Natalie DiFederico
Natalie DiFederico
Jul 16, 2014

I am in love with emotion and
The idea of feeling things like they are
A color of the sky
Or a sound in my headphones
Or the texture of my blankets.
I wrap myself in vinyl records to
Read a stranger's mind.
I share the twinkle of passion
In the eye of the dreamer.
I drown myself in yellow and grey and green and blue to
Taste a rainbow.
I bleed myself dry to
Lick the hearts of the dead.
I set fire to my nerves to
Take a ride on my adrenaline.
I would do anything to feel something
Even if it is all in my head.

emotions are weird and this poem is a bit weird too
Rosalie Walker
Rosalie Walker
Nov 6, 2014

It's making me insane
Making me not the same

#desperate   #same   #insane   #making  
May 16

Stay in my life
Oh baby, please, I beg you

#desperate   #stay   #10w  
Jul 9

The tides were strong
but I held on tight
to that thin string of love?
you had me tied.

#love   #desperate   #strong  
I am desperate to find that sense of *normality*
lost girl
lost girl
Jul 5, 2014      Jul 6, 2014

I am desperate to find that sense of normality
I grasp for it
as if it is water
and I haven't had a drink for months.

I am desperate to find comfort in my life now
Rather than later
I am tired of waiting and feeling
as if I am an alien
in my own skin.

I am desperate to start living
I am stressed out
and tired of watching life
pass me by
as if I am invisible.


#living   #desperate   #if   #me   #my   #invisible   #by   #pass   #as   #normality  
I found myself desperate,
Old Soul
Old Soul
4 days ago

The other morning,
I found myself worried,
About what I was going to wear
And how I was going to look.

The next day,
I found myself renewed,
Doing things I would never do
Hoping you were watching quietly.

The day after that,
I found myself anxious,
Wondering when I would hear from you again
Hoping it was you every time my phone rang.

All day yesterday,
I found myself daydreaming,
About the next time we meet
And how I want so much more.

Now we reach today,
I found myself desperate,
Needing to know how you are feeling
Because you have me feeling crazy.

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I'm desperate
Alexis A
Alexis A
Dec 1, 2014

Help me
I'm desperate
I have puke in my hair

Help me
I'm desperate
I threw up twice in an hour

Help me
I'm desperate
No one sees the pain I'm in

Help me
I'm desperate
Or is there even a point?

A bulimic's cry. I don't want to live like this anymore, yet I know no other way. Anyways, recovery never lasts. She always comes back.
I know that it sounds desperate-
Quinton Horras Yard

What i had-
Recently, come lost to me.

Like winter looses warmth-
And the sidewalk looses leaves.

I see them in the trees-
I hope that they miss me.

I know that it sounds desperate-
Its desperate, I agree.

I'm Desperate I'm Desperate I'm Desperate
Ashlynn Smith
Ashlynn Smith
Dec 9, 2014

I'm Desperate I'm Desperate I'm Desperate
Why Can't you hear me?
I'm Desperate I'm Desperate I'm Desperate
Why can't you see me?
I'm Desperate I'm Desperate I'm Desperate
Please love me
Because  I'm Desperate I'm Desperate I'm Desperate

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