Christine Chirdon
Christine Chirdon
Jun 22, 2013

I ain't desperate
I am just reaching for the light
cus I haven't seen the sun in four whole years
and now it is glinting favorably
in a hole up above

I'm not desperate
just torn up inside
you see, the unicorns in my imagination
went on strike
and it ended in riots
the papers said so.

Fact is, there is a difference
between being desperate
and impatient

MS Lynch
MS Lynch
Jun 20, 2013

I need my heels to be suspended overhead,
Someone to haunt my dreams, and hug me in my bed.
Let me go crazy for you, make me go cloudy-eyed,
For love ain’t deaf and it ain’t dumb, but it damn makes you blind.
I’m tired of the assholes, show me someone real,
Who’s magical inside and out and reminds me how to feel.

I can tell when I'm trying to hard to sound like what I feel a writer should.

I'm getting kind of desperate
Ashley Spence

I'm getting kind of desperate
And that's not a good thing to own
But maybe I wouldn't be gripping so hard
If I didn't know I was alone.

Monica Mourad
Aug 16, 2011

Lost as my world comes crashing down
I fall down on my knees
As the pain slowly like a disease
Seeps into my heart
Slowly tearing it apart
Tears no longer able to hide
Come crashing down like hail
On a face I no longer knew.

Darkness gradually fills my heart
The emptiness creeps in my veins
Slowly numbing the pain
Love no longer exists
Hate becomes my life support

I close my eyes begging you for a sign
A glimpse of your light
A sense of your warmth
A taste of your peace
Anything please save me from myself
I can’t do this on my own anymore
I need you please just stay with me tonight.

Watching the desperate girl,
Dakota Schmidt
May 12, 2010

Watching the desperate girl,
Soon to be dead,
As she raises that nine
Milimeter to her pounding head.

Her beautiful face, so
Full of tears, now
Lets loose her unbelievable fears.
She's experienced her

Most horrible nightmares,
Because she thinks that nobody cares.
Looking to the sky, now,
For the answers she's never known,

Feeling guilty of the
Hurt she's never shown.
Her finger twitches for the trigger,
Only seconds remaining,

Until she will let out all the
Frustration she's been containing.
The gun goes off with a deafening roar,
And now everyone will know why the desperate girl is no more.

This poem was inspired by my best friend for her strong sense of right and wrong.. (This is what could have happened to you Kitty, don't forget that.)
Desperate and under an influence
Kimberley Holmes
Jul 10, 2010

Desperate and under an influence
Not one to which I will admit
To the depths of nothing and back
Spiralling away from the fiery light
I’ve forgotten what saved me
I hate what has taken me
It’s always under my skin
Defiant, but not quite within.

I am desperate.
Kristen Nix
Nov 24, 2011


I lay myself before the throne, broken and alone.
A mess I am, as I lay facedown before you.
Tears are no longer held back by the dam I've built for my protection.
Your very presence knocks them down, returning me back to my original design.
They fall fast and they fall free.
My God, my God, I can't do it alone.
I'm so tired of trying to keep myself together.
I hate this.

Help me.
I am desperate.
Crying out for you

Jul 17, 2013

i'm only trying to find my way back home
because all i've been feeling is lost and alone
i need somebody to show me the way
so it'll be clear as day

whether i am to stay

Dec 17, 2012

There are two sides of this agony,
In which both guide me to misery.
I want him to know it hurts me.
I want him to know why.
But I do not want to lose him,
Despite my pain it would only hurt worse,
If I were to know he'd never hold me
in his arms again.

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