I like chicken it is very good.
i like chicken
May 29, 2014

I like chicken it is very good.
You should try it too.

I LIKE CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is my best friend too(except for chicken)
i like chicken
Jun 2, 2014

Music is my life
It is my best friend too(except for chicken)
Music fills your soul
It lets us all connect

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Mar 3

Warm moist
Thigh dark meat lingers
Like a cowboy's drawl
In your cochlea

Chicken hearts,
Sarleen Kaur
Sarleen Kaur
Sep 14      Sep 15

Chicken hearts,
Tremulous spit fights.
Chicken Hearts,
Sleepless nights.

Chicken hearts,
Scarred souls.
Chicken hearts,
Teary eyed.

Chicken hearts,
Please don't throw too much spite,
Because I have a chicken heart.
And it doesn't easily get respite.

Chicken hearts
Want everyone back,
Chicken hearts,
Do cunningness lack.

Chicken hearts,
Cannot practice apathy,
Chicken hearts
Have always breathed empathy.

Chicken hearts are brave spirits.
Just a little too soft,
A little too vulnerable,
A little too dented.
They chicken out when the wrong calls upon them.

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A chicken lived outside a palace
Hac Himel
Hac Himel
May 18

A chicken lived outside a palace
He was looking for food
The chicken got inside the palace
He got served as a food

Poetry Translation Of Sukanta Bhattacharya (1926-1947)
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Daintily- swirling in pockets of clarity
Fragments that once roamed alongside me
are left to decompose
Unforseeing crystal balls of bones,
Floating like petals of disdain,
Meet others alike with steel crunch

There once was a chicken
Tark Wain
Sep 26, 2014

There once was a chicken
and there was once a hawk
the hawk would talk
non stop
about his ability of flight
his speed his force
he'd talk so long
the chicken would bash his head against the door

The chicken hated the hawk
hated listening to him talk
the chicken wanted to beat the hawk
so he would no longer have to hear him talk
and then the Rocky music played
as the chicken flapped his wings
up steps sliced out in the sky
till he would reach the top then dive

the chicken became very good at this
though not as good as the hawk
and when the hawk won the race
he would just continue to talk and talk
the chick was sick of it
he fled to his own getaway
feeding on solely chocolate
and liters of gatorade

The chicken consumed
until he couldn't see his toes
he stumbled out his front door
where man found him
unaware of his past
caring just for the fire and not the wood
why the Hawk is fast
and the Chicken tastes good

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