Blue Sweater
Blue Sweater
Jan 17      Jan 17

Infinities and unfathomables
Unseeables and unthinkables
They want the unachievable
But all I ask in this transcient state
Is a tiny forever
Just within the confines of possibility
Just outside the realm of reality
Right in the center of your soul.

*Love is to infinity,

Love is to infinity,
It never ends,
It transcends time.

Love is to infinity,
It once went on and on,
It was forever.

We might have ended but my love for you continues in my poems.
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deep into the black infinity
Nov 22, 2014      Nov 22, 2014

As I outstretched
and reached
my hand
deep into the black infinity
of flowing wonders

I pinched my fingers
on something lovely
and pulled out of the black abyss,

A lovely star
dripping with
black infinity.

#stars   #abyss   #infinity  
In a sea of infinity
Jan 9

Sometimes I forget I'm me
In a sea of infinity

<= Infinity will happen if not sooner than later =&

A circular poem. Start anywhere and repeat as necessary.

<= Infinity will happen if not sooner than later =>

Inside of me, Infinity
Timm Dowling
Apr 5, 2014

It’s as if the world has been turned inside out,

As I Am

Inside of me, Infinity

Beyond my flesh and bones lies the mystery

Beneath the brain, inside my heart

Is Love

#love   #soul   #spiritual   #spirit   #infinity  
Infinity is finite to an extent of infinity,
Sep 12

Infinity is finite to an extent of infinity,
For rises it infinite and falls it infinite;
But Time is the only other immortal born,
That outpaces the pace of infinity, forlorn;

But if Time was born and so was Infinity;
Perhaps, they are finite in their own vicinity.

#metaphor   #death   #time   #dark   #nature   #logic   #spiritual   #infinity  
Of the one infinity,
Shruti Chakraborty

For science and art
Are but two interpretations
Of the one infinity,
Called the Universe.

My true infinity
Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Apr 15, 2014

There's no one else
On this planet
That I'd rather
Waste my eternity with
You're it.
My true infinity

#love   #life   #true   #you   #me   #us   #forever   #infinity  
Can we change infinity?

A number larger than our ability to understand
Something so real yet not tangible
Our world doesn't seem infinite;
then you see, It really is
It is everything and nothing at the same time
Nothing real
simply theory
Yet not theory,
Go into space and think...
Its infinite
Can we change infinity?
Or can we not?
Is it better if we altered it?
Or is the idea and mind-blustering infinity better off alone?

I got bored, I know this is bad
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