Lucy Flame
Lucy Flame
May 21, 2014      May 21, 2014

One day I'll stop showing my weakness
And people will be too distant to break me
And I'll be sure that all my words are fake
And Silence is the key

#hope   #lost   #away   #sorrow  
***Take me away from here,
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 1, 2014

Take me away from here,
I've always wanted to run away;
Show me how to fly,
I'm sure it's easier than they say.

#away   #runaway   #run   #fly  
I don't  like when you are away
talia rose
talia rose
Jun 21, 2014

Craving your presence
every waking minute of the day
Missing your warm touch
I don't  like when you are away
The way you touch me and the words you say
they all add up to what makes me feel this way
My soul is melting and you're the heat
that gives me tingles and makes my heart skip a beat
this is true  you are my drug
every nod every smile every movement every shrug
my life without you just wouldn't be complete
there is no one, absolutely no one in this world
who could compete.

So with this said and with you in my head
I ask of you to crawl in bed
with me and we
can be

Because when you are away
I just don't feel the right way

#love   #boyfriend   #away   #close  
Away from all the trivialities
Skadi Snow
Skadi Snow
Apr 15, 2014

Let's get out!
Just You and Me.

Away from all the trivialities
Which drag us down.
All the irrelevant issues
Which won't let us sleep.

Just drive away. You and Me.
Turn the radio on.
Watch the scenery passing by.

The memories of our songs.
Flashing in front of our eyes.
You are smiling,  humming a new song.
It is so happy and peaceful.
Like home.

Further and Further
The car takes us away from the past.
The music let us forget our sorrows.

Let's get into the car
And drive

Would you?
#love   #home   #away   #music   #peaceful   #roadtrip  
Away from all this action
Kyla N
Kyla N
May 4, 2014

I just want to run
Away from all this action
I just want to scream
To let off some steam
I just want to sleep
And hear not another peep
I just want to go
Away from all this sorrow
I dont want to feel
Because it's all too surreal
I dont want to talk
Because I'm still in shock
I want to stop my heart from breaking
And my head from aching
I want my stomach to stop turning
And my eyes to stop burning
I want to go to a place
Where no one knows my face
I just want to walk through the doorway
And run to a place far away.

#love   #life   #away   #run   #miss   #surreal   #heartack  
Please don't throw me away.
Joyce Ni
Joyce Ni
Jun 20, 2014

Please don't throw me away.

There is no away.

Convenience is convenient;
but isn't it convenient that convenience
doesn't exist?

You hoped I would disappear
forever hidden, buried and forgotten

There is no away

So where will you throw me?

#hope   #away   #trash   #disappear   #forever   #forgotten   #hidden   #buried   #tossed   #thrown  
I want to get away
Lindsey Nicole Isbell

I don't think you understand
My time is running up
I want to spread my wings and fly like a dove
I don't love this place
I want to get away
But I want to get away with you
I know this dream won't come true

I'll do anything to be with you
I'll even stay in this miserable place
But only out if love for you

I must say
I can't promise to like it here
But I'll always be happy with you

Don't tease me
About moving away
Farther away then I've dared to dream
I'll only want that reality

But the truth of the matter is
I think you wish to stay
Therefore I can't move away
I want you to know
This price I pay
For falling in love with you who wants to stay

#love   #dream   #away   #stay   #him   #here   #price   #fly   #dove   #pay  

Stories are told,
How everyone lives,
Yet no one completely knows.

I have a world to go to,
Not for the sake of being gone,
More so for the sake of being strong.

The wise made hints of self-discovery,
I didn't take in all what was said.
Right about now it would be essential to my quest,
But if it is in any way similar to a boomerang,
Then it will come back in the form of insight.

(c) 2010 Brandon Antonio Smith


#away   #slipped  
Let's run away
Nov 19, 2014      Nov 20, 2014

Let's run away
To a place where we can start over
Let's run away
To a place where we can be ourselves
Without the world's criticism
We can be new people
With the same old thoughts
We can be anything
If you want to

I know you can't  stand it here
You told me once that you were never meant for a small town
That you were meant to see the world

Well,  I'm here to make your dreams come true

So, take my hand

And let's run away together
#away   #me   #run   #with  
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