Yes, you're beautiful.
Jen Jo
Jen Jo
Sep 23, 2014

Yes, you're beautiful.
Yes, you're beautiful.
Even if the whole world denies it. Yes, you're beautiful.

Everyday, I remind myself.
And the cycle continues.

We're all wonderfully and fearfully made. Remember that.
*I'm beautiful*
Sep 1, 2014

I'm beautiful
You've told me all evening
and will tell me all night
but will I still be beautiful
in the morning?

There were some Mountains.
Storms raged.
Stone split.
Time wore on.
And there great heights,
were reduced to tiny Grains.
Millions of tiny Grains.
Heat and air.
And then Glass.
So much beauty.
From such beauty as before it.
And in reflection of the beauty it is gifted to.

And she is so beautiful
Lindsey Ross
Lindsey Ross
Aug 1, 2014

It feels like
I've been alone for years
And she is so beautiful
It hurts.

#love   #beautiful   #hurt   #beauty   #miss   #missing  
Dallas Hanselman
Dallas Hanselman
Sep 4, 2014

The perception of
beauty is all opinion.
so nothing is not...

does this make sense?????
May 16, 2015

Your beauty is thunder
Crashing down on my emotions
Electrifying my body
Making me feel high .

#love   #beautiful   #beauty   #thunder  
Jun 1, 2015

If you can't see your beauty
let me see it for you
If I could I would give you my eyes
so you'd see what I see for once in your life

Such a beautiful tragedy
Annabelle Lee
Annabelle Lee
Dec 1, 2014

That girl sitting there
Such a beautiful tragedy
Her body her grave
Her mind a travesty

Your scars arent beautiful,
l m
l m
May 14, 2014

Your scars arent beautiful,
theres no beauty in hurting yourself
no beauty in blades
no beauty in throwing up your food
no beauty in mascara running from your eyes at 2 am
no beauty in eyes that are dead
nobody will kiss your scars
i'm sorry for that.

#love   #kiss   #beautiful   #beauty   #sorry   #scars  
Bassam A
Bassam A
Oct 25, 2014

Your beauty reminds me of dawn
Like the flowers blossom

I heard the song birds charm
  Like your cute laugh and giggle

  I looked inside my heart and I saw you

#love   #beautiful   #beauty   #you   #charm  
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