Like a dryer is the human mind
Alex Moore

Like a dryer is the human mind
Sopping wet and rolling around
Everything succumbs to heat
Shrinks, tears, fades

Even the sock gets lost in the dryer
And yet one remains
A half of a whole that can no longer be complete
One sock
Gone forever

Do we mourn the lost
Where is the vigil?
A sock mourned is a thought lost
An idea that can never be
Static we never feel again

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in a dryer with a dozen panties,
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

Throw a pair of my underwear
in a dryer with a dozen panties,
of various colors and sizes,
plus Cling Free Fabric Softener Sheets,
and you can get a good visual
of my static free sex life
after my divorce.

A wandering tumble-dryer
Gerald Allan Donaldson

A wandering tumble-dryer
Sat by a deep lagoon
And tried to re-align him
With happenings late and soon,

New paths, new plots, new people
New chemicals in the wash,
And sitting there in God’s sweet air
The lake he looked across,

“Just as the Sun at break of day
Glad hope will soon revive,
I now embrace the life I have,
Bliss to fortunate survive.”

In this happy mood of mind
He churned his merry drum,
Clothes softly sifting down inside
Out perfect then to come.

Lisa Benson
Lisa Benson
Jun 23, 2013

fold the ventricle to the right
the pulmonary to the left
the wrinkled capillaries need to be ironed
pillowcases of vessels need to be thrown in the wash
take one last whiff of his scent
before he's just another sheet in the laundry
dirty laundry
clean of heartache

stupid title idk
Zak Krug
Oct 24, 2012

I am
listening to
a symphony of
coffee pots,
and cheap sex.

A red coffee cup
sits on my desk,
half full.

Where is this going?

I can be filthy.
I find it to be cheap,
a play.
Oh, sure,
use another idiotic
graphic in your
mess of a poem.

Where is this going?

Katie Jacobs
Katie Jacobs
Jan 31, 2013

I hate it when mother yells at me about my clothes.
Do not threaten to throw them away because it is the money that you complained about coming out of your pocket.
I'll leave them on the computer chair
I'll leave them in the kitchen
I'll throw them across my room
And I don't want to hear you bitchin'
My ode to mother who should probably
shut the fuck up because I'm not listening.

I'm trying to decide what to wear tomorrow.

Soap dispenser or hand-dryer?

Gears, levers, springs and cranks
Balls of String and wooden planks
Nails hammered, iron cast
These are relics of the past

Slim design and Ergonomics
Microsizing electronics
Shining steel and hidden seams
That’s the way we build machines

In modern techniques of production
Style and chic trump clear instruction
Some such tricky implements
Can oft be found in the public “gents”

I do recall, not long ago
My hands beneath the water’s flow
Clean and new yet somewhat sodden
I sought to tread a path well-trodden

I must admit and won’t deny
I like my hands both clean and dry
But viewing the sleek box of metal
Was always likely to unsettle…

Soap dispenser or hand-dryer?
If I said I knew I’d be a liar
Not even learned folk from “Mensa”
Would know if dryer or dispenser

The box was too close to the sink
No buttons, text or lights that blink
All I could do was wait and hope
To get hot air instead of soap.

To my surprise (I didn't plan it)
It was a robot from another planet
It beamed me into outer space
And I'll suffer no more of the human race.

A washer or a dryer, that is the loophole in the world of
Dakota Brown
Dakota Brown
Jun 1, 2013

The laundry mat, a necessary evil,
If you have no washer or drier,
That's where you go.

Clink clang, quarters fall out of the change machine
Only to be taken by the washers and dryers

In and out, people being loud
They come inside and then leave

Beep beep beep
Buzz, buzz, buzz
Washers and dryers crying out to be switched or
Started up again.

Heavy baskets of laundry are transported from place
To place.

Someone always leaving a sock or a pair of underwear behind,
Later curious as to where it went.

Many don't understand why people use the place
But when you are poor or don't have a place to put
A washer or a dryer, that is the loophole in the world of
Washer dryer ownership.

for the dryer
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee
May 18, 2013

for the washer
  for the soap
   for the games
    for the dryer
     for the dryer sheets
      for the bags
This place runs on quarters.

I'm surprised that the ceiling fans and the lights aren't coin operated
But then again,

I suppose they are.

i sat atop my dryer contemplating what to do.
Nov 12, 2012

the floor turned into something strange and i fell through the floor.
in the basement looking up at clouds and lightning; kinda frightening.
tried to climb the stairs to reach the surface; there was nothing there.
by nothing i mean clouds and air; not my sofa nor my chair.
an angel flew to me from somewhere; kicked me in the face.
"you can't be up here, stupid boy." it morphed into an octopus.
octopus and angels? what? did someone drug me in my sleep?
i sat atop my dryer contemplating what to do.
the floor beneath the dryer also transformed into something strange.
my dryer and i fell through the sky for twenty-seven minutes.
we landed in a cemetery; our parts were tossed amongst the graves.
the acid rain then melted every living thing on earth away.

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