Chloe Chapman
Jan 17, 2015

Muscles are a network of steel cables.
Winding together forming the landscape of the body,
Coiled to spring, convolted and twisting.
Rigid and strained, beneath the skin.
Taut. Tense.

Been looking at muscle structure in art. Inspired me i guess.
#body   #anatomy   #steel   #muscle   #tense   #rigid   #taut   #winding  
Bharti Singh
Bharti Singh
Aug 19, 2014

Past is rigid
Can’t change
Present is vivid
Hold the rein
Future is ghost
Figment insane


#future   #past   #present   #tense  
Cassidy Shoop
Cassidy Shoop
Apr 26, 2014

The only thing
that breaks my heart more
than realizing you don't love me
is the look on your face
when you confess to me
how much you used to.

#past   #loved   #tense   #michael   #pasttense  
Nicole Carpenter
Nicole Carpenter
Jun 25, 2014

We went from
sipping scalding coffee
in the front seats of
your car
to not even muttering
a bitter “hello”
in the supermarket.

I can’t explain what you mean
to me within twenty-six letters
of the alphabet. You were a
“big deal”. We were delusional
and blinded,
but that doesn’t mean
I put you in past tense

#time   #past   #space   #blind   #moving   #tense  
Kate Deter
Kate Deter
Jun 2, 2014

It’s hard to move forward in life
When Past still has its razors lodged in your flesh.
It’s hard to look to the past for help
When Future’s clouding your vision.
It’s hard to live in the present
When Past and Future are using your mind
As a rope in a game of Tug-of-War.

#future   #past   #present   #emotional   #pun   #tense  
Ellenah Garcia
Jun 7, 2014

I don't feel
Your touch

Or hear you
Calling my name.
I love you (past tense)

I don't taste
You on my

Or smell your
Sweet, sweet

I love you
(Past tense)

I don't see
You in my

Or think of
You that often

I love you
(Past tense)

But sometimes
At night
I lie awake

And I feel
Your touch
On my skin

I hear
Your voice
Calling me.

I taste
You on
My tongue

I catch
A whiff of
Your scent

I think
Of you.
Just you.

And hope
I'll dream
Of you again.

Because I
Don't love you
Past tense

I love you.
(Present tense)

#love   #past   #i   #you   #tense  

Know where you come from;
Live in the present;
Aim for the future.

Relive in the past;
Aim for the present;
Know where you're going.

Live in the future.
Destroy the past.
Aim for dreams.

you will recall various tenses:
Paul Hansford
Paul Hansford
Dec 25, 2015

As far as actions in the past are concerned,
if you give the matter your attention,
you will recall various tenses:
the Past Continuous, the Past Definite,
the Imperfect, the Perfect, and the Pluperfect,
which we might call the more-than-Perfect;
we need not concern ourselves at the moment
with the Past Anterior.

I, at the moment, am not concerned with the past at all,
for you are very much Present, and your action
of brushing the hair from your cheek
requires all my attention.

Take, for example, this sentence –
“I was looking for a word, and found it
in a dictionary which I had.” You will notice
the action of looking for the word
extends over a period of time, and is Continuous.

What I notice is the luminosity of your skin
where the sunlight strikes your shoulder, for in my case
the action of looking at you is Continuous.

The action of finding the word is complete
and fixed in time,
and requires the Past Definite...

And I observe how beautifully complete you are,
and I am fixed in this moment
which is now and forever.

...while the action of possessing a dictionary,
in this sense, has no beginning and no end,
leading us to the Past Imperfect.

Your eyes, at which I continue to gaze,
are more than Perfect, having depths in them
which seem to lead towards an Indefinite Future.
And the Past Anterior and the rest of them
do not concern me at all,
for you see me looking at you,
and the corners of your eyes crinkle
as you smile at me, and in my case
the action of being in love with you
has no beginning and no end.

Suggested by the statement of a teacher of Spanish explaining past tenses, who literally said (in Spanish, of course) "The  action of possessing a dictionary has no beginning and no end."

Love's truest meaning is best understood in the past tense.

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