Mar 28, 2014

I turned on the world
When the world turned on me

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How to turn the tables?

How to turn the tables?
To respond to all those fables,
If we could make men love us,
Like we love them, less fuss,
But that's the way they are, no less,
Not much sapience for men, I guess........

Feedback welcome.
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Vinicius Lira
Vinicius Lira
Aug 30, 2014

Today I woke up and decided I won't say anything.
I'll just sit here, opened to hear everything you gotta tell me.

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Phoolmatee Dubay
Phoolmatee Dubay
Sep 13, 2014

As I move away from one issue
I deal with another issue
My thoughts are clear
But what I feel with these thoughts
Are also clear to me

Change always happens for me when I least expect it.
#change   #point   #turning  
Jake Griffith
Jake Griffith
May 22, 2015

Sit and wait for me
So that this time
You will  know
How long forever feels.

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Apr 3, 2014

Targets shifted,
Arrows fell.
Strings are broken,
Hopes are dashed.
People lead,
They're admired.
We see,
We try.
We fail,
We cry,
We hide.
Tables are turning,
Worlds are changing.
Everything is tumbling down.
Are lies now easier to tell?

#poetry   #life   #thoughts   #weird   #turning   #tables  
Ryan Schwiers
Ryan Schwiers
Jul 26, 2014

The world will no longer spin.  
I'm dwelling amongst my sins.
Too many mistakes this time.
So you will never be mine.
You all left me here alone.
Falling deeper, no control.
Now what's become of my mind.
Only one left of its kind.
Unfortunately stranded.
But I will still try to stand.

The only reason my bloods still warm is because you keep my heart burning.
You're the only reason my world will keep turning.

#love   #world   #turn   #spin  
Wanting a dream life, isn't it my turn?
Alayna Stevens-King

To be happy.

She stared at me, the message of control
Wanting a dream life, isn't it my turn?
She shook in question, why I would her
Needing to be let go, escape it should be my turn?
She stabbed in delight of torture, she was winning
Craving love outside and to deserve, cannot it be my turn?
She sank within my veins, to close the gate to light
Urging to make purpose without noise, when will it be my turn?

To be happy.

#love   #sadness   #hope   #lust   #happy   #wish   #confusion   #bipolar   #turn  
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