the rain was just a drizzle
Amy H A
Amy H A
Mar 19, 2015

the rain was just a drizzle
like my feelings any more
as we stood in awkward chat
and you can't find me any more.
not in here, at least,
in a quasi-happy fete,
with celebrations halted
because they make you fret.
I can't see my heart to give it
for it's always given back
and we'll stand in smoke and raindrops
with me turning myself black.
the black;
it can't reflect the light
so you'll perhaps not see
that my eyes have turned away
and my heart it didn't stay
and the part you have
is just the surface-me.
I won't let go, or let you in,
not again.
you'll only get the drizzle
not the swim.

My how it flows when it's a current, current.
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mes in little drops just like a rain to drizzle
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan

When I look at my love I am bound to praise
With this chase I will become like a real blaze
What a beautiful piece of art she is I see I gaze
Then I raise this chase but in very many ways

Love is eternal but beauty makes it immortal
It gives air and increases oil in burning candle
It comes in little drops just like a rain to drizzle
It makes life innocently delightful and graceful

My beloved most beautiful act is just to extend
Sheer love, in pure form to enhance and pretend
You and me have specific love trend and blend
We will go together on love path as determined  

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#rain   #to   #drizzle  
Sanket Shrestha
Sanket Shrestha
Oct 23, 2014

Her kind of rain was the kind that drizzled

Her drizzles were like soft rain,
On grey days, they made perfect sense to align with interspersed clouds hanging heavy on blue-less skies
But on days when a storm beckoned it's calling
I lost her,
She drowned
Where it never drizzled
Always rained.

A wet June drizzle
Velvet Taiga
Jun 4, 2014

Bullets of water
On a quiet afternoon
A wet June drizzle

#haiku   #rain   #drizzle  
What started as a slight drizzle
Feb 9, 2016

I saw your eyes rain today,
What started as a slight drizzle
Turned into a heavy pour.

Just a short one :)
#eyes   #rain   #drizzle   #pour  
like drizzle upon Asphalt.
Mar 29, 2015

Faded Glory
Sweatshirt clenches my
teary salt seas.
Mascara on cotton
like drizzle upon Asphalt.

#love   #cry   #sweat   #tear   #rain   #gray   #shirt   #drizzle   #asphalt  
music of a drizzle,
Snehith Kumbla
Snehith Kumbla
May 26, 2016

music of a drizzle,
wet smell of earth

a sun scattered face,
some winter morning

moonlight walks
with me, at dusk

sleep glows in
a deep cave

I dwell on you...

The poem was first published in the Sep-Oct 2011 issue of Reading Hour Magazine. This is an edited, altered version of the poem.
But still bae, it's a drizzle,
Apr 24, 2014

Without you it's so dismal,
I tell you, it's not blissful!
But still bae, it's a drizzle,
With you here in the middle,
Oh my, It's still a fist full!

My Norman Nomore
If I didn't have you on skype, I would have 8 hours of my day free.
Why are you 'grieving'?
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