May 8, 2013

be [verb]- to exist
been (past)

You should have been there.
You should be here.
You should be there in the future.

Feb 17, 2011

The things I’ve done haunt me.

The choices I’ve made disgust me.

Do our actions define us.

Or do they redefine our directions.

john oconnell
Sep 1, 2010

The past a millstone of regrets
permeating, like a rosary-beads
of penance, the present.
The future a misty dream
of fading ideals.

changed tenses in that story.
Kitty Parson
Kitty Parson
Mar 30, 2012

I am acutely aware that I
changed tenses in that story.
It is better for me in past tense;
his face was beautiful.
I know that he will not
talk to me. Not until
his time frame has come out.
I don't know what that frame is.
But I know him,
and that there is one.
I still love him.
It defies what I know
about the love mechanism.
It defies my past experience.
It is not unlikely that we
will not speak again
until I am over him,
and it is possible that
that will be never.

You were the daughter of good intentions
The queen of innocence
And now
you shake the leaves from your hair
You haven't gone anywhere
but down

You are the daughter of broken promises
The queen of masquerade
And now
you wish the basement wasn't so dark
You try to think of a last remark
but can't

You will become the daughter of pity
The queen of melancholy
But now
you will realize the leaves were your crown
You will plant your feet in the ground
and stay

© 2014 by Jazzelle Monae. All rights reserved.
She tenses

She tenses
I sense her,
she bids me
to enter,
I defer
to her

Immortalized in past tenses
The LoFi-Troubadour

Liquored seas
claim another
mad sailor.

Tempestuous currents
revoke balance at will,
devoid of warning.

(An epiphany in the wings)

muffled by

Immortalized in past tenses
History couldn't

(C) 2013 The LoFi-Troubadour
Their spiteful, teasing tenses.
Jessica Woodward
Jan 4, 2011

I don't know why my teeth,
Continuously seem to be preying
Upon my very own flesh:
Choking my words,
Devouring what I am saying.
I really can't control
Their spiteful, teasing tenses.
But it's starting to hurt:
My lip's swelling,
Alongside my senses.

Subverted the tenses
The LoFi-Troubadour

Awkward occurrences
as we walk un-alert
Awareness completely inert.

Perverted the senses
Subverted the tenses
Divert from past offenses
Invert artificial defenses.

The Universe winces occasionally,
generally unseen.
Except in this instance,
though we were too busy
catering to our screens.

(C) 2013 The LoFi-Troubadour

shake your tenses.
Mar 15

I know of nothing less
except being honest
and writing you
few, long verses
that might possibly
shake your tenses.

I know of nothing less
than listening to
your favorite songs
that eventually
also become mine
and play them
to the core
and to the tip
of my fingers
to bring a smile on your face.

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