its insane but a little something to contain, I just want to be remembered so you can remember my name

Sight is light
Katy Rosentch

Sight is light
Sight is color
Sight is amazing
Sight is an illusion


Sight is a trap
Sight blinds you
Sight lies to you
Sight shields you from reality
Sight only lets you to see what it allows

Sight is an illusion
Sight is amazing
Sight is color
Sight is light

Close your eyes
It's dark, right?
Now you can see

Sight isn't all that it seems. Like your ears, you can't trust everything you see. Looks, they can be decieving.
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Sep 29, 2014

We travelled until the end of time
Where all physical laws ceased to exist
There aren't even enough words in english to describe
What a majestic and unnamable experience
Like an infant who can't express his mind
The only place is to go deep inside

Species are a result of genetic variation
This is how the One becomes many
Since the Creator knows everything therin
An illusion is created which is quite necessary
By tricking itself into knowing it doesn't
We can enjoy the experience
Of overcoming debucles

Organisms. Organs. Tissue. Cells. Atoms. Sub-atomic particles. Energy
Energy never dies. It is just a disguise
It separates itself into two
And like soulmates, will once again be united
Electrons and protons make love
And your beautiful world is the result
So never ever fear death my child
For life never dies. It is just a disguise

Sep 28, 2014      Sep 28, 2014

As humans, we are quite thoughtful
Given such a beautiful and powerful mind
Yet we aren't trained to utilise its magnificence
So at certain times we tend to overthink the awful
And dwell on all that we know
If only we had continued to explore as children
O' I wonder what is there to find
In our society though, conforming is virtue
So what fate will befall me if I stray far from the collective mind?

We speak of the Unknown as if we know it
It's majesty forever lost in a fugazi
Our own little lie in our own little world
Try as we might she remains unknown
A wonder untold, a joint unrolled
And as her mysteries unfold
She reveales herself again as we had always known

The essence of something is Nothing
The essence of thought is Being
For it could not exist without it
Without silence, sound would not be
Without space, matter would not be
It is the home of awareness
It is everlasting abundance
It is the beginning and the end

You could be the one to fix my sight.
Brandon Reid Swaim
Brandon Reid Swaim
Sep 9, 2014      Sep 10, 2014

You could pull on my hear strings
And play the melodies you like
You could have all of me
And could become my life
I've been walking blindly
And you could be my light.

I could give up my habits, my addictions
And let you be my new affliction
I've been dividing  myself
And you could be the greatest addition
I've been walking blindy
And you could be my vison.

You could calm my strife
You could be the one to fix my sight.

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Fuji Bear
Fuji Bear
Apr 20, 2014      Apr 21, 2014

Why can't we see
what was always there?
Did we not look hard enough,
or just not try hard enough?
When the lights are off,
Hands become your eyes
Only then,
Can we truly see
The hidden depth
of true beauty.

#dark   #you   #sight  
Aug 24, 2014

I want my eyes to penetrate passed your make up.
Passed who you think you are and who you want me to see.
Who is it who wears this false claim?

Go ahead and look at the average life span of a human.
Now look at your age-
Now who are you?

Does your mask still conceal?
Or have you felt something deeper, stronger?
I'm tired of the words like human, love, hate.

Let's sit silent and look into
each others eyes
And see each other for the first time.

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