The habits of the righteous servant reflect
Joseph J Breunig 3rd

The habits of the righteous servant reflect
a certain posture of pleasing The Master.
Walking in Love is evident, when we recognize
what the heart of Christ is truly after.

Bearing fruit, living lives in desperate times,
becomes much easier when we share our burdens.
Let’s practice living harmoniously each day,
before joining together in Heaven’s garden.

Real Love, always requires acts of action;
Even Christ washed the feet of the Apostles
to demonstrate that all forms of compassion
can vary from the smallest act to miracles.

Societal importance is an artificial construct,
that demonstrates a poor example of attitude.
Christ’s example has been set eternally before us,
shining before Man with the mindset of servitude.

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
Matt 20:25-26; Acts 10:38

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2013, All rights reserved.

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I'm a servant to my dreams
Salomé Albrecht

I'm a servant to my dreams
As bitter as it seems
I'd say no, not today it isn't

Assumptions you made to pain
the every word that comes out
of your mouth, that falls from
your lips so to say

I'm a servant to my memories
As bitter as it seems
I'd say no, not today it isn't

Throw away the regret
left on the outside of my own
faceless fears and weaknesses

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Dec 4, 2013

She sees you
as greater than what you really are
She sacrifices herself
for your name
She is entirely

He doesn't wish to hear her name
He cares not about what She does
He is past the embraces they shared

for every moment of intimacy
She tries to make him see
that She is his potential everything

He, however, is so lost in his image
the only thing He wishes to see is
in all his greatness

She sees it too
in her own self
yet chooses to ignore it
in favor of wasting her greatness
grovelling at his feet
and begging for forgiveness
on something
She never did

Loyal Servant.
Martina Moriarty McCarthy

I offered you? all that is of my being
I never met you!
but now you know my every desire
You have the power to indulge my every thought!
I wait... knowing you are watching my every move
you intoxicate the air that I need-
the nourishment I crave-
the love I require!
Your command is my eternal pleasure
I await the miracle of your vision
I am, and always will be your
Loyal Servant.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Martina Moriarty

My mind is on the clock with no rest
Searching in the deep
Peace is my peak
So I simplify
If I buy the newest ride
I consider could I give it up
If not I drop
If so I cop
What is a knot for
But to buy love
New friends to support
With hopes to cultivate a family
That feeling I get
When my real brothers next to me
A user of money
To bring out the best in me
And giving is my destiny

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Twitter and Instagram: learn_agapelife

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A servant for lust

An orphan of love,
A servant for lust

What the hell. I have not been on for five days. Sorry
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David Barr
David Barr
Nov 25, 2013

Connection involves a reciprocal flow where being detaches from nothingness into an inseparable unity.
So, let us acknowledge the colours and feel the vibrations as they transcend the parameters of compartmentalism, into an infinite and unified whole.
Attempts continue to socialise us into the abyss of perceptual bankruptcy with materialistic carrots where the fabric is truly frayed despite plausible and intellectual argument.
So, I want to talk with you as we swim in deep rivers of generational statements, which are released from the conglomerate of necrotic unions. I raise my glass to realms which lie beyond tangible and finite chords.

                   \         0
                       \     /\

She of the 1000 dreams

The many promises


are we still so afraid ?

If we don't act soon
We shall surely die


( if we say we do not see
if we pretend we do
not know )

Cool the waters of infinity



We are more than we are showing

We MUST be free


Get out of school

Give it your best shot
And be home

You are the best thing ever happened
To the world

Be the servant of goddess lotus!
Williamsji Maveli
Williamsji Maveli
Aug 10, 2013      Aug 11, 2013

Dress in saris, wear ornaments in gold
Around your neck and on the breasts;
Be a girl; be shy; be womanish bold;
Be a wife; be a cook; be spiritually good;
Adore men, especially your husband;
Be submissive; be polite; be loyal;
Be the servant of goddess lotus!
Dwell in clay; live under the water;
Show light to sun; moon and stars!
Be soft; embrace in love; fade into water!


The kings servant, a crooked piece of meat,

One year from the day
In the sweltering heat of Spring
Sprang forth the violets writ'
By a fatherly hand in blood and ink

The castle stood like a grey giant
Behind the light blue of the skies cream.
A forgotten soul hocked their wears
As a king wept hearing of her daughters schemes.

She walked through the violets, her hair
In a bun, and her hands by her side.
The sun wailed its rays down on her,
Not feeling any urge to run and hide.

"You've ruined me!" the king screamed,
"Like a ball of yarn, you've undone me!"
His face was ruby red as sweat poured
From every pore of his shaking misery.

"Father," the girl consoled, "My love has no limits.
I am not a bird, so the sky is not my cage.
Or am I a fish, where the ocean has its walls.
She smiled at the sky, seeing natures stage.

The kings servant, a crooked piece of meat,
With gold around his neck and silk around his feet,
Scampered up beside the king like a toad and whispered,
"Dear King," he said, "Let me have a little speak."

Startled, the king kicked up his robes
And slapped him hard for acting so.
The bloodline was thick with violence,
So any family member was up for a row.

"Come over here pony!" beckoned the king to his stead,
"I've got something that I need of you."
The servant handed the horse to the high king
Pondering in the back of his bent mind if he should sing...

The king burst forth from the stable
And left his daughter staring at the days sky
The servant, trailing on the kings tail with a mule,
Was slowly turning the truth into a lie.

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