the rain was just a drizzle
Amy H A
Amy H A
Mar 19, 2015

the rain was just a drizzle
like my feelings any more
as we stood in awkward chat
and you can't find me any more.
not in here, at least,
in a quasi-happy fete,
with celebrations halted
because they make you fret.
I can't see my heart to give it
for it's always given back
and we'll stand in smoke and raindrops
with me turning myself black.
the black;
it can't reflect the light
so you'll perhaps not see
that my eyes have turned away
and my heart it didn't stay
and the part you have
is just the surface-me.
I won't let go, or let you in,
not again.
you'll only get the drizzle
not the swim.

My how it flows when it's a current, current.
#smoke   #light   #swim   #reflect   #raindrops   #drizzle  
Sanket Shrestha
Sanket Shrestha
Oct 23, 2014

Her kind of rain was the kind that drizzled

Her drizzles were like soft rain,
On grey days, they made perfect sense to align with interspersed clouds hanging heavy on blue-less skies
But on days when a storm beckoned it's calling
I lost her,
She drowned
Where it never drizzled
Always rained.

A wet June drizzle
Velvet Taiga
Jun 4, 2014

Bullets of water
On a quiet afternoon
A wet June drizzle

#haiku   #rain   #drizzle  
What started as a slight drizzle

I saw your eyes rain today,
What started as a slight drizzle
Turned into a heavy pour.

Just a short one :)
#eyes   #rain   #drizzle   #pour  
like drizzle upon Asphalt.
Mar 29, 2015

Faded Glory
Sweatshirt clenches my
teary salt seas.
Mascara on cotton
like drizzle upon Asphalt.

#love   #cry   #sweat   #tear   #rain   #gray   #shirt   #drizzle   #asphalt  
But still bae, it's a drizzle,
Apr 24, 2014

Without you it's so dismal,
I tell you, it's not blissful!
But still bae, it's a drizzle,
With you here in the middle,
Oh my, It's still a fist full!

My Norman Nomore
If I didn't have you on skype, I would have 8 hours of my day free.
Why are you 'grieving'?
#facebook   #miserable   #without   #with   #full   #middle   #blissful   #dismal   #drizzle   #fist   #stalking  
whose words drizzle
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

The gobble is not the turkey,
the goblet's not the wine,
unless you're a poet
whose words drizzle
from cloud nine.

Synecdoche uses a part to represent a whole...
#words   #poet   #wine   #turkey   #goblet   #cloudnine   #drizzle   #beryldov   #gobble   #synecdoche  

Little Johnny told me once,
"He has a great friend
who never turns."

He's ever sensitive all the same:
That he will only come
if called by name.

One hot morning, I felt so dumb
I remembered Little Johnny,
looked up and wished his friend to come

It drizzled instantly to my relief;
What good friends
they must be, I believe!

#rain   #friend   #little   #drizzle   #johnny  
The light sound of the drizzle
Raghu Menon
Raghu Menon
Jul 6, 2015

The distant howl of a fox
The high pitch sound of crickets
The croaking of the frogs
The light sound of the drizzle

This music of the Night
Makes me dreamy and happy
And I am slowly
slipping into the night's sleep

11.55 pm.
#dream   #sleep   #of   #music   #fox   #crickets   #drizzle   #howling   #frogs   #croaking  
My wife see a drizzle of olive oil on a pot of spaghetti.
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

I see rain dancing on the stage of the pond.
Fish see heaven throwing a thousand kisses.
My wife see a drizzle of olive oil on a pot of spaghetti.
The scientist sees condensation and precipitation.
The rain sees reincarnation.
A poet see them all in permutation.

In mathematics, the notion of permutation relates to the act of rearranging, or permuting, all the members of a set into some sequence or order (unlike combinations, which are selections of some members of the set where order is disregarded).
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