Jul 18, 2013

Maybe I’ll never make a good father,
the world has shown me it’s ugly face.
I see things too logically,
too realistically.
The things I’ve done and seen,
my dark sense of humour,
twisted sources of entertainment
and sexuality.
My sedated emotions
and even my choice of forensics profession
all these things probably makes me
a pretty bad father,
bad husband,
bad boyfriend…
And probably
a bad person.


James Wisp
Aug 11, 2011

A retroactive reconstruction of
whats forgotten forms what’s real.
We rob and steal
past transgressions,
but what happens
when the  mechanisms making memories
twist elegantly toward
the ego?

forensic scientists
K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Dec 10, 2011

your nail marks,
forensic scientists
would remark
as fatal attacks!

a foot-state forensic statue of in-
Nov 24, 2013

the slam poets demise before
a foot-state forensic statue of in-
vest-in-grey-tongues cutes me in
to 5 different  animal high-rises

(like he meant it)

Who forensic wonder
Raymond Crump
Raymond Crump
Jun 19, 2011

Who are who look
Through gazed window
Attention glazed whom
        None knew who steal
        Care sought answer
Who mute at window move

Slight shadow
Droplet tears
Lost city ghost

Who forensic wonder
Who cutaway found
Uncertain broken ground
Cloud circling shark

Shards of thought
Diamond scratch the glass
Weekend wilted grass view
Litter blown listless below

The weighted cloth
The china clog
The fireplace tiles
Cold as dead stars.

dec 2009

ll we drown together in deep lagoons of forensic cognitions, my seductress of medieval e
David Barr

Shall we drown together in deep lagoons of forensic cognitions, my seductress of medieval echelons?
As your mouth is already full, I strongly recommend that you masticate that which you initially intended to ingest.
We could become spellbound by the moon. What do you think my Vedic chant of austere arrhythmias?
I suggest that we simply need to interact without reserve amidst this toxicity of inhibition. The sound of the violin is hauntingly beautiful as it conveys literary intensity.

Forensic psychology is not an exact science, des
David Barr
David Barr
Nov 7, 2013

Forensic psychology is not an exact science, despite the lofty assertions of those who are deemed to have expertise in the face of non-empathic presumption.
Please, do not dismiss the wisdom of those who are seasoned in the metaphorical school of life. It is far too expensive, even though there is an apparent and mutual understanding between those on each side of the great divide.
Dazzling suits and coherent reports do not adequately represent intricate diversities in the docks of criminality where the laughter of the prosecution echoes throughout the beams of formality.
Therefore, sociopathy and psychopathy remain to be inadequately defined.

Sniper victim 4 lay in a forensic
Dec 31, 2012

The snipers rifle hung from the parapet
still warm, cordite drifted from
the business end.

It resembled a cigarette,
dangling in the groove of an
ashtray which was given to you
as a souvenir from a place
you had no desire to go.

And you had no desire to go there
as you had read stories of donkey
cruelty and the militias’ refusal to
accept Greenwich as the
centre of time.

Their struggle against the meridian
has been well documented in film and

Stories and rumours filtered in
from the hinterland, carried home in
economy flights from different time zones
arriving at the terminal, milling around the

Sniper victim 4 lay in a forensic
scene, white tapped surrounded by
duty free bags, and the secret dossiers
exposing the militias plans drifted, blood
stained in the breeze.

She loved Forensic Science.
Emily Tyler
Emily Tyler
Apr 13, 2013      Apr 13, 2013

She loved art
And she breathed
And ate
And slept art
And she radiated art
And art was her life

And we
All loved her
One hundred percent
And every
Was her
Best friend

And the priest
Doing the funeral
Hadn't met her.
But her parents
Paid him like he had.

And they told the priest
"She loved art
And she breathed
And ate
And slept art.
And she radiated art.
And art was her life."

And so that was what he
Told the

But when
A quiet person like her
No one ever finds out
That she
Hated art
In fact
She loved Forensic Science.

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