path there are different rocks


nobody can truly know
another person's trouble

even if they walk the same
path there are different rocks

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Rocks for Sale – Fifty Cents”
Phil Lindsey

Drivin’ with the kids in tow
Windows down, nowhere to go
Hands outside, feel wind blow
On country roads, fields passin’ slow.

Saw a hayrack sittin’ by a fence
“Rocks for Sale – Fifty Cents”
Thought I, it makes no earthly sense
To demand for rocks some recompense.

But the sign - unique enough to hail
(I protested - but to no avail)
The missus and the kids prevailed
A sale you see, is still a sale!

Before day and feelings I did mar
Realizing for the course it’s par
I turned around and stopped the car
It’s what I’ve become, and whom we are .

To the rack and rocks the kids did sprint
I got closer, had to squint
So I could read the finer print
Kids might have seen, but care they din’t.

Said the bigger rocks did cost a buck
I knew then that I was out of luck
Between a hard place and a rock I’m stuck
‘Twas bait and switch, and smelled like muck.

But the kids had picked from rocks galore
Put them in the trunk to store
The rack was less some rocks times four
And the coffee can had four bucks more!
PwL  5/16/15

May 19      May 19

If you were a rock you'd be a diamond,
no not a diamond but a ruby
Not because of your red hair
but because of your impurity

Because even with impurity,
you still shine so bright to me.

I would be a lump of coal
burning bright
so you can shine,
for one brief moment
My light is thine.

little red i love you so much.  But i worry that maybe... i don't give you the light that you deserve
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Rocks are
elsa angelica
elsa angelica
Jan 17      Jan 17

Rocks are
beautiful because
they don't feel pain.
How I envy them.
It must be nice not to feel
a heartache ever.
Nor shed a tear.
Nor die.
How I wish I was
a rock and still love
without pain.

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Rocks; these are my rocks.
Jacob Daniel Ellinger

Rocks; these are my rocks.
Sediments: make me sedimental.
Smooth and round, asleep in the ground.
Shades of brown and gray abound.
~Maud Pie

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I waited for rocks to fall
Johanna Magdalena

I waited for rocks to fall
I waited for sorrow to pour
Down on us like it could end the drought
Picked up a rock real slow
Waited for another blow
Until the world would blackout

I waited for the rocks to sting
Like I knew this day was coming
Chasing us because we were elated
Picked up the words I had spilled
The next moment silence filled
We both hung our heads and waited

I waited for rocks to fall
I waited for sorrow to pour
Down on us like it could fill the gaps
Every bleeding painful cleft
Until I had no love for you left
Until this moment would elapse

I waited for sound to breakthrough
I looked at all the rocks we threw
Chasing away each other in fear
All the gray rocks and gravel
As a symbol of our lost battle
The only trace that you were here

This poem was written this April. I love using nature in my poems.
Copyright @ Johanna Magdalena
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  We love to see all kinds of hard rocks      &nbs

There is that pretty Rock Of Suicide                                                                          That is located behind our eyes and                                                                            Behind our ears in this world ...                                                                                    Behind mountains and those plains ,                                                                           There are unseen and invisible worlds                                                                             We always keep them in our minds ...                                                                        From that side , where that Rock Of                                                                                 Suicide is located , we can see only                                                                                  A few chains of mountains that overlook                                                                        On many directions here and there ....                                                                        We only guess that there are things                                                                              Bewilder us with their invisible sights ...                                                                       We love to see all kinds of hard rocks                                                                           In all directions and in the opposite                                                                              Directions anytime,anywhere,and                                                                                Everywhere on the surface of our planet ...

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caitlyn renee
caitlyn renee
May 27, 2014      May 27, 2014

my face smashed against the concrete
when you kicked me from your
life; i'm still picking jagged stones
from the spaces between my
teeth. because of this,

i don't smile

i don't like it when people leave.
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The more rocks a man has for a brain,
βέƦẙḽ Dṏṽ the Smartass Rabbi

The more rocks a man has for a brain,
the more rocks they'll throw when you complain.

dumber than a box of rocks
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