a chicken
Amroth Theldas
Amroth Theldas
May 28, 2015

there is no true end to anything
for every moment
is the beginning
of something new

after the egg,
a chicken
after the chicken,
chicken soup

and after the soup comes something new.
just a small thought

in a big world

but i think we should think it more often
#life   #cycle   #chickens   #soup   #causality  
It is my best friend too(except for chicken)
i like chicken
Jun 2, 2014

Music is my life
It is my best friend too(except for chicken)
Music fills your soul
It lets us all connect

#hate   #i   #music   #water   #chicken  
Mar 3, 2015

Warm moist
Thigh dark meat lingers
Like a cowboy's drawl
In your cochlea

Mar 7, 2015

Daintily- swirling in pockets of clarity
Fragments that once roamed alongside me
are left to decompose
Unforseeing crystal balls of bones,
Floating like petals of disdain,
Meet others alike with steel crunch

The chicken snakes crept inside
Tex Dermott
Tex Dermott
Jun 7, 2015

The hens were sleeping
A crisp cool breeze was blowing
And the full moon shinned
The chicken snakes crept inside
To begin their feast
Then one of them fell in love
His cold evil heart
Was struck by Cupid's arrow
He licked the hen's beak
She awoke and fear overcame
The farmer heard screams
And all the chicken snakes fled
That is all but one
While trying to win her love
The farmer chopped his head off

#love   #death   #humor   #chickens   #snakes  
The chicken watches the crow fly away-
Brynn Louise
Brynn Louise
Aug 16, 2014

The chicken watches the crow fly away-
And it longs and it wishes.
Because the crow can go freely at will,
While the chicken can hardly flap to the fence.

The chicken will stay
For likely all of her days
While the crow comes and goes
Whenever he desires.

He lives a life on whims-
A life of scouring the world for what suits him.
While she's stuck in routine,
Only getting what's handed right to her

#metaphor   #life   #her   #him   #you   #me   #stuck   #routine   #crow   #chicken  
James Jarrett
James Jarrett
Dec 31, 2014

I often thought about you
And your free range chickens
Being happy on the land
Living life free
Both pecking and scraping
Getting life from the dust
But I didn’t know
That it could never be enough
Tho’ scratch might make some happy
I found out too late
That it wouldn’t do for you
But if I could
Believe me true
I’d bring you chickens
Instead of flowers
To brighten up your room

Written for my 28 Yr. old niece on her deathbed, last year at this time. She never had much of a chance in life and her chickens were the only thing that gave her any peace. I am glad I wrote it, at least I got to see her smile.
#love   #sadness   #death   #loss   #new   #family   #years   #chickens  
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