I am in love with emotion and
The idea of feeling things like they are
A color of the sky
Or a sound in my headphones
Or the texture of my blankets.
I wrap myself in vinyl records to
Read a stranger's mind.
I share the twinkle of passion
In the eye of the dreamer.
I drown myself in yellow and grey and green and blue to
Taste a rainbow.
I bleed myself dry to
Lick the hearts of the dead.
I set fire to my nerves to
Take a ride on my adrenaline.
I would do anything to feel something
Even if it is all in my head.

emotions are weird and this poem is a bit weird too

It's making me insane
Making me not the same

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I am desperate to find that sense of *normality*
lost girl
lost girl
Jul 5      Jul 6

I am desperate to find that sense of normality
I grasp for it
as if it is water
and I haven't had a drink for months.

I am desperate to find comfort in my life now
Rather than later
I am tired of waiting and feeling
as if I am an alien
in my own skin.

I am desperate to start living
I am stressed out
and tired of watching life
pass me by
as if I am invisible.


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I know that it sounds desperate-
Quinton Horras Yard

What i had-
Recently, come lost to me.

Like winter looses warmth-
And the sidewalk looses leaves.

I see them in the trees-
I hope that they miss me.

I know that it sounds desperate-
Its desperate, I agree.

Christine Chirdon
Christine Chirdon
Jun 22, 2013

I ain't desperate
I am just reaching for the light
cus I haven't seen the sun in four whole years
and now it is glinting favorably
in a hole up above

I'm not desperate
just torn up inside
you see, the unicorns in my imagination
went on strike
and it ended in riots
the papers said so.

Fact is, there is a difference
between being desperate
and impatient

MS Lynch
MS Lynch
Jun 20, 2013

I need my heels to be suspended overhead,
Someone to haunt my dreams, and hug me in my bed.
Let me go crazy for you, make me go cloudy-eyed,
For love ain’t deaf and it ain’t dumb, but it damn makes you blind.
I’m tired of the assholes, show me someone real,
Who’s magical inside and out and reminds me how to feel.

Jun 13

I am desperately trying to cling to life,
But I am running out of reason to do so.
I am desperately trying to reach the light,
But darkness is all I have to show.
This is your fault and mine as well,
Mine for letting you get the best of me.
But I will desperately try to fight to be free,
From the clutches that hold onto me tightly.

I can tell when I'm trying to hard to sound like what I feel a writer should.

"Desperate" still rings in my ears.

Its not what you called me that bugs me

"Desperate" still rings in my ears.

Its that after everything I'm still so fucking fragile that your words can still play my fucking puppeteer.

Desperate for one another

I want to feel your lips press against mine, I want to feel the way orchids bloom along my neck trailing like a soft breeze down to my collarbones.
Make me moan

I want to feel your hand press into the small of my back
Your fingers to grasp my sides
Desperate for one another
Pushing me against the wall, cold to the touch but you have ignited me
I want to feel your touch on my hips

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