Oct 4, 2016

strange things:
the same hands we raise
in victory are those we
lift in surrender, just as
joy is known because
we've tasted the fruit
that sadness yields.

© Qwey.ku

#sadness   #joy   #sweet   #bitter   #sweets   #yingyang  
I didn't have a sweet sixteen.
Jun 28, 2014

I didn't have a sweet sixteen.
I didn't have a sweet anything.
But I didn't complain,
I had no right to.
I was a bad girl,
And besides,
Sixteens not all that sweet anyways.

Being 16 sucked
#sweet   #sixteen  
Its taste so **sweet** feel like heaven!
Oct 16, 2015

Its rainbow color that catch peoples' eyes,
Its taste so sweet feel like heaven!
But sweet little or big CANDY is not made for
it's special only for the ONE
that appreciated every sweet  moments in life :)

#sweet   #moment  
Apr 17, 2015

No thank you.
I'm sweets-intolerant.
No sweets, no toothaches.

And I hate dentists.
#10w   #sweets  
Sugar way too sweet,

Sugar, saccharine,
Addictions too mean,
Sugar way too sweet,
Makes you fat heaps!
Yummy, sticky, too sweet,
Addictions we must beat,
Sugar, saccharine,
Withdrawal makes you mean.....

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Her name's sweet Jane
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Oct 30, 2015


Her orient smile
Canst maketh a sick child
Walk if once was lame;


Tis she's wild
With an innocent smile
O' how heaven's untamed.


Her name's sweet Jane
A cherub of oriental flame;
She drive's me mad, crazy, insane in a good way.


Thence back to her smile
I jump back inside her aisle;
O' heaven is sweet,
O' how heaven is sweet in sweet Jane!!!

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley ( Filipino rose)

Lollies are sweet
Aug 12, 2014

Lollies are sweet
Lemons are sour
Open your legs and give me one hour

#sweet   #sour  
eunsung aka Silas
eunsung aka Silas
Aug 31, 2014

may your love illumine
like the sun
the darkness that lurks
in my heart

may your love quench
my thirst
I have never experienced
the sweetness of love
until now

#love   #sweetness   #thirst  
I don't mind the sweet-nothings
Jake Griffith
Jake Griffith
Oct 5, 2014

I don't mind the sweet-nothings
you whisper
into my ear every night.
I also don't mind the black smoke
I fill my lungs with
when you leave.

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