Aug 7, 2014

the loneliness in my heart screams so loud
it shatters me inside and out

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If I could shatter
Charlotte Emma Lewis

If I could shatter
into a million pieces
I would spread myself across the world
So that there could be a part of me
Settled in every place
Maybe then I’d find a home
For each little broken bit
Because if I don't belong
In one place
Then maybe I can find
Safety in many  
Maybe then I’d finally feel whole
For if no place has all of me,
Then nothing can break me

But that's not exactly true
Because there is still the Earth

And perhaps the wind will sweep
A fragment of me up
And drop me in the ocean
Maybe the ocean will take it
And work me down to nothing
Maybe somewhere else
A fire will burn me up
Or maybe the rain will come
To wash me away
Maybe a storm will pound me down

Maybe I will turn to dust...

Dust that covers this earth
Dust that will spread
across the Universe

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as I shatter in your arms.
Mary K
Mary K
Sep 16

My eyes are forced downward
I do not want to see the devastation that has now been cast upon this earth because of me
But I'm tired of being afraid
I choke back the tears and cling to those words
those three words that you spoke to me
and know that whatever happens,
you'll always be here ready to put me back together
as I shatter in your arms.
There's a war raging on right behind us
but we don't look back
we can't look back
We have to find a way to fix this.
I know my own strength
I know my wrath can turn into power if I just concentrate
and I know that I have grown
Because no matter what, I have me. And that's enough.
I'm going to need all the confidence I can get for what I am about to do.
Clinging onto the last shred of hope you inspired deep within me,
I turn and face the bloodied masses
and let everything go.
Everybody freezes on my silent command
And looks toward me
The ground fixes itself,
The trees stop trembling
The wind dies down and comes to me where I let the power of it coarse through my bloodstream.
Using this energy I open my mouth
and begin speaking to every tattered soldier
now sanding in place on the battlefield
And I tell them its okay
I tell them the war is over
I feel the wave of relief fly over them like its something tangible.
Then I close my eyes,
exhausted from fighting
but I know I can't collapse yet
I turn and rush towards you
and let you in on my biggest secret of all
"I love you too" I tell you
And behind us there is chaos
And in front of us is a new world waiting to be formed
But the earth could stop turning right now
And I don't think I'd mind all that much
Now that its just me and you

when I read good books I write shitty poems based off of them and that's not okay someone make me stop
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one day i might


these glass walls
and trudge with
blood across the

Please Comment
Just shatter.
Andrew T Hannah
Andrew T Hannah
Mar 7, 2013

Nowhere left to go
At the crossroads
Just a man.

Searching the sand
For his fingerprints,
So long ago.

Echoes of yesterday
Mirrors across today

Almost time to die.

Frozen tears never fall
Just shatter.

Shatter me like the glass
Kimberly Clemens
Kimberly Clemens
Aug 4, 2014

It would be quite easy
for you to break me
Shatter me like the glass
I didn't know my heart was made of.
I'll repair like stone
And turn colder
But wiser?
When it comes to you
It seems as though my heart of stone
Turns to fragile glass
At any given moment
I think of you.

Taylor Stein
Taylor Stein
Dec 5, 2012


I am
An empty cup
A broken cistern
Run out
Dried up

I am
An empty room
All but gone
What will I be?
Where will I go?
My hope it fades
The darkness rolls
Why another mountain?
Why another storm?

I don't know if I can run again
My legs already weary
My heart already weak
A hear a song
It sings out loud
Through my tears
Hope will come
But now I hurt
Now I break

I need a guide
A light for my path
Before the demons come
Before they steal my soul
Devouring all I am
Let me stand
For 'ere I fall

A high cliff
A broken mountain
Fight, fight, fight

Run for the hills
Run for freedom
Tears streaming down your cheek
A hole in your heart
No plug for the leak
No words to speak

Let the sun rise
If it can
If I can stand.


I saw her and thought I'd shatter,
Michael Humbert

With her, I knew no control,
Consequence, tragedy,
Still take their toll

I saw her and thought I'd shatter,
I gasped, clutched my heart,
Ripped and tattered

She looked like heaven incarnate,
I felt like hell, struck,
Cursed love, damned fate

Mar 23, 2014

Everything I so highly protected has been widely affected even the good parts of me have also been infected the demons at bay quietly detected I am no longer safe even though it took me so long to perfect it the bars that I built were so strong and perfected I would've never suspected the power of love would've been the one to deject them now I'm left entirely disconnected living in a world inside of me that I alone projected my fragile soul left unprotected the pieces that were broken shattered now left uncollected good versus evil my feelings misdirected everything I thought I was doing right intersected by the bitter reality that not everything is how I dissected if I could take it all back I would if only I could they say not to regret anything in your life but you left me no choice you broke me with all of your night now I'm left with strife I don't even know what's wrong and what's right how could you have the power to break me apart knowing that you entirely held unto my heart

One day this world is gonna shatter
Feb 7, 2014

Im gonna run from the torment until it turns to laughter forget to dream cause i can't deal with my past
Pretend like today doesn't hurt
Ill be fine suffocating on my mask
Im living in world made out shadows and fear
One day this world is gonna shatter
And ill be right here.

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