they promise to be infinity.
Carly Bunch
Carly Bunch
Mar 26      Mar 28

the amount of love amazes the seeker,
she loves more than he can,
and he gives more than she can take,
the love is endless in the heart of the ones loved,
yet not seen in the mind of others.
none relatable to the thoughts spinning around
with the battle in their stomach fighting to the death
they promise to be infinity.

#love   #true   #infinity  
Inside of me, Infinity

It’s as if the world has been turned inside out,

As I Am

Inside of me, Infinity

Beyond my flesh and bones lies the mystery

Beneath the brain, inside my heart

Is Love

#love   #soul   #spiritual   #spirit   #infinity  
Jun 9

stop searching for
in a

#love   #heartbreak   #anger   #doubt   #world   #time   #infinity   #finite  
Of the one infinity,
Shruti Chakraborty

For science and art
Are but two interpretations
Of the one infinity,
Called the Universe.

and infinity is really just a mask
Kelly K
Kelly K
7 hours ago

maybe there's no such thing as always
and infinity is really just a mask
we wear forever on our faces
to hide the fear of time we lack

sometimes I'm not as hopeful
that there's really much more to this
when I keep perpetually falling
into a lonelier abyss

"I just don't know what I believe,"
I say with certain certainty.

#fear   #depression   #lonely   #time   #always   #forever   #belief   #infinity  
beyond infinity
Lunar Love

When I look up at the skies
with all their celestial glory
of endless blues
silver clouds
and clustered diamonds

far into the infinite galaxies
where my mind is free to imagine
yet all i could think of
beyond infinity
is you

#love   #stars   #galaxy   #sky   #free   #imagine   #infinity   #celestial   #beyond  
Melissa Rahaman
Melissa Rahaman
Jun 4      Jun 5

All the stars in your eyes
swarm like bees moving
in and out like a kaleidoscope
breathing colors, haunting me —
endless ghosts we don’t speak of
live in the corner of your smile.

I am an observer,
an astronomer and I map out
the constellations of how your
fingertips are always well within
reach of me, as if you’re unsure
of what you’re asking for.

I try to philosophize,
how inadequate all of this
has come to be, how hard
it is to focus when you take
a breath of laughter out of me
and I wonder why I stay.

It’s when you look away
that I can pull you apart.
Find more facets to find love in.
All the silver linings turn to gold.

You catch me, again.
And that’s when I’m sorry.
Sorry for staring.

Jul 17, 2013      Jul 20, 2013

Just because, I'm Insecure you tell me I'm Pretty.
Who Cares.
Just because you tell me I'm Pretty doesn't make me,
Who Cares.
When I'm on my death bed.
From Insecurity.
Who Cares?

My true infinity
Autumn Ann

There's no one else
On this planet
That I'd rather
Waste my eternity with
You're it.
My true infinity

#love   #life   #true   #you   #me   #us   #forever   #infinity  
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