From the tremors
Apr 26      Apr 26

And I was falling,
So fast
Reducing constantly
To become nothing

And I was barely breathing
A heart forced to beat
Eyes bloodshot
But you could not see

And you were blinded
From the self-despair and pity
A heart
Torn and stomped all over

And you were shaking
From the tremors
only You could feel
But I could not steady your hands

I was waiting for you to save me,
I forgot magic only happens when you least expect it
You were waiting for me to notice
You forgot I was too caught up fighting my own battles

You were bitter
Over the times I had let you go
You forgot
I loved you w every ounce of my being
I was broken
Over the times you did not care enough
I forgot
You are a human with your own limits

And so we fell apart
In the most common ways
We forgot what we had
Because we were too busy grieving what the other person lacked

And now that the end is near
I see where we went wrong
I loved you and you loved me
But love
is almost never enough

And I got my wish
With my last breath I took your name
The earth shook,the sky turned black,
This is my last farewell
I'll never see you again

So many aftershocks have got me losing my grip and when that happens, I write, a lot. RIP people who died in Nepal and strength to their families. Also people in north India like me, just hang on. I know it is hard but... I can understand. and every life is precious so just take care of yourself and those around you
May 17

Feel the tremor…
…The flicker…
The static charge
Of bliss
Whisper HER sweet
Breath through
Your Being.

No time to stop,
No time to be waylaid
By Fears’ tearful face.
Kiss this moment awake
Caress it’s cheek,
Open your eyes
To the Beauty beating
In your trembling breast.

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constellation of tremors and
caitlyn renee
caitlyn renee
Sep 15, 2014

everything i've ever known
turns to dust, spiraling in a
constellation of tremors and
hyperventilation and worry,
so much worry, and every
moment in which i exist i
can feel my heart threaten
to beat straight out of my
ribcage and maybe i
want it to.


Knock with tremor—
These are Caesars—
Should they be at Home
Flee as if you trod unthinking
On the Foot of Doom—

These receded to accostal
Centuries ago—
Should they rend you with “How are you”
What have you to show?

tremors in your breathing
liz paula
liz paula
Nov 5, 2012

It’s when you begin to tremble
tremors in your breathing
that I worry.

limited experience
and uumined knowledge
are the real driving forces

lets quiver together

flare them nostrils !

your heart requires more oxygen

and your body more blood

Tremors running through your body
Disaster Child
Disaster Child
Jun 2, 2014

To you ever tremble without reason?
Shake and shudder just because of how you are?
Tremors running through your body
As you try to sit still.

these tremors.
Mike Essig

Nothing to worry
about says my Doc.
Quite common.

Maybe so but
seeing me try to
read a newspaper
is like watching
a DoDo flap its
wings to fly or
a leper attempt
to hold himself
together in
an earthquake.

I could easily
do without
these tremors.


Nov 11

the leaves all left

you went west again

i know you can't stand

to see all that death

i don't blame you

those feet belong on the beach

not between frozen lakes

or forming paths over concrete

please don't mind me trembling

my palms are becoming mistakes

you must've felt their fault lines

so here's hoping san andreas keeps you safe

safe and out of the cold

safe from the quakes in my bones

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while you calm my tremors
Hana Gabrielle
Hana Gabrielle
Mar 8, 2012

almost metallic
your fingers pull me closer
I can't wait anymore
let's digress
into the silence
of understanding
fill in the cracks
while you calm my tremors
Find a new sense of serenity
that I never thought was meant for me
when I found you
I realized you were missing
don't leave me
but don't make promises
that you can't keep
I know that you're under
these starry nights,
with or without me.

*This is it. The tremors is her, bursting out in phases.*
The Sphinx Without A Secret
The Sphinx Without A Secret
May 12      May 12

Hearts. Bodies. Feet.
Trembling. Crumbling. Tripping.

The agony in her power.
She could eat us all up in waves,
while she was shaking it off in sways,
rattling with her stalwart balance,
for a vengeance for pain.

We'd never have the time, oh we'd never have the time, to see through her as we trod upon her endless expanse, over and over.

The weight of our race, the recurring craze of her selfless embrace into herself.
It's as if she screamed and went back in, out of a mother's guilt for the sake of our selfish outpours.
This is it. The tremors is her, bursting out in phases.

And while we can only run away from our ceilings, we can't run away from her agonising implodings.
We'd still curse her timing maybe.
We'd still curse her otherwise maybe.

One day. We'd watch. We'd tremble; all of our momentary prides eaten up,
in the womb of her aching giggles.

Let's pray for what we stand on. But we can never run away from Nature, can we?
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