Take me away; away; away
Apr 29

Take me away; away; away
from this
place again!
Take me out of the light of day
and help me get away!
away from you...
Because you make me
Die. Inside.
I have never felt more or less alive.
Than now. I feel myself spiraling.
Down again.
Never letting my feet touch the ground.
Even then, I will keep running away.
I never wanted this!
So take me away again
Before I fall on the cold ground
and beg, you for
just away!


Away away,
Shes gone away,
No more days for us to sit and play,
Away away,
They've gone away,
Lost are the days we sat on the porch,
We watched the rain come to wash us out,
But away away,
The rain blew away and the sun began to shine,
And all those deep puddles are a memory now,
There are left and lost behind,
Away away,
Oh please wont you stay its sad that everything has to go away,
Today today,
Ill keep today in a jar by the window where my memory's lay,
Your face your face ,
Ill keep in its place deep in my heart where it always will stay.

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May 21, 2014      May 21, 2014

One day I'll stop showing my weakness
And people will be too distant to break me
And I'll be sure that all my words are fake
And Silence is the key

#hope   #lost   #away   #sorrow  
***Take me away from here,
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 1, 2014

Take me away from here,
I've always wanted to run away;
Show me how to fly,
I'm sure it's easier than they say.

#away   #runaway   #run   #fly  
*I don't want to run away 'cause things are bad
Eve Corvinus
Eve Corvinus
Jun 8      Jun 8

I don't want to run away 'cause things are bad
I want to run away just because there isn't much worth staying for.


#away   #run   #worth  
I don't  like when you are away
talia rose
talia rose
Jun 21, 2014

Craving your presence
every waking minute of the day
Missing your warm touch
I don't  like when you are away
The way you touch me and the words you say
they all add up to what makes me feel this way
My soul is melting and you're the heat
that gives me tingles and makes my heart skip a beat
this is true  you are my drug
every nod every smile every movement every shrug
my life without you just wouldn't be complete
there is no one, absolutely no one in this world
who could compete.

So with this said and with you in my head
I ask of you to crawl in bed
with me and we
can be

Because when you are away
I just don't feel the right way

#love   #boyfriend   #away   #close  
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