Who was SassyJ
Who was SassyJ
Dec 13, 2015

Farmer's Tremor Remix (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
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== Farmer's Tremor  ==
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Who was SassyJ
Who was SassyJ
Dec 12, 2015

My soul burning hot with a fire

Young and twisted too firmer

The farmers that turns the soil

They sow and weed the harvest

Drying their corn in darkness

Never faint in long lost dreams

Melting all the ice on edges

Streaming to unending falls

That hit the grounds in tremor

Calling their names to thunder

The rain that fails in summer

All seeds they dry in winter

My soul is burning hot with fire

x 2 table spoons used to make a musical rhythm.... mostly used in folk songs. Initially It's harder to get the technique but with practice it gets easier.

Give it a go all you need is 2 spoons!

From the tremors
Apr 26, 2015

And I was falling,
So fast
Reducing constantly
To become nothing

And I was barely breathing
A heart forced to beat
Eyes bloodshot
But you could not see

And you were blinded
From the self-despair and pity
A heart
Torn and stomped all over

And you were shaking
From the tremors
only You could feel
But I could not steady your hands

I was waiting for you to save me,
I forgot magic only happens when you least expect it
You were waiting for me to notice
You forgot I was too caught up fighting my own battles

You were bitter
Over the times I had let you go
You forgot
I loved you w every ounce of my being
I was broken
Over the times you did not care enough
I forgot
You are a human with your own limits

And so we fell apart
In the most common ways
We forgot what we had
Because we were too busy grieving what the other person lacked

And now that the end is near
I see where we went wrong
I loved you and you loved me
But love
is almost never enough

And I got my wish
With my last breath I took your name
The earth shook,the sky turned black,
This is my last farewell
I'll never see you again

So many aftershocks have got me losing my grip and when that happens, I write, a lot. RIP people who died in Nepal and strength to their families. Also people in north India like me, just hang on. I know it is hard but... I can understand. and every life is precious so just take care of yourself and those around you

A reminiscence of a kiss
A paradox of loneliness
Addictive vased solitude
Unscrewed from the walls

I drown in ecstacy
To deck on your shores
As the strong wind fades
I hold the strong anchor

Plucking the unknown
Compressed in reality
Pressing the known
Caressing the phone

To nip, heaped dips
Sinking down depths
The broadcast of us
Where earthquakes traps

Rub my soreness
Deflate the reforms
Unroll the society
Your tremor, my tenor

I extend my arm
Afar to your side
Hold my embrace
Feel my want, my all

#society   #all   #tenor   #tremor   #reforms  
May 17, 2015

Feel the tremor…
…The flicker…
The static charge
Of bliss
Whisper HER sweet
Breath through
Your Being.

No time to stop,
No time to be waylaid
By Fears’ tearful face.
Kiss this moment awake
Caress it’s cheek,
Open your eyes
To the Beauty beating
In your trembling breast.

#breath   #beauty   #being   #bliss   #presence   #goddess   #awaken   #tremor  
constellation of tremors and
caitlyn renee
caitlyn renee
Sep 15, 2014

everything i've ever known
turns to dust, spiraling in a
constellation of tremors and
hyperventilation and worry,
so much worry, and every
moment in which i exist i
can feel my heart threaten
to beat straight out of my
ribcage and maybe i
want it to.

I could even feel the faint tremors in my heart-
Moissa Padin

With manly aggravations he strums-

Strums the rust and the anguish away from the strings.

I saw them, floating away from him; vibrating in midair

Those compositions from his melancholy days,


The notes have, somehow, reverberated through my cathedral soul-

I can feel them.

I could still locate the ringing at the ceiling of my skull.

And if I wish to
I could even feel the faint tremors in my heart-

And realize it's actually pulsating...

But surely, it's just an after shock from the sounds resonating

It would fade away.

Of course it will just fade away.

It would fade away the moment he
stops playing.

#guitar   #play   #notes   #anguish   #strum   #tremors  
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