Jan 23

empty your mind
While you were too busy moping
Opportunity passed you by

Pay attention
start living in this moment in time
all we have is now
so make it divine!

Mar 11

The essence of another dances throughout your mind
glimpes through a one way mirror
memories from another time
a sweet reminisce
a bitter truth
A life once lived
hearts intertwined in time
Love captured in a moment
escapes its confides
to play about with what could have been
gliding through your mind.

Jan 24      Jan 25

Words  cannot describe
the love
the experiences
the trials i have had
I think back to the moments in time
that i wish i could escape to
and live there for eternity

Words fail me
when i think of you
of the times gazing longing into each other eyes
sharing parts of ourselves no one has ever seen
and i chose you
i only wish
You had chosen
only me......

Mar 11

Heart full of hope, aspiring above the clouds
Enchanted by winds of change, entranced by shapely form
Fulfilled by ones own whole, without need for another's soul
But a desire which one day meets fruition

Heart full of hope, know new light brings new life
An oyster to those who desire to aspire to reach their desire
A symphonie of emotion expressed through a devotion to ones own self
Heart full of hope, take a leap of faith
Take what is truly yours
Love every mistake

Heart full of hope, help me stay strong along the way
the path is long and treacherous
please help
light my way

Jan 5      Jan 6

To lie to my face?
To break the promises and boundaries
we made for both our sakes?
trust is lost
You say I'm your true love
im worth fighting for
but as soon as I'm out of sight,
your actions show a delight
at taking what you want
cause fuck his feelings, right?

Sweet words, with no action to back
I've waited too long
given too much
without receiving what i needed back
I dont regret being with you
for your my first true love
it just disappoints me
what you've chosen to become

I tried to keep our paths tied together as one
but what i've learned
tells me that it cant be done
because love that isnt given freely
will surely become undone

Mar 22

One poem a day,
thats what the hearts doctor says.
To train your demons,
and let your angels play.

One poem a day is all you need
Fulfill your lustful desire
Have your creativity fulfilled

Jan 12

Oh, shining star
watching from the heavens above.
I ask for the strength,
the courage to grow.
To bring love to all that i know

Shining Star
how perfect you are
can i one day
become as bright as you are?

Dec 9, 2013

Take the challenges that face you in stride
Of the heart, or of the mind; any challenge can be overcome by your own divine light
Be confident, know you deserve it
To live true to your heart, to be earnest
You know what you need to do, and though it may feel cruel
The highest good for yourself
will do everyone good

Just started writing poetry for the first time. I wrote this for a friend and felt like i might share it. Enjoy~
Jan 20

Letting go
Can be one of the hardest things to do
when you just don't want
it to be through

Things that you want
Might not be what you need
When it all comes crumbling down
when you drop to your knees
You pick yourself up
Brush off the dust
see where you stand
You do your best to understand

Letting go
Doesn't have to be hard
Getting through initially
is the roughest part
Peace and Resolve
will follow suite
realize your doing
exactly what you need to do
for you

Coming of age, its one helluva day when you learn about love and loss. Learning that something that can feel so Right on the inside and outside, and yet is not good for you wellbeing, is fucking heartbreaking. Gotta respect what the reality of a situation is and not fool yourself with delusions
Feb 5

Tattered and unfocused
Trees rustle in the wind
My mind fades, into chimes and hymns
A shallow breath
A cold goodbye
A tear gliding into a world that abides
A gentle sunrise comes bearing renewed strength
Honest intentions and loving satisfaction awaits
A pick to earth with sweat to brow
a warm breeze embraces those who need it now
Fields be turned, seeds be put to bed
These seeds could be intentions
or thoughts in your head
Water them well, for one day they will grow
bearing fruit of your labor
Products of your faith
your work
and most importantly
Love <3

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