We are destined to be one
Dream Girl
Dream Girl
Sep 19, 2014      Sep 19, 2014

I hear again the sound
of the sea
the water touching my toes

I feel once more
Those arms
that carry me while I am shouting
the same words-

        My love,
        no matter what...
        I love you forever!

We dance again
to the music of the rain
and play like children
like what we had been seeing
in our dreams before

I am yours
you are mine
We are destined to be one

I love you
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Claire Rubbelke
Claire Rubbelke
Aug 5, 2013

What is the only
reason you were
is so that
you can


An end that was destined right from the start.
PS Rowland
PS Rowland
Feb 13, 2014      Feb 13, 2014

With the touch of his lips he writes her future on his heart.
An end that was destined right from the start.
External love all wrapped up together.
All tangled up in a beautiful forever.

For the man of my dreams
© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
i am destined to succeed
acette barthelmy
acette barthelmy
Nov 17, 2011

my journey begins here
the future awaits my presence
learning to create my ventures
as i explore my essence

i am destined to succeed
and be an influence to someone
rising like the pheonix
and shine like the sun

no more holding back
its time to move forward
all of those days and nights
spending endless times being bored

now its my turn
to show the world my skills
enhancing my intelligence
as my dreams are being fulfilled

Destined to live forever
James M Vines
James M Vines
Jul 29, 2012

We've got a old love
We have ancient souls
We have lived and loved and lost
A thousand times before
A love born of the purest celestrial flame
Bright blue and searing
Heavans memories echo our names
We've got a old love
We have ancient souls
A love rooted in the heavans and cast by fate
Destined to live forever
Soul mates

we were destined to be
Jan 9

It’s about time we knew the truth
I’ve been waiting forever
Now we’re together
Nothing could stop us from finding each other
Only time will tell how long this journey will go
hope it lasts forever

My heart needs to know
how much you love me
cuz I’ve been wounded before

so don’t you dare go
sometimes I’m so confused
I can’t even see through my window

the light blinds my eyes
But that’s okay
Cuz I see us together

that’s all I need
for me to see
we were destined to be

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Palas Kumar Ray
Mar 4, 2010

Today I think of you
but not as I would
think years ago.

today I think of you
but how different are
my thoughts now!

today I think of you
but alas!we don't remain
the same you,same I!

Copyright Palas Kumar Ray
all destined to an end
wolf spirit aka quinfinn

follow the road less traveled
'tis there you'll find your answers
for if you join conformity
you embrace the necromancers

never be a joiner
always heed your calling
the ones who choose the easy way
once hastened, ever falling

choose to be a shepard
not one of the flock
lest you find you're one of many
sucking satan's cock

you may not realise it
we all are born to die
but what we do along that path
should never live a lie

bow down to no minion
do not follow man
give yourself to love and light
for that's the master plan

live your life for beauty
live to nurture art
live to be a gentle soul
and you will find your heart

question all the answers
find the subtle truth
embrace the pain of failure
and revel in thy youth

life is but a journey
life is but a dream'
we are only passengers
in the greater scheme

never doubt your feelings
lest you rend your soul apart
embrace the gift of enlightenment
always follow your heart

live to help your neighbor
live to be a friend
for we are cosmic voyagers
all destined to an end

yes, we are cosmic voyagers
all destined to an end....

we live what we learn
and to the next plateau
we carry our experiences
but only if we carry love
Autumn Ann
Autumn Ann
Mar 28, 2014

We can let the pleasure
Drip off our bodies
We could never measure
The depths of this affection

The simplest things you do
Change my whole day
The smallest things undo
The biggest mistakes

Our world can crash around us
We'll still have each other
Our life could never break us
We'll still adore each other

I know that you're the one
At the end of the day
Because when all is said and done
We're meant to be

#love   #forever  
Destined to be destroyed.

Come here, my floating feather.
Sit here; at my thigh,
for a while.
And I promise not to move,
or capture you.
Don't be scared, you pretty little thing.
I know, life doesn't treat you well.
Yes, I know. The world is a dark place.
But my love,
I'd be your fireplace wood.
Believe me,
I'd brighten your world.
Wait! Don't fly away yet.
I'm not asking you to be mine.
No, sweet love.
I understand,
that you are a hurricane of fire
and I, only a moth.
Destined to be destroyed.
Come here, my blazing bonfire.
Let me embrace your flame,
while you consume me.
And, even in this last breath
my sweet love,

I smile.

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