I know that it sounds desperate-
Quinton Horras Yard

What i had-
Recently, come lost to me.

Like winter looses warmth-
And the sidewalk looses leaves.

I see them in the trees-
I hope that they miss me.

I know that it sounds desperate-
Its desperate, I agree.

Oct 11, 2014

and maybe it isn't desperation until you're wide awake at 2:41am, crying and gasping for air as you find yourself carving metaphors into your skin in the dark

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I'm desperate
Alexis A
Alexis A
Dec 1, 2014

Help me
I'm desperate
I have puke in my hair

Help me
I'm desperate
I threw up twice in an hour

Help me
I'm desperate
No one sees the pain I'm in

Help me
I'm desperate
Or is there even a point?

A bulimic's cry. I don't want to live like this anymore, yet I know no other way. Anyways, recovery never lasts. She always comes back.

fading into nothing
seeking oblivion
only to find
rock bottom

Rosalie Walker
Rosalie Walker
Nov 6, 2014

It's making me insane
Making me not the same

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Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney
Feb 12, 2015

her pale legs
and knees brown
with soil
from a yard
in Vermont

it wasn’t our yard
and they weren’t our friends

a stolen

Elizabeth Lawrence
Elizabeth Lawrence
Feb 27, 2015

Please, take me away to somewhere that feels like home.

Copyright 2-27-2015 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
May 16, 2015

Stay in my life
Oh baby, please, I beg you

#desperate   #stay   #10w  

Am tired of living
At the mercy of others.
Feeding from the hands
Of the donors.
Following their plans
For they are the leaders.
If my destiny would falter
For they are the vultures
Preying on my dreams
For only I possess
The power of the dreamers.
Am just tired of living at the mercy of others!

Swords and Roses
Swords and Roses
Nov 20, 2015

lost in the darkness
no mind, no morals, no me
something, anything
fearing present and future
clutch at maybes, broken nails

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