A Boy
Sean Smith
Sean Smith
Jun 2, 2015

My tummy tickles with the turning
of happiness
In my nose a new nip
of joy
My breath, the brief break
from air
My smile creeps calmly
up and up
A Boy

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May 8, 2014

they will attack you
and they will beat you
and they will tease you
and they will hate you
but it's okay, because boys will be boys
and that means that they like you
they will make you feel like garbage
they will throw things at you
they will sexually harass you
they will hold you in a headlock and choke you
but it's okay, because they're just boys
and they just want your attention

But only one boy will die for you.
Daniella Steele
Daniella Steele
May 23, 2014

Some boys will kiss you
   Some boys will fuck you
      Some boys will love you

But only one boy will die for you.

#love   #kiss   #poem   #die   #boys  
I am boy.
Prince Oli
Prince Oli
Dec 14, 2015

I am boy.
I am boy who enjoy booty.
I am...booty boy.

We need to get more inspired by the booty. Child of booty. (This is a poem I wrote when I couldn't sleep, please don't take it too seriously.)
#boy   #booty  
Addison René
Addison René
Dec 30, 2014

boys with lanky limbs
and fucked up feelings

boys who whisper dandilion wishes
and then rip out your capilliaries:
one after the other

boys who outline the roadmap
of your body with their fingertips
boys who demolish your soul
with their lips

boys who say i love you
and mean it

Don't Read My Shit
Jun 10, 2015

I'm very different from your typical starryeyed girl

I'm emotional
Very emotional
I often worry that I feel too deeply

And that this quality can devastatingly challenge my happiness

You see when you feel too much
You say too much
You think too much

And you are never given a break.

#love   #sad   #girl   #break   #boy   #emotion   #deep   #different  
John-Chris Ward
John-Chris Ward
Dec 4, 2014

Boys fall hard, too.
Boys fall just like girls do.

Boys and girls aren't so different after all.
#boys   #girls   #gays  
Dec 14, 2015

Some boys will fuck you.
Some boys will love you.

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