*Inclusion: the action or state of including
Deontra' Demeritte

Inclusion: the action or state of including
or being included within a group or structure

Solution: a means of solving a problem or
dealing with a difficult situation

Now, is ‘inclusion’ the ‘solution’?

Is confiding not always in yourself,
but being able to confide in people you trust:
a group,
a team,
not an impeccably simple way to solve complications?

Some people that dwell in isolation
succumb to despondency and desolation
and invariably,
wrap themselves in a costume of facades.
Inclusion eradicates these issues.

We as humans
want answers to our questions,
resolutions to our complications;
a myriad of different perspectives
can quickly enlighten and open the eyes
of those who truly seek a solution.

Solution to what?
Solutions to those “impossible questions”,
Solutions to those “exasperating situations” we can’t seem to get out,
Solutions to those “family troubles”
"relationship troubles",
"work troubles",
most importantly,
those “social problems”.

Inclusion is no secret,
it’s the biggest weapon we as people have.
Inclusion gives all of its users the power
to control.
Inclusion is power,
the real wealth beneath our skins.
With inclusion,
we have the solution.


I wish I had the gift of inclusion.
Hayden Jae
Hayden Jae
Sep 18, 2016

I wish I had a one and only.
Like, the one and only to rule all one and only's.
A best friend. Someone to love.
Someone to tell everything to,
Someone to hold and who will hold me.
I wish I may, I wish I might.

I wish I had the gift of inclusion.
Like, inclusion into all groups and areas ever.
A free entry card. An easy pass.
Somewhere to call home,
Somewhere to feel free to be me.
I wish I may, I wish I might.

I wish I had the heart they say I do.
Like, the heart to trump all hearts.
A caring heart. A selfless heart.
Some way to stop hurting,
Some way to stop thinking.
I wish I may, I wish I might.

Just mindless wishing. No one responds to my texts sometimes and I'm so lonely and messed up that I get paranoid that my phone maybe just isn't receiving things and that people actually are responding. Nope.
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Feb 6, 2016

intruding light
has corrupted
black night's
real character.

What's good, what's bad
is altering something from
the original nature, justified
even if in the name of development?
M L Soo
Nov 9, 2016

I have things
to say-
but there are
for my silence..

Damian Murphy
Damian Murphy
Mar 21, 2016

Some leaders thrive on their power,
Great leaders strive to empower.
Some feel power is absolute,
The great ones though... know the real truth.

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Tanisha Jackland
Tanisha Jackland
Dec 30, 2015

I reach  
into you
searching for
something familiar

We have forgotten
we were
once inseparable

All of us
rising out of  
the great expanse

We’ll live again
like the stars
born again
on the

We are stardust.
#love   #acceptance   #caring   #mama   #loving   #your   #papa   #empathetic   #inclusive  
Dec 16, 2014

Wednesdays and Fridays:
The only days I jump out of bed
Filled with
I walk into the classroom,
Trade my sadness for a dose of jubilance.
I feel alive again.

A dozen 3 year olds swarm the room,
the melting pot.
Labels such as: typical, Downs syndrome, autistic, deaf
Come together to morph into a magical classroom.
“The Tree House Room”.
Differences are not feared in the eyes of these little humans,
They are

These are the days I live for.

Of inclusion,

To those who say I am not enough:
What box of yours did I not check today?
For that is what you seem to be curating with your life
Empty boxes
Except for those tenderly placed checks that don't even come close to filling those boxes up
I do not want your empty boxes
There is enough emptiness in the world without you forcing yours on others
In my life, I want to curate boxes full of love,
Of hope
Of tenderness,
Of acceptance
Of inclusion,
Of forgiveness,
Of unconditional, raw, fulfilling purpose and everything-ness,
That everyone should find at least once.
For it is when these boxes are full of the good and true things of life,
That they become gifts.
And it is these gifts that should be given to one another,
Not these empty boxes with the ghosts of your disappointed expectations
That I will never be able to check and satisfy you,
Or bring happiness to you.
So I do not care I am not enough to you,
That I fail at checking your empty boxes.
Because here I am,
Bearing my giftboxes that I have tried so desperately to fill,
Hoping that you become brave enough to open them and find
You are more than enough,
And you can leave the shackles of your empty boxes and checks behind.

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