The habits of the righteous servant reflect
Joseph J Breunig 3rd

The habits of the righteous servant reflect
a certain posture of pleasing The Master.
Walking in Love is evident, when we recognize
what the heart of Christ is truly after.

Bearing fruit, living lives in desperate times,
becomes much easier when we share our burdens.
Let’s practice living harmoniously each day,
before joining together in Heaven’s garden.

Real Love, always requires acts of action;
Even Christ washed the feet of the Apostles
to demonstrate that all forms of compassion
can vary from the smallest act to miracles.

Societal importance is an artificial construct,
that demonstrates a poor example of attitude.
Christ’s example has been set eternally before us,
shining before Man with the mindset of servitude.

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Matt 20:25-26; Acts 10:38

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2013, All rights reserved.

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I'm a servant to my dreams
Salomé Albrecht
Salomé Albrecht
Aug 14, 2014

I'm a servant to my dreams
As bitter as it seems
I'd say no, not today it isn't

Assumptions you made to pain
the every word that comes out
of your mouth, that falls from
your lips so to say

I'm a servant to my memories
As bitter as it seems
I'd say no, not today it isn't

Throw away the regret
left on the outside of my own
faceless fears and weaknesses

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Dec 4, 2013

She sees you
as greater than what you really are
She sacrifices herself
for your name
She is entirely

He doesn't wish to hear her name
He cares not about what She does
He is past the embraces they shared

for every moment of intimacy
She tries to make him see
that She is his potential everything

He, however, is so lost in his image
the only thing He wishes to see is
in all his greatness

She sees it too
in her own self
yet chooses to ignore it
in favor of wasting her greatness
grovelling at his feet
and begging for forgiveness
on something
She never did

I want my attitude to be one of a servant like yours is.
Eddie Starr Poetry

O Might One , to have the right attitude here on the earth.
I want my attitude to be one of a servant like yours is.
Teach me to become a servant working here for you.
One whom says how may I serve you today people.
So create in me a servant heart, then use me Lord.
No matter what the cost give to me a servant heart.
So that I may be just like you Lord, give me a servant heart.

The reluctant slut is the willing servant...
Andre nalin

The reluctant slut is the willing servant...

Make of it what you will
Loyal Servant.
Martina Moriarty McCarthy

I offered you? all that is of my being
I never met you!
but now you know my every desire
You have the power to indulge my every thought!
I wait... knowing you are watching my every move
you intoxicate the air that I need-
the nourishment I crave-
the love I require!
Your command is my eternal pleasure
I await the miracle of your vision
I am, and always will be your
Loyal Servant.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Martina Moriarty

a servant of the abyss
Jana Chehab
Jana Chehab
Oct 24, 2014

He wandered the pages of a languid space
a servant of the abyss
in ghastly fear, he stepped and stumbled
upon my ruins as his heartrace tumbled
down the stairs of the starry abyss
a trajectory of dread
his fingertips painted
of words with heads
letters with legs
and poems of death
on the walls of the abyss
he, of all, the servant of those
who are older than we
shuddered at the noise
of the silence behind
and of what was waiting ahead
narrow paths; alas
servant; alas; were crowded with dread
he wandered the pages of a languid space
where dandelions embraced his uncanny footsteps
and a rebirth, they claimed
he caressed the poems of my demonic despair
what have gotten the servant
to my robotic disgrace
as he escaped the abyss
where my dirges; remained

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A servant for lust
Beauteous Beast
Beauteous Beast
Aug 19, 2014

An orphan of love,
A servant for lust

What the hell. I have not been on for five days. Sorry
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Caleb Hammonds
Caleb Hammonds
Aug 20, 2014

My mind is on the clock with no rest
Searching in the deep
Peace is my peak
So I simplify
If I buy the newest ride
I consider could I give it up
If not I drop
If so I cop
What is a knot for
But to buy love
New friends to support
With hopes to cultivate a family
That feeling I get
When my real brothers next to me
A user of money
To bring out the best in me
And giving is my destiny

Facebook: Caleb DreamChaser Hammonds
Twitter and Instagram: learn_agapelife

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y countenance of a slithering slimy see servant,
Passius Ashe

nebulous mercury, or old neb as friendly namesome, was a longtime salty marner.

one day he was seasonally easing along with the flotsam and jetsons

when there appeared before his worn and weary orbs a macabre confoundment,

the vastly ghastly countenance of a slithering slimy see servant,

a critter that rose from the sea and had to hunch over so as not to break the sky,

the kind of monstrosity you only see in miffs.

he began to wrap his protuberances and testicles around the clig as to make repast. 

ohh, dreadful tingers draggled forlorn! 

shunned and electrolytical he was, old neb, awash in gloombulches and grovel gullies.

but then old neb snapped to! "Not my chipper clig you don't!" he charged allowed as he fingled forth in fury!

the battle eschewed in the stub of legends. old neb will ever be memorial for what he did that day.

to this very day, indeed up to this very moment right now, even chipper cligs flying scallion bones cut him a big bertha,

such is the perspective they feel for him

no hobo, but a bodily chum.

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