The hazel in her eyes/matched the laces in her dr
Quinton Horras Yard

The hazel in her eyes/matched the laces in her dress/I must confess/ that as I undid all the knots/ A thousand thoughts/ rushed through my head/ but i forgot/ how to speak/ so I let my hands speak to your hips/ and my neck adore your lips/ the only kiss/ I could miss/ on a day/ when you'd be away/ I'd beg to stay/ in your arms/ no harm/ would come to pay/ any attention/ to the way/ I hold my most prized possession/ rose red lips/ slender finger tips/ caress me/ the candles lit/ fire in the balcony/ smoke into the sky/ clouding light/ bringing night/ by your side/ I stay inside/ try to hide/ from snow and ice/ getting lost/ lost inside/ again, your hazel eyes.

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behind those hazel eyes
Always Ally
Always Ally
Jul 18      Jul 19

I fell in love with your eyes
The same ones that sparkle
Through all your years
I love how they crinkle
When you gently flutter your eyelashes
I'm completely hypnotized
I see all your feelings flash
behind those hazel eyes

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Jul 5, 2013

this heart is
entirely too
fickle for this

(c) Brooke Otto
you describe your eyes as hazel
Mar 17

you describe your eyes as hazel
but they are so much more
your eyes are not merely a colour;
a shade ; a hue

your eyes are the reflection
of a sunset upon the ocean
your eyes are my favourite flower
blossoming a season too soon

your eyes are the final firework
of a beautiful display
your eyes are the reoccurring dream
that i will just never forget

your eyes are the door to your soul
and the window to my hope
your eyes are so much more
than hazel

your eyes
are my everything


Thy hazel brown eyes
4 hours ago

Your British accent
Sometimes I can’t comprehend
And your quirky attitude
Makes me a little nervous too

It didn’t take much time
I found out you’re just fine
I see you’re trying to build a bridge
Between me and other trainees

One thing I noticed though
Thy hazel brown eyes
This I know
Rarely I see, eyes like thine

It’d be a pleasure to stare
Through the windows of thy soul’s care
But it’s too awkward to look
So it’s only a five-second moment that I took

Apr 25

I kind of miss way back
when you and I were
just us and everyday,
everyday was only ours.

You stood out like
every mishap does
and I could never regret you.
(Just open your eyes.)

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And their eyes are Hazel
Cameron Paige Brown

You know 
When you see someone
And their eyes are Hazel
Or their hair is strawberry blonde
And you don't know what name 
To give it or what color to say it is?
Well that's how I feel about you

Margrett Gold
Margrett Gold
Apr 18, 2012

Sometimes it’s summer in your eyes.
Trees swaying in the green of the breeze
There, the sun shines.

And flowers bloom in Spring,
Cool yellow green, where moist
Mossy earth is alive.

And deep evergreen inhibits darkness,
The warmth of daylight fading fast
Freezing pools of frosted blue.

Gold and brown shadowed by sunset,
an amber autumn shines
In the evening of your eyes.

Sep 21, 2013

she inches moments closer---
mentions, "I don't usually
tell people this." we sit in
our dysfunctional silence,
her leg brushes mine. life
is fine. life is fine.

May 25

her brown eyes
the kind of eyes
you'd spend a day staring at

she didn't like herself
oh, how much did it annoy me
how dare she
the most gorgeous thing
i've ever seen?

she had the guts
to hate
this small little being
that held me together
in my darkest hours

out of everyone
she had to hate
my only one.

i kind of like-like a girl; more than i ever did like-like someone.
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