In the mourning tremors
The DedPoet
The DedPoet
Jul 29, 2014

As I make love to you
Laced in our bodies,
I feel the secrets,
I feel the lies,
I feel the words,
I feel the arguments,
In the mourning tremors
Of your passionate
Apologetic body

tremors in your breathing
liz paula
liz paula
Nov 5, 2012

It’s when you begin to tremble
tremors in your breathing
that I worry.

limited experience
and uumined knowledge
are the real driving forces

lets quiver together

flare them nostrils !

your heart requires more oxygen

and your body more blood

I'm scared


I can't even do a simple task
Such as holding my phone

My left hand trembles
Why oh why
Does it tremble

Is it just going to be temporary? Or was it because of the past 3 hours? ><
Nov 13, 2013      Nov 13, 2013

maybe my hands shake because
i've been told settling is wrong,
and my fingers have been kept
in their skin for too long

(if i shed, i'm sure i'll grow wings)

while you calm my tremors
Hana Gabrielle Behrs

almost metallic
your fingers pull me closer
I can't wait anymore
let's digress
into the silence
of understanding
fill in the cracks
while you calm my tremors
Find a new sense of serenity
that I never thought was meant for me
when I found you
I realized you were missing
don't leave me
but don't make promises
that you can't keep
I know that you're under
these starry nights,
with or without me.

Tremors running through your body
Disaster Child
Disaster Child
Jun 2, 2014

To you ever tremble without reason?
Shake and shudder just because of how you are?
Tremors running through your body
As you try to sit still.

Tremors in her hands, *demons in her soul.*
emilee haman
emilee haman
Apr 23, 2014

Tremors in her hands, demons in her soul.

She swears nothing will ever change, no one will ever save her.

The whole world in her hands, but her finger on the trigger.

She just needs her angel now to come along and save her.

Heard this song today, not sure what it was but it gave me inpiration to write this.
may I help you
may I help you
Feb 27, 2012

and it's the little things you do
that are so repulsive.

the way you chew,
that black head upon your cheek you won't let me remove.

and your eyes, feverish blue. they move much too quickly to be true.

real eyes realize real lies.

my dear, my darling...

you're a demon.

Samantha Vaughn
Samantha Vaughn
Aug 30, 2013      September 03, 2013

Did you feel that? There was a tremor through my skin,
A tingling sensation, coming from within.
The vibration of music, rippling with the bass;
I always thought the game, was all about the chase.

But now that I’m here, I feel the music chilling down my spine;
And all that I can think of, is how to make you mine.
But my eyes just can’t seem to focus, with this eruption of feeling,
They say that music is feeling, but it’s through the magic of hearing.
They might be right, but these needs have moved to physical healing.
See I’ve suddenly got tunnel vision, and it’s toward you that I’m steering.

My hands are getting clammy, but my vision is getting clear.
All I know right now is that I need you; I need you closer than near.
Closer than close, close to touch,
I need it right now, and I need it so much.

Did you feel that? It’s a tremor through my skin,
This tingling sensation, coming from within.
The vibration of music, now tickling my bass,
Sometimes the game we’re playing, doesn’t require the chase.

Just a touch, just a kiss, just a small simple stroke,
You’ve got my body convulsing, craving to be choked.
Breath’s getting shallow & emotions dripping thick,
These pills that I’ve taken, have given quite the kick.
See my frequency is rising, and I think yours is rising too,
So I’m watching your body, and I’m waiting for your cue.

Did you feel that? There was a tremor through my skin,
A tingling sensation, coming from within.
The vibrations of music, weaving in and out of the bass,
I now see the game that we’re playing, was never about the chase.

Wrote this after meeting the love of my life.
(c) Samantha Vaughn
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