Meg Howell
Meg Howell
Jan 18      Jan 19

What a quite adorable name for an eye color
so bright
so beautiful
That's how I felt about you
And perhaps, I still do
I just wish you knew
Because, hazel eyes, all I can see is me and you

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hazel eyes
Dec 10, 2014      Dec 11, 2014

Him, and those
hazel eyes
is all I see in my puddle of cries.

green eyes
the color of earth
like his zodiac sign.

I said I was done
but went back
one last time.

hazel eyes
broke my vows.

left me with
many questions,
many whys and hows?

hazel eyes can never be trusted again,
hazel eyes killed apart of me,
a deadly sin.

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Your poor itchy face
I wish to free you from your aches
You lovely girl of lakes
Free at last to set your pace
In the Astral realm.
I cared not for you as I should
Please forgive me as I know you would
My favourite doggy
Woof woof.

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in hopes that the word would see her hazel eyes
Vanessa Paredes
Vanessa Paredes
Sep 11, 2014

Not even the slightest measurement of pulchritude
could be levelled into this sunken eyed doll of perseverance
three or two or two or three
numbers, faces, letters blurred through perspicacity
instigated through the means of meaning
t'was ever so often appraisal garnered the repetition of blackened thoughts
unable to be fathomed in the sense of origination
illusive in her outward demeanour for what it appeared
though merely an instinct of an acquired defence mechanism
the everyday man knew her by the soft brown eyes she'd used to gaze
disregarding the magnitude of seperation for they had only viewed glimpses
a momentary glance of her disposition and physical configuration,
undeniably the fault generated aside none other
than her craving to inhabit alienation
and so she allowed for the decomposition of her once facade
in hopes that the word would see her hazel eyes

About a girl with hazel eyes,  also used as a metaphor to illustrate her personality and constant misunderstood views (her brown eyes). Generated through the lack of observation and preconceived thoughts.
The hazel in her eyes/matched the laces in her dr
Quinton Horras Yard

The hazel in her eyes/matched the laces in her dress/I must confess/ that as I undid all the knots/ A thousand thoughts/ rushed through my head/ but i forgot/ how to speak/ so I let my hands speak to your hips/ and my neck adore your lips/ the only kiss/ I could miss/ on a day/ when you'd be away/ I'd beg to stay/ in your arms/ no harm/ would come to pay/ any attention/ to the way/ I hold my most prized possession/ rose red lips/ slender finger tips/ caress me/ the candles lit/ fire in the balcony/ smoke into the sky/ clouding light/ bringing night/ by your side/ I stay inside/ try to hide/ from snow and ice/ getting lost/ lost inside/ again, your hazel eyes.

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behind those hazel eyes
Always Ally
Always Ally
Jul 18, 2014      Jul 19, 2014

I fell in love with your eyes
The same ones that sparkle
Through all your years
I love how they crinkle
When you gently flutter your eyelashes
I'm completely hypnotized
I see all your feelings flash
behind those hazel eyes

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Hazel eyes graduate from green tea leaves to
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Hazel eyes graduate from green tea leaves to dying fields.

Eye color

Hazel Eyes - A Complete Eye Color Guide - Eye Doctor
I was your *Hazel Grace*
I was your Hazel Grace
I was your Hazel Grace
6 days ago      5 days ago

I was your Hazel Grace
Because I thought I was a grenade

I was in my final year in high school when I started liking you
And soon I would leave the same school we were into

I, and the people around us
We became dependent of your actions
And you made us believe that you liked me, too

So much depends upon this boy I really liked
behind his eye glasses were his eyes that had
always been sending me love letters
that I always wanted to reciprocate
his stunning smile made him look grand every time

So much depends upon this rebel heart
that I was ironically obedient to
Because not granting what this heart wanted
would kill me a hundred times

Until the day came that I needed to leave you
I thought leaving would hurt harder than a heart break
But you were the one who left
And that was when I started believing
that I was not the grenade I once thought I would be
but it was you

You left me wounded

For him-that-I-really-liked-but-broke-my-heart-and-should-not-be-named-after-all,
March 20 & 21, 2015
#heart   #teenager   #leave   #break   #hurt   #grace   #left   #rebel   #hazel   #grenade  
Jan 6

Your cuteness
Is such a tragedy
I merely crashed
Right into you

Jul 5, 2013

this heart is
entirely too
fickle for this

(c) Brooke Otto
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