Fuji Bear
Fuji Bear
Apr 20      Apr 21

Why can't we see
what was always there?
Did we not look hard enough,
or just not try hard enough?
When the lights are off,
Hands become your eyes
Only then,
Can we truly see
The hidden depth
of true beauty.

#dark   #you   #sight  
Poor darling, once she's out of sight

In reality, she doesn't matter to them
She's just another pretty face in the crowd
Nothing that makes them want to stick around
Poor darling, once she's out of sight
She's out of mind

Hiding in plain sight
Pamela Rae

Hiding in plain sight
is what I often do
I know people can see me
and I see them too--
but does anyone truly see
all the way through
to my heart and soul?
Will anyone ever care enough
to really, really know
the inner workings, the raw
unreplicated me?
I'm hiding in plain sight
and want so much for you to see
that deep within is a heart of gold
surrounded by light and love so real and true
and I would gladly give it all with joy
to you and you and you...
for in sharing this love and wonder I feel
it helps me know without doubt
that this world I'm in is truly real.
Hiding in plain sight
is what I often do...

...I hope you can see through to all of me
and realize my love from within is pure and true...
#love   #gold   #heart   #real   #hiding   #joy   #light   #sight   #plain  
I refuse to give in to sight!*
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley
Jan 21, 2011

Save me from the morning light
I am unwilling to give up the night
For the loss of my dreams
To face reality as it seems
I refuse to give in to sight!

Words expressed through sight.

It starts with a glace...
Was it's occurrence by chance?
Words expressed through sight.
Emotions yet to be seen in light.

What runs through thoughts of both?
one could only hope to quoth.
What eyes can show on the spot.
Sometimes words describe, not.

Longing  for company is seen.
Fluid conversation, that's the dream.
Will affections be shyly lent.
Or would conversations flow, as meant?

To know some one is there.
To know you are not laid bare.
What intent is there to love?
To have someone to think of.

Nov 11, 2013
A quiet and very interesting person, she does not talk much but she has so much going on in her head.
Skye Applebome
Skye Applebome
Apr 5, 2013

It's difficult to see through tears.
I would know.

Miss Hannah
Oct 4, 2011

When I close my eyes
I can't see the words
or the pictures
or the birds

I miss the people passing by
and the cars
and the planes
and I don't see the clouds floating through the sky

I don't see the sun
and I don't see the stars
I don't wonder if there might be life on mars
I don't see the moon
and I don't see the wolf
as it sings it's lonely song

I don't see rows of corn
flashing past my window
or the children
or the trees
or the stuff in the shop window

But when I close my eyes
and try not to think
I see splashes of color
and flashes of memories
Long since past
And that's when I realize
My eyes aren't the only way to see.

in sight of ships,
Daphny Ryan
Daphny Ryan
Mar 24, 2013

I've enjoyed my time well spent,
gliding fore ward,
gaining perspective and understanding

beneath willow trees,
in sight of ships,
here before me in this world of opportunity.

Unseemly are the open eyes
  That watch the midnight sheep,
That look upon the secret skies
  Nor close, abashed, in sleep;

That see the dawn drag in, unbidden,
  To birth another day--
Oh, better far their gaze were hidden
  Below the decent clay.

Alas, the sight becomes clearer,
Timothy N. Stacey
May 24, 2010

As the moon shines I see nothing,
No lights, no people, only darkness.
I wonder if I have become blind,
With eyes wide I stare.
I wish for light, but receive only shadows,
They tower over me and I fear,
Why has this happened? Is this a dream?
Nothing has ever terrified me more.

Through quaint eyes appears a figure,
Have I awoken? Or is this still a dream?
I become frigid, stiffened with distress.

Alas, the sight becomes clearer,
Wider still my eyes unseal,
It is magnificent, beautiful, and breath-taking.
The sight is you.

Timothy N. Stacey (Oct 09)
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