parents from their sons and daughters

Teachers from their different pupils
And we from each other in society

This laces us in sync and a new relation is built
That accommodates humbleness and honour

Children must develop this habit and this be inveterate
Like their luscious breakfast at each reddish rise

And plant this in their schools and homes
Where juniors will smell this and crave to do more

Notes (optional)
Barton D Smock
Barton D Smock
Aug 14, 2012      Aug 15, 2012

my son says
he is as sick
as a whale
and I take him
at his word
but ask
has he swallowed
he should not have
and my son says
he was told
to swallow a pill
by a small woman
who pointed
to a smaller man    
     who got to the pill

feather fingers
feather fingers
May 8, 2014

Come here girl, you know there’s no point
in skulking.  This is what you deserve.  You know
I’m not responsible.  It’s not my fault
you can’t cook right.  Don’t hate me
for my sense of duty.  
                    You’re so frail;
even that chicken-wire crosshatched skeleton
can’t hold you up.  Get my newspaper.
                    There’s  simply no point in weeping.

cted. So what is justice? What is civil obedience when our enforcement can't even comply?
Naomi Sullivan

Civil disobedience is not a moral obligation. Moral obligation is an act of belief and self values. So if you feel the need to break a little law to fight for what you believe in , then yes, go for it, but obeying the laws may also be part of your morals. After all the police brutality that we have heard about on the news, some people decided to stand up and protest. Even I wanted to protest downtown because I found it absolutely ridiculous that people were being killed without extreme cause by police and they only got a slap on the wrist. There are always two sides to a story. So am I obligated to rally because of inequality displayed on the media? No, not really but due to my values I would love to. "But through the other method of combating injustice, we alone suffer the consequences of our mistakes" which was said by Ghandi. It can be applied to the protests, to me it means we can scream our opinions and we can make an impact, but some will be damaged and some will be arrested in the process. Sadly, the thing we were fighting for in the first place will be served and protected. So what is justice? What is civil obedience when our enforcement can't even comply? I guess we aren't obligated to anything.

School paper woohoo
Jul 6, 2014

Part I

I see the sky,
The goodness hides;
The low tree tempts my wandering mind.


when the
storms of life

Strike now while the metal's hot,
Don't be afraid to jump the gun.
There's too much to do
Under just one sun.

An impulse is an insubordinate heart,
It drives your mind insane.
"Fuck you brain, logic sucks",
Heart says with great disdain.

"I think, I think, I think", or
"I feel, I feel, I feel".
Whichever one you choose,
The problem's all too real.

I guess heart vs. head has been on my mind lately. I'm always amazed to see the impulse control of others, for which I have none.
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