Apr 14, 2012

they don't know like he does how her bottom teeth overlap at the front like boat sails / or that three moles on her thighs are the perfect example of an isosceles triangle / they don't know that when they sleep their feet fit together like bunch of bananas / or that when she traced circles in his hair it made a direct imprint on his soul / that's why they say she's not worth it / that's why he knows they are wrong.

Mar 20, 2014

Your name sits on the tip of my tongue,
Along with bitter aberrations
Of love and loathing.  
Your name  commingles in my veins,
And tips my stomach
Like a tugboat in a hurricane.
In the years I have grown,
I have been shown the difference
Between the good and the bad.
I exhausted the arms on the clock
Arranging daisies of adoration
In the souls of those who were rotten.
Even the one I thought was impeccable
Has placed me on a shelf of old seashells
And bottled ships.

Jan 8

Up then down
Back and forth
Never a straight path

Don't go zig-zag, jibber-jabber,
Prabhu Iyer
Prabhu Iyer
Feb 20      Feb 21

Dont talk to me about sense-vense -
do you, or do you not?
tell me this much;

Don't go zig-zag, jibber-jabber,
zither; look I don't care of

this caste-vaste, mummy-daddy
and the society;

We could might never deny this,
pow-wows cannot measure this,

do you, or do you not?
That is, is all there is.

The Indian girl is talking sense into her beau.

Echo-words such as 'sense-vense' are common in colloquial Indian English

Mixing in English echo-words (jibber-jabber etc) the dreaded double copula (Is-IS) and the double modal (might could), for dramatic effect.

ships zig-zag, leaving trails.
LA Hall
LA Hall
Nov 3, 2013

Looking at the bay,
fog blankets the lake,
ships zig-zag, leaving trails.

Zig zag, another way.
Levi Andrew
Levi Andrew
Dec 28, 2014

Intricate souls.
Up, down, all around.
Your personality changes.
Zig zag, another way.
It's so confusing.
You're making me crazy.
Just fucking leave.

Zig-zag was the last word
May 6, 2014

Zig-zag was the last word
in the picture dictionary on
the old forgotten bookshelf
of my childhood.

These roses on the flower beds,
planted a decade and a half ago -
run zig-zag like a bee on a hunt.
Much like, your love
for me.

Zig zag atoms in a compact space.
Oct 24, 2014

Zig zag atoms in a compact space.
Filled with entropy, hard to trace.
I find the position but momentum neigh.
Delta x and delta row y u no help me find my particle forlorn?

Limbs zig-zag lightning
Mar 15

On this night of unconquerable depth --
I erect cross-legged
Limbs zig-zag lightning
Headphones stream anthems
Mutations orchestrating the lip
Ears muffled by cacophony
Flounders my voice, quietly

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Zig-zag treads
Kelley A Vinal

Elephantine swirls
Careful, unraveling threads
Bookcase, bookcase
Zig-zag treads
Vaulted, deep, brown and steep
Held by wicker
And woods and peach
Stones uneven, pathway in
Phrases painted with
Juniper and gin

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