Apr 14, 2014

I am like a penny in a well
Falling for forever
Yet filled with hopes and wishes

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Jan 3, 2015

i got sick and tired
of telling you to
sleep well every night
mostly because you
never did anyway,
and because you
haunted me more
than my words ever
did you.

Telling people to sleep well is a bummer unless they say it back
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Roxxanna Kurtz
Roxxanna Kurtz
Jan 30, 2015

I miss the way you
took up my empty spaces.
Your words would fill me up
like a well,
that all my contents would spill
out at your feet.
You changed me.

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I threw my darkness in a well
One wish, I'll never tell
The flick of a thumb
Splash, dream currency

An afterthought,
I walk with no shadow
Ominous spectres melt
Into the ripples of the deep

Quarters, nickles, dimes
Reflect the hopes of fishers
Casting out their demons
Cutting the line, thats a day

#dream   #darkness   #wish   #fishing   #well  
Sep 21, 2014

Do you Love a well-hung stud?
Do you love a muscular and powerful man?

With high sex drive
And a rather long and thick manhood?

Do you enjoy his sexual stamina?
If you do

Write a poem for me
About how your well-hung stud
Sends waves of pleasure through your body!

#ladies   #stud   #well-hung  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
May 26, 2014

By Arcassin Burnham

everybody left me for dead,
instead you filled my head up with sand,
oh well,

markers and crayons,
by the bible that i keep,
never tending to care,
like the shirt say,
loading all my progress there,
i feel so lazy today,
i dont care,
why you gotta stare,
make you wanna jump down a flight of stairs,
crazy as i come ,
crazy as i go,
i could be as crazy as i wanna be,
but im im gonna be a nice guy,
and go with the flow,
oh well.

Patty James
Nov 12, 2015

I stole a star tonight
And the sky expelled me from the galaxy.
I stole quick recovery,
I stole wealth for the Body,
Mind and Soul.
And this, embroidered in words,
I stole for you, Mom.

I share this poem that was written for me when I wasn't feeling well. Many thanks to Kitaka Alex, my loving "son" in Kampala, Uganda.
#mom   #star   #get   #recovery   #well  
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