Ace Malarky
Ace Malarky
Nov 6, 2013

The earth drinks;
the sky weeps;
      a misty shroud is spread
      o'er immortal Sol who sleeps.

I'd love to write more later, and this certainly doesn't feel complete, but I couldn't help but share!

Samuel Dickinson
Samuel Dickinson
Sep 4, 2011

It is a slow, sad rain
that falls today

And I do not define
myself by the weather

Drizzle on a Monday morning;
Claire Rubbelke
Claire Rubbelke
Nov 6, 2013      Nov 6, 2013

Coffee shop blues flutter on a low breeze;
Smokey jazz unbalanced on the stage;
Raw emotion flickers in the melting candles;
Drizzle on a Monday morning;
Bicycling by, a man late for work;
A whining saxaphone on a street corner;
A wailing trumpet from the balcony above;
A bass booming from somewhere below;
A distant drummer beats out a rhyme;
Coffee shop blues flutter away with the breeze.

I was drizzle,
Aug 15, 2013

If people were rain,
I was drizzle,
and she was a hurricane."

Maybe I am one, a hurricane.
Inside I crave the peace and serenity
Granted to mid-morning drizzles
Falling gently on side walks,
But I cannot calm my dark,
Repetitive, abrasive thoughts enough
To bring in and accept my
Yearning for some quiet.

I can never stay anywhere,
With anyone,
For too long.

"I need to go. I need to get out of here."

But, with you,
I forget time.
I feel open and vulnerable.
I just want to stop it all,
And just be happy.

Is that alright?

soon melds with the soft drizzle.
Steve Bailey
Steve Bailey
Feb 12, 2011

It is not yet dawn,
but still, I awaken
to the soft patter
of nighttime summer rain.

Gently it falls,
the warm breeze
ruffles the trees.

Branches caress my window,
reminiscent of some nightmare
now long gone.

Startling at first,
the rustle of branched fingers
soon melds with the soft drizzle.

Soothing and tender,
Nature’s melodies lull me
back to sleep.

The light drizzle of
Pandora dO
Pandora dO
Oct 3, 2012      Oct 3, 2012

The light drizzle of
the raindrops is comforting
to my ears and mind.
It's just the relaxation
I desperately needed.

© 2012
I was her drizzle.
Alex Caldwell
Apr 19, 2010

On stormy days I think back,
To the time where she was with me.
She would dance,
She would sing.
She was gorgeous,
Like the rain.
A beautiful storm in her own right,
Nature's finest creation.
I was just the stepping stone,
I was her drizzle.
I opened the stage for her to amaze,
To release her storm on the world.
If I am drizzle,
She is a hurricane.

Inspired by a line from "Looking for Alaska" by John Green
Jared Eli
Jared Eli
Nov 28, 2012

The rains came swift, no chance had I
To guard myself from cold
Yet whether water came from sky
Or earthen veins like gold,
A pulsing flow, a chilling stream
Denied me warmth to spite
And so I drifted into dream
Where at last I spent the night

Last night's fine shower
Dampened the hot summer night
refreshed a tired heart.

March 2, 2011

© 2011 emilou (All rights reserved)

Brian Sarfati
Brian Sarfati
Nov 26, 2012

Dripdrop dripdrop

     The umbrella on the drops makes a tiniest splattering
     Of collected shades of transparency: Memory
     And the whitenoise of the rain

(step step splatter ripple)

     Serve to recolour in sepia shades
     Even the grayest seconds
     of Yesteryear’s faces and embraces.


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