Away from all the trivialities
Skadi Snow

Let's get out!
Just You and Me.

Away from all the trivialities
Which drag us down.
All the irrelevant issues
Which won't let us sleep.

Just drive away. You and Me.
Turn the radio on.
Watch the scenery passing by.

The memories of our songs.
Flashing in front of our eyes.
You are smiling,  humming a new song.
It is so happy and peaceful.
Like home.

Further and Further
The car takes us away from the past.
The music let us forget our sorrows.

Let's get into the car
And drive

Would you?
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I wiped her final tears away,
Jude Allen
Jude Allen
4 days ago

Told her that we loved her so,
She heard- but couldn't respond;
I wiped her final tears away,
and then my mother was gone.

I told her we would be OK-
Would be tough but we'd carry on.
And if she had to leave that day...
and then my mother was gone.

Our family, all so far removed-
would miss her final moments here;
I promised to take care of them,
I told her this through my own tears.

With one last hug I bid farewell,
She heard but couldn't respond;
I gently wiped away her tears...
and then my mother was gone.

For mom...
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Come away with me, let’s escape.
Mar 29

Come away with me, let’s escape.
A change of air, a change of pace.

Before is forever, if we start anew.
Let’s finish our future, from some other view.


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Apr 13

I stare at the bowl, that quiet peaceful bowl,
pouring in the cereal, and then the milk
just at the right moment to prevent sogginess.
Snap, crackle,
pop, pop, pop
go automatic weapons in the streets,
silence, and then boom
goes the sound of a shutting cupboard as I retrieve a spoon
while a car bomb evaporates lives in an instant.
Crying children, mourning mothers, and confused bystanders
conveying their thoughts to reporters
through a screen I will merely stare at.
They must move on with their lives,
swallowing their tragedies,
while I can’t swallow
the sogginess
of some goddamn cereal.

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*Exeunt away,*
Juliesen Night

Exeunt away,
For it has come.
The Cataclysm of your life.

May your exodus be swift my dear.
For your life is put to the test.
Twisting left and right.

So exeunt!
You shall live.
If you run.

If thou choseth to stay.
I warn thee of thy competitor.
The dark one of thy soul.

Come forth and Exeunt with me,
Be free.


#away   #run   #come   #exeunt   #exit  

I left my home and the feeling cannot be described
I left everything I have ever known for this completely unpredictable adventure
Being an international student is a wonderful struggle

#home   #scared   #adventure   #away   #day   #new   #a   #everyday   #is   #struggle   #from   #student   #international   #wonderful  
Her pain starts to wash away.

He caresses her palms so often
And kisses her on the forehead
The way she likes since her parents
Never gave her the love she wanted;
It's as if he could erase the scars
That has been permanently carved
Inside of her for so long.
As each kiss lands on her skin
She forgets the the wounds are so deep; his touch is strong but it is tender and with each graze
Her pain starts to wash away.

#love   #kisses   #away   #scars   #wash  
Let it all go and watch it float away
Jul 13, 2013      Jul 13, 2013

Why does a heart feel so strong?
How do you right what isn't wrong?
So much emotion felt so deep
To the point where one can not sleep
I realize some things are against all the odds
So I look past the stars and to the gods
Though I'm not a religious man
A fool for love this fool does stand
Potential of my passion never fully felt
Longing to give what should be dealt
Time will pass a patient heart will wait
Given no choice but to demonstrate
For I have always been a loyal man
Like a dog by your side I will stand
Hoping your eyes look my way
Desiring your body more each passing day
How does one snap out of an emotional funk?
Wrap it up and discard it with the mental junk!
Let it all go and watch it float away
So I can make it through another day......

7-11-13 M.A.N
#love   #m-a-n   #sad   #float-away  
But instead slowly fading away
Apr 4      Apr 6

A dim flickering light
Blinks it's last goodbye
Not going out with a flash
But instead slowly fading away

Just like my passion
For everything I once enjoyed
And endless dark
Covering my only love

The art has disappeared
And my heart has gone
No passion flows
No interest grows

A sickening depression
Takes away the passion
Fading like a light
I fear
That it is gone

#sad   #depression   #dark   #art   #away   #fade  
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