I am three pages into the most honest letter I’ve ever composed to a brother when I realize I’ve been writing with my finger.  I tell my daughter it isn’t crying if you’re drinking.  she’s asleep.  it’s there she hears a piano.  sees a typewriter.

( the wellness of my mother
Barton D Smock
Barton D Smock
Apr 1, 2013

the doctor
wore secretly
a nightgown
and poured
a glass of milk.

     his wife

she had not seen
a ghost

     remained his wife.


( the wellness of my mother
  does not need
  my mother
  nor does
  the wellness

  of yours )


if you see a white mouse
in a dark city

a light
for which
I have kept
goes on
in my son’s head…

Some people work out
to get totally bulked
some people work out
to get totally slim
sometimes one just
never knows which
will result
but when all gets going
the most beautiful part
is to get the body
getting the body
getting the body
it is so beautiful
to feel a tug
of bodily movement
never felt
where it was felt
with any strength before.

Keeping the body
means keeping up the
movement is beauty
when done with
will and devotion
the body is ageless
when rejecting the
that time is an
enemy like
zero pdf lotion.

Keep working out
how you will
be it lifting
be it dancing
be it running
or groovy prancing
let your self
cry out for more
let yourself
to reduce being

Let the body move
so that you sweat
straight from the heart
the more you move
and work it hard
you create
body art.

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Sunshine showers the Earth with wellness,

Flowers bud to bloom.
Rain swells the Earth with love,
Animals awake to greet the new day.
Sunshine showers the Earth with wellness,

and love her back to wellness
Paul Lyndon

your single-stringed harp
oh cupid
while I sing along to its twang

and make of her heart a blood red rose
that's on it etched
my name

then i'll swab the gash
with kisses
and unthrust that piercing tip

and love her back to wellness
sip by lovely sip

My heart to wellness
Aug 10

But I shall bask in sunlight
As to absorb all the energies of the universe
And I shall bask in moonlight
Hoping that it will only nurse
My heart to wellness
My mind to fullness
My soul to loneliness
And when all is achieved
I will be whole
And able to absolve my innerness
Of everything she had stole

This poem is about my health after a girl had broke my heart. A point that may cause confusion may be when I wrote, "my soul to loneliness".  What I'm saying is I need my soul to be OK alone. I need to not long for this other company. My soul should be enough for itself. Another part may be the last two lines. My " innerness" is me referring to my feelings as a whole. And I'm trying to say she stole so much from me and I blame myself but I want to be able to absolve myself of this feeling of guilt for actually letting myself feel as I did for this girl.
Wellness comes forth
Karen Hakes Brown
Jun 14, 2012

Wellness comes forth
Through the waters
Swells in harmony
With the pulse of the
Earth's throws, towards
Sandy edge, catching
Seaweed, shells, rocks
And rolls in constant
Whilst, the energy flows
Out to all those who
Stand before thee
And knows,  God

Wellness as apposed to health.
Matthew P Hill
Matthew P Hill
Oct 18, 2012      Oct 19, 2012

Wellness as apposed to health.

We need acceptance as apposed to repentance.

We need to stop undermining ourselves.

What We need is wealth, Not money.

We need to stop laughing at things that really aren't funny;

We need humor not slander.

We need to stand together.

We are in need of more...

Than what we have been living for.

Work is laid aside unless wellness beacons
Mar 24      Mar 24

They gave me steroids to heal my chest and now
No sleep cometh my way
So I will soak up the hour with soul cleansing writes
There is no time to worry
Work is laid aside unless wellness beacons
Maybe this is the reason
My soul was screaming for a connection  
Connect I will

A season of impending, exploding wellness,
Wack Tastic
Wack Tastic
Nov 16, 2012

In between the blurred lines,
Laced with exploding, impending reason,
A season of impending, exploding wellness,
The change of stations,
Instead of the hazy, late afternoon dullness,
In the fog, redness resonating into the palm,
Getting rid of the self delusions,
Fitted in a fiery costume of skin,
Stark naked and feeling the great truth,
To the unknown.

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