In a sea of infinity
Emanuel Caparelli

Sometimes I forget I'm me
In a sea of infinity

they promise to be infinity.
Carly Bunch
Carly Bunch
Mar 26, 2014      Mar 28, 2014

the amount of love amazes the seeker,
she loves more than he can,
and he gives more than she can take,
the love is endless in the heart of the ones loved,
yet not seen in the mind of others.
none relatable to the thoughts spinning around
with the battle in their stomach fighting to the death
they promise to be infinity.

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Fortune is misfortune
When man is alone
Love is infinite

Inside of me, Infinity
Timm Dowling
Apr 5, 2014

It’s as if the world has been turned inside out,

As I Am

Inside of me, Infinity

Beyond my flesh and bones lies the mystery

Beneath the brain, inside my heart

Is Love

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Have I ever told you about infinity?
Alessandra Vargas
Alessandra Vargas
Sep 2, 2014      Sep 3, 2014

Have I ever told you about infinity?
I had never seen such a thing, not once
not even a glimpse or a reflection,
or a shadow. Not even a ghost.
Until one summer day, while on the bus
I finally saw it,  infinity that is;
I saw it in the colour and the light
of a pair of sun-filled green eyes.
I saw it in the way those dark pupils,
contracted whenever light was upon.
I saw it in the way the irises moved,
seemingly changing colour and shape.
It reminded me of breathing, inhaling and
exhaling, and the light was the oxygen, and
the irises the diaphragm, moving in order
to let in as much vital energy as possible.
As I moved closer to those round infinities
I felt, the vital energy they absorbed was mine,
it was in the way a galaxy was being born
from the clash of invisible light and green.
An endless number of swirls and turns,
an unimaginable number of movements,
the unexplainable intensification of colour,
it was the perfect symmetry of breathing
But it still was something incomprehensible,
something that still seemed like a theory.
Infinity was so close but it was still too meek,
that was until, without warning, infinity saw me.

trying to capture the infinity that is emotion.
Moriah J Chace
Moriah J Chace
Oct 29, 2014

I love you doesn't encompass the warmth that spreads through my soul
I love you doesn't realize the need for your friendship
I love you is so generic, so simple, that it really has little at all

I want to say that with you,
the world is at my fingertips,
with you I feel alive,
with you my heart races a nascar driver's and wins.

I love you doesn't amount to much, it's three simple words,

But then again, no words ever do.

Because words are lost in seas of actions, and
picture's speak a 1000 times faster in their 5x7 frames

But it's the look of your eyes,
the caress of your touch, that says I love you,
So much more infinitely than I could ever dream

And I'm left sitting here,
scrawling down syllables,
trying to capture the infinity that is emotion.

Of the one infinity,
Shruti Chakraborty

For science and art
Are but two interpretations
Of the one infinity,
Called the Universe.

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