Sydney Victoria
Sydney Victoria
Mar 1, 2013

The Nets Hold Our Dreams Like Tangled Bugs,
And The Courts Gleam With Our Ambition,
Beads Of Sweat Form Perfectly On Our Raised Brows,
As We Play With The Attitude A Champion Needs,
We Are Dressed In Black And Blue,
Floor Burn Covering Our No Longer Smooth Skin,
Our Lips Bleeding From The Battle For The Ball,
The Sound Of Screaming Becomes White Noise,
As We Burrow Into The Gym Floor,
Just For One More Medal,
And As We Walk Away From The Courts,
With Our Arms Bruised And Torn,
Red And Raw,
We Smile At Our Dreams Still Lying,
In The Twisted Nets

I Love The Rush Of The Game--And Yep.. I'm A Total Jock (Fellow Vballers Know What I'm Talking About)
Play volleyball with a group of **6**
ᏰέƦẙḽ Dṏሁ

Pray with a quorum of 10
Debate with  assembly of 9
Scottish dance with a collective of 8
Party with a gathering of 7
Play volleyball with a group of 6
Rank on a scale to 5
Practice music with a band of 4
Perceive in a dimension of 3
Make love with the intimacy of 2
Write poetry for an audience of 1

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Meabh Ann McCrossan

my shoulders hurt
from hating myself
and he still
wants me
to play

I love *volleyball*,
Zaynah Nadeem
Zaynah Nadeem
Dec 1, 2013

My name is Zaynah,
I my best friend is Dayna.

I love volleyball,
and love to go to a fancy ball.

I love school,
cause I am way too cool.

I love One Direction, Justin Bieber, Cher Lloyd, 5 Seconds of Summer, & Austin Mahone from Texas,
& I want to drive a

That is all about me,
oh and I love to watch T.V.


I haven’t a volleyball
Barton D Smock

is never
than one

there’s no future
in this pill.

my mother’s head
is full of heads.

I haven’t a volleyball
in a pond
to piss on.

in the words of my son
a sailor     is lost at me.

I go on correcting oddities
in the brain and in the muscle
of a jack
in the box

as a cyclist
hunting mourners

to keep their numbers down.

Wednesday: finally a break: volleyball, then a school concert

Tomorrow: a central district rehearsal and concert from 9am-2pm
Sunday: learn the rest of "gia il sole dal gange"
Monday: auditions for music placement at high school
Tuesday: select choir after school
Wednesday: finally a break: volleyball, then a school concert
Thursday: piano lessons for an hour, voice lesson 1 1/2 hours
Friday: free! But then I miss music!

Music I  my life and I just love having a day off, but then I miss it too much!
Over whether a volleyball is pink or bubblegum.
Christa Leuning
Dec 3, 2011

Thursday, 1:36AM
A conversation
Stemming from a picture
Posted on Facebook
Over whether a volleyball is pink or bubblegum.

You girls should seriously get your eyes checked
Suggests its owner
Because the volleyball is most definitely not pink
Indeed bubblegum and white.

It is sad, he says,
That a college-aged person does not know
The basic colors of life.
He tells us I will pray for you
As if we are the ones who need to be atoned.
What is our sin?

Hes wondering why
God gave us such shallow minds
And bad color perception.

To this I take offense, especially since
Perception is not spelled
He brings
Conception, Construction and Liposuction
Into the mix.
Where is this going I asked What is the relevance
Of these things?
He has no answer…

The things I have learned from this
are very clear:
Pink does not equal bubblegum
Facebook does not equal
Intelligent conversation
And owning a pink volleyball
Does not equal being effeminate
And whether male or female
All are one.

While playing **volleyball**
Alyssa Renee
May 11, 2010

V-is for vowing to never drink vodka
While on our voluntaryvacation.
We have voiced our verification
In a high voltagevolcano
While playing volleyball
And checking our voicemail.
While in this void,
A terrifyingly vividvixen
Who was a model for vogue
In which she wore a V-neck dress,
And ate all her vitamins
Vocabulized with much volume,
Her vow
To always,
Drink vodka.

my bobby pin, taken from my hair after volleyball practice,
Scottie Green
Scottie Green
Jul 19, 2013

With my bobby pin, taken from my hair after volleyball practice,
I scrape black resin from a blue bowl
It's a rougher
Hash ball
But it loves on your brain just as much
And my arms are bruised from passing
They could use that numbing forgetfulness
That lurks  like stupidity
In the back of my brain


The pot just emphasizes it
The way gaudy clothes do on a pretty girl

That's me too sometimes

But I have a mother,
Just as you,
And she gave me dreamss
To live up to
A school of science and engineering
So...what do you do?

Volleyball, Tennis, and Running
Meghan O'Neill

I'm jealous of Anna
Green with envy
But as they say
Green is not a creative color.
Why can't I be as pretty as she is
Why can't the boys fawn over me
Why can't I play
Three different instruments
Why can't I speak five languages
Three of which fluently
Why can't I be good at
Volleyball, Tennis, and Running
Why can't I look as good
In a bikini as she does
Why can't I realize
That the truth is
Anna is jealous of me too

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