I rebuttal

We were driving along
a dark windy road
when all of the
she said to me
“I don’t like this road
I can never see
what’s behind me”

“Why would you want to?”
I rebuttal
“You will see the headlights
behind you
and the taillights
in front of you
and if you see nothing
you are

Her face crumpled as
she turned her head
She remained silent
for a while
until her hand slowly guided
towards mine
“As if I would find
comfort in being

She's got a nice butt
but she's anything but nice

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"Round 'em up and waste 'em"
Mud weary jungle old
Crawling and wretched
We did.
Unthinking obedience
Their goal realized.
"Don't leave any!"
Squeeze and squeeze
Guts and triggers
Fingers numb too
This no more sense than the rest
And no less.
One for my buddy
Cold beneath the rubble.
You for my country
Him for apple pie
Her for my mother
A four year face explodes
Uncomprehending as I
And one for my God -
My God why have you forsaken us.

My take on the Mi Lai massacre by the US Army during the Viet Nam war.  The brass was pilloried for the atrocity.
MiLai was also known as Pinkville among the troops
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Karl Stewart
Dec 16, 2010

I am not bitchy all the time
sometimes I'm bright and gay
I am not always feeling down
at least not every day

Sometimes I wear a great big smile
sometimes I have a frown
sometimes I'm feeling really good
sometimes I'm really down

So if you see my smiling face
approach me if you dare
but piss me off and you will watch
as I yank off half your hair

I'll hit you like a big buzz saw
I'll chew and spit you out
so don't approach on my bad days
days when I sit and pout

I'll have to work on a happy version of this.
JM McCann
Jun 23, 2015

You see videos mean jack shit.
Videos don’t play the atmosphere in the air
tinged gently with shit from the nearby toilette
videos don’t play how it started.
They don’t hear the pounding of the dragon flies wings in the air
and the Walt Whitman you read before you arrived or
the amazing or shitty day the camera man had.
The tension of the air between two warriors as they fought
in good fun or for good riddance.
Videos do just as great a job as the person who watches
a minute of a debate and confidentially declares the winner.
Granted there is no such thing as what actually happened
everything I write beyond this is opinion declared to be fact.

Just an excerise
Nov 10, 2015

i wonder how your disco ball girl would feel about a night like this

all my friends say we aren't in the same scene and i am embarrassed to be seen with you but i love the way you button your shirt and the way you are when your stomach hurts

my feelings are raw meat and hard to chew and i drink a bottle of wine in case i'm left alone with you

ten typos later and i have tears in my tights and stains on my lips
melancholia is a mediocre movie and the truest feeling i can muster

i let a boy in through the back door and forget he was ever there aside from the fact that there is long hair clogging my shower drain and the shower in your parent's house is the smallest space i've ever been in

my friends feel violated by the whistle of a teakettle and i spent the evenings of a man speaking gibberish on top of a washing machine

he was wearing a three piece suit with a piece of wheat in the breast pocket and either he was walt whitman or the end of the summer

what have i got to lose

Christos Rigakos
Christos Rigakos
Jul 9, 2012

she barged so uninvited in my space,
so futile were my palms and outstretched arms,
forbidding her from entering my place,
mistrusting her that she may bring me harm,

rebuttals--counterpunches to my claims
that she was just another soulless ghost--
had penetrated fences, and her aims
to win my heart succeeded more than most,

but here we are almost a year from then,
i've pushed her off, she shares her heart with one
not me, but one who seems above all men,
and i have lost where once i thought i'd won,

now i'm the one who's barging in her space,
my own rebuttals falling in disgrace

(C)2012, Christos Rigakos

English (Shakespearean) Sonnet
l, leaves a sleepless night filled with rebuttal
Jossie Villasenor
Jossie Villasenor
Feb 21, 2013

Lies, lies and lies again
From “No I swear, that wasn’t me” to you saying “She’s just a friend”
Your stupid story telling now begins
In my own eyes, your unfaithfulness I can no longer defend

From “No I swear, that wasn’t me” to you saying “She’s just a friend”
I find myself contemplating your game
In my own eyes, your unfaithfulness I can no longer defend
To love you again, I’d fall greatly to shame

I find myself contemplating your game
From mine to yours, words become babble
To love you again, I’d fall greatly to shame
In denial, leaves a sleepless night filled with rebuttal

From mine to yours, words become babble
An endless love, I refuse to begin
In denial, leaves a sleepless night filled with rebuttal
Lies, lies and lies again.

my rebuttal, I want to explain
Danielle C
Danielle C
Jan 15, 2012

discussing and listening
"maybe next time, honey"

my rebuttal, I want to explain
that weeks turn to months
"no luck, no child of mine"

but instead, I reply
"it's okay, I'm not married anyway"

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