Dec 13, 2014

Flowers stay away from my path.
Thorns is what I want on my track.
That is the only way to my destination.

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that somehow we were destined for each other.
Deni Cappello

i was never one to believe in soulmates,
nor do i now.
there's hundreds of men,
that i could get along with just as well as i do with you.
but somehow, i still feel,
that somehow we were destined for each other.
not soulmates,
just destined.

Dec 18, 2014

Why I've reached my
destination so late,
should I blame
myself or my fate.
So early I
left my abode
and took the
desired road.
Walked relentlessly
through sunshine and fog
but with stone I chased
every barking dog.

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The American Dream is not a destination.
It is a competitive process by which
we stick the noses of our neighbors
in our their own fucking shit.

American Drean
We are destined to be one
Sep 19, 2014

I hear again the sound
of the sea
the water touching my toes

I feel once more
Those arms
that carry me while I am shouting
the same words-

        My love,
        no matter what...
        I love you forever!

We dance again
to the music of the rain
and play like children
like what we had been seeing
in our dreams before

I am yours
you are mine
We are destined to be one

I love you
#love   #i   #you   #forever   #destiny   #destined  
Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Mar 22, 2015

Attention pivoted on the farthest
Blurry are the things at hand
The horizon seems reachable
Near ones distances themselves further
Clarion call from beyond the realm
Here, the soul is writhing in anonymity
A void, that threatens to engulf the known
Uncertainties of the realization is real
Heart is anchored here with situation
Yet, the world beckons this soul
The traveler yearns to break loose
The farthest seems logical and reachable
Distance will be traversed through unrevealed
Journey holds key to reach the destination

Amitav Radiance
Amitav Radiance
Oct 10, 2014

Started walking along the path
Where life was leading me
Towards a destination chosen
Not chosen by me
But was willingly following
To a predefined destination
Then I came along a bench
Weary I was travelling
The bench gave me respite
From the grueling march
I inspected the torn soles
As the pebbles were hurting my feet
Bleeding profusely
I thanked the bench
Where I could now rest for the night
Lying on my back
I connected the dots on the night canopy
Slumber took over
Dreams of a new road, I could see
Sleeping off the weariness
I woke up to a new day
The bench which taught me to wait
Another destination chosen by me
Clouds have cleared away
I knew the path to walk along
I was a traveler with purpose
My destination, waiting for me

Nov 7, 2014

Path less traveled, Path unknown.
Mountains, Sand, rocks and stone.
No water, vegetation so scarce.
Sun at its ugliest, sun so fierce.

In this wilderness I fear I'll get lost.
I dread I'll be ruined, I will exhaust.
Some say this road will never end;
More I travel, more it will extend.

Soothing sound tells me to continue;
Sun is yet to set, travel miles few.
The heat forces me into a slump.
Solacing sound gives goosebump.

Very soon the blazing sun will fade.
I search tree with hundred years of shade.
They say to give up in this dusty heat.
I seek Gardens with rivers underneath.

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Oct 17, 2014

So much words I want to say
Emotions build every day
For true love I did pray
Now I've found it I'm blown away
Battled for you throughout time
Won every fight to make you mine
In the world of you and I
We hold each other until we die
For you I do..I do not try
You are the answer to question why
With you there is no one else
Inside you I lose myself
When I look upon your soul
Fills me like an empty hole
Inside you I want to grow
Every day I'll let you know
Touch me feel our destiny
Kiss me taste eternity
In your eyes live inspiration
Soothes our souls of devastation
Words hit deep feel penetration
In each other our Destination..

M.A.N 10-17-14
Jan 5

"Without a destination, we can only wonder."
Like Erikson repeated during his stages, life takes many turns and we are thrown many obstacles. We want things, yearn for things; but these things become blurry through childhood and adolescents as we are caught within confusion and mistrust of those we looked up too.
       My destination is something I have traveled many a roads to find. But I did not have an end goal, my end goal was one of immaturity and angst; I wanted to be happy. But what is happiness? Or what is happiness for me?
       My happiness is now defined by what my future me looks like. I work hard everyday to become something greater; to make all see I am the best I can be. This gets hard and sometimes tiring. I feel like I am back and stuck in the stage of adolescents "identity vs confusion." I'll take a step back and realizes I am a lost girl; but am I truly lost?
      Earth, our classroom, the world our teachers. I realize to take a seat and listen carefully at what the wind is whispering and what the flower buds growth interprets into. There is so much to learn. So much room to grow. Go on a journey but have a destination and when you finally reach it look back and applaud yourself because most people stay stuck on a journey and never end at a destination.

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