***Take me away from here,
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 1, 2014

Take me away from here,
I've always wanted to run away;
Show me how to fly,
I'm sure it's easier than they say.

#away   #runaway   #run   #fly  
*I don't want to run away 'cause things are bad
Eve Corvinus
Eve Corvinus
Jun 8, 2015

I don't want to run away 'cause things are bad
I want to run away just because there isn't much worth staying for.


#away   #run   #worth  
Far away,
Keara Powers
Keara Powers
Jul 8, 2015

Let’s go somewhere

Far away,

Where no one tells us

What to say,

And nobody sees us

And knows our names,
Far away from their
Petty little games

#love   #away   #together   #gone   #names  
no one can stop themselves from fading away.
Hannah Holliday
Hannah Holliday
Nov 24, 2014

Everyone eventually turns invisible
you get left, ignored, forgotten
no one can stop themselves from fading away.

#fading   #away   #invisible   #left   #forgotten   #ignored  
Come closer, don't go away
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
Feb 16, 2015

And my breath becomes so heavy...

Come closer, don't go away
And my breath will become easy...

Thanks for staying, I won't disappoint you ever.

My HP Poem #780
©Atul Kaushal
#go   #not   #away   #do  
Are fading away
Darlene Chavez
Darlene Chavez
Jul 19, 2015

I feel like
the people I'm used to talking to..
Are fading away

I'm alone again
#fading   #away   #talk   #gone  
I walk away
Negative Creep

I walk away
so I know that I wont see you
but I know that you're still there

#away   #waiting   #walk  
**go away**
Only another mind into society

Just stop

              go away

Stop asking

                                    Don't look back

Keep going forward


             As far away from me as possible


As far away as you can fucking get

#go   #leave   #away   #never   #faraway  
The first thing thrown away is


In a disposable society
The first thing thrown away is

The Truth

(C) 5/15/2016

I wish my return to the site could be on a happier note. I have been reading Revelation and some of you probably know that I believe this country is headed for a fall. I don't say this so that I can go out when it happens and shout out to one and all "I told you so!" I take no joy in this.

The last month-and-a-half has been spent trying to get myself in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual condition for what I believe is about to transpire. I wish I could have been on the site. I love you all very much, and have been loath to tell you what I know, as it is horrific.

I won't put up the links I was going to share with you. My purpose is not to scare anyone. Look the time is short. You will notice a difference in the way I conduct myself on this site. Any further postings will be about the importance of being in Christ. This goes for believers as well.

I have been fervently praying for you all, whether I have been on site or no. And asking God if I should come back here at all. The answer was "yes". I will be on as much as I can be.

Revelation should be preached but it's not. There is something so wrong with that picture...
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