Aug 7, 2014

the loneliness in my heart screams so loud
it shatters me inside and out

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1 day ago

one day i might


these glass walls
and trudge with
blood across the

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Just shatter.
Andrew T Hannah
Andrew T Hannah
Mar 7, 2013

Nowhere left to go
At the crossroads
Just a man.

Searching the sand
For his fingerprints,
So long ago.

Echoes of yesterday
Mirrors across today

Almost time to die.

Frozen tears never fall
Just shatter.

Shatter me like the glass
Kimberly Clemens
Kimberly Clemens
Aug 4, 2014

It would be quite easy
for you to break me
Shatter me like the glass
I didn't know my heart was made of.
I'll repair like stone
And turn colder
But wiser?
When it comes to you
It seems as though my heart of stone
Turns to fragile glass
At any given moment
I think of you.

One day this world is gonna shatter
Feb 7, 2014

Im gonna run from the torment until it turns to laughter forget to dream cause i can't deal with my past
Pretend like today doesn't hurt
Ill be fine suffocating on my mask
Im living in world made out shadows and fear
One day this world is gonna shatter
And ill be right here.

I watched it shatter
Sep 11, 2014      Sep 12, 2014

I saw my heart break
I watched it shatter
It sat in pieces on the floor
And you asked me "what's the matter?"
As you walked towards me
I cried out in pain
You stood on the shards
And I felt your weight on my veins
You stared at me with a look of confusion
As if you couldn't see the broken mess
And you walked away
But that didn't make it hurt any less
So I sat on bloody knees
Trying to mend what was broken
After you crushed my heart
And left without a word spoken

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to shatter picture frames
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley
Feb 24, 2011

we are leaving behind dreams
crushed like flower petals
laying upon the less travelled path

wakened from a sense of peace
or as close we could reach
with bodies cemented to practicality

the infamy you will gain,
a spotlight of sympathy and pity
is worth the tears of blood

rebellion was your game
and a gluttony for greivances
the fruits of our demise

was it the desire of interest,
a beautiful melancholic tale
for the masses under your toes

to shatter picture frames
and shake the dust from our hearts
into our sorrowful lungs

poor and superficial soul
there is no sympathy for the devil
as he has none for such sinners

we will spend our days with blurred eyes
while the red carpet of purgatory
welcomes you as family

and should we ever meet again
your hope may wallow in the depths
of our blind condescension

organ keys shatter; dull ringing
Nov 16, 2013

"you're beautiful"
compliments slip so easily
rolls off the tongue
gliding; passing phrase

you say it enough till i begin
to believe it as much as you
want me to believe you
and i do, i do, i did
naive and foolish and as
broken as the day he left me

but you are a replacement, a shadow,
a puppet who took the place
of the boy i used to and still love
mere illusions of a past time
the heart grasps these empty sheets

oh hear!
dead silence when
the symphony stops
organ keys shatter; dull ringing
silence fills the space where
late night murmurs once were

for you see, sticks and stones
may break these hollow bones
but words will always devour
and destroy me


Then lash out. Shatter those.
Jun 30, 2013      Jul 2, 2013

Grind it beneath the heel.
Rotate the foot. Push. Hard.
Know the pain you can’t feel.
Like these exquisite shards
Aren’t cutting into flesh,
Churning all that blood
From that raw jagged gash
Unto a crimson flood.
Memories: those slivers
Once innocent and fond.
The heart sees, and withers.
Is this what time has spawned?
Then lash out. Shatter those.
Mind not that they coalesce
Relentlessly as ghosts.
Press hard against the mess,
Till pieces of the past
(Impossible, I know)
Settle into the dust
And fall back down below.

Against time, the windows shatter;
Claire Rubbelke
Claire Rubbelke
Oct 22, 2013

Wistful waters still at dawn;
Against time, the windows shatter;
Midnight mists unfurl in shadow,
Lost in the lonely light.

Marked in ink,
forgotten in glass,
etched in stone,
remembered at last.

Elegance is pointless, periodically torn apart by flame;
Candles flicker in the dark, burning bright, away;
Dawn is easiest forgotten when shadows are the light;
Lingering, the night, the night, Oh! grace, fright;
Withering against wind, shattering through snow,
Watchful whispers fill the sky, speak of demise;
Fear takes place of hope and joy, lost again;
Cursed by Apollo, feared by Pele, come back to me.

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