Claire Rubbelke
Claire Rubbelke
Aug 5, 2013

What is the only
reason you were
is so that
you can


Palas Kumar Ray
Mar 4, 2010

Today I think of you
but not as I would
think years ago.

today I think of you
but how different are
my thoughts now!

today I think of you
but alas!we don't remain
the same you,same I!

Copyright Palas Kumar Ray
An end that was destined right from the start.
PS Rowland
PS Rowland
Feb 13      Feb 13

With the touch of his lips he writes her future on his heart.
An end that was destined right from the start.
External love all wrapped up together.
All tangled up in a beautiful forever.

For the man of my dreams
© All Rights Reserved P.S. Rowland
i am destined to succeed
acette barthelmy
acette barthelmy
Nov 17, 2011

my journey begins here
the future awaits my presence
learning to create my ventures
as i explore my essence

i am destined to succeed
and be an influence to someone
rising like the pheonix
and shine like the sun

no more holding back
its time to move forward
all of those days and nights
spending endless times being bored

now its my turn
to show the world my skills
enhancing my intelligence
as my dreams are being fulfilled

Destined to live forever
James M Vines
James M Vines
Jul 29, 2012

We've got a old love
We have ancient souls
We have lived and loved and lost
A thousand times before
A love born of the purest celestrial flame
Bright blue and searing
Heavans memories echo our names
We've got a old love
We have ancient souls
A love rooted in the heavans and cast by fate
Destined to live forever
Soul mates

We can let the pleasure
Drip off our bodies
We could never measure
The depths of this affection

The simplest things you do
Change my whole day
The smallest things undo
The biggest mistakes

Our world can crash around us
We'll still have each other
Our life could never break us
We'll still adore each other

I know that you're the one
At the end of the day
Because when all is said and done
We're meant to be

#love   #forever  
For I'm a destiny child, destined to move from glory to glory.
victor ernest Osong
Dec 25, 2013      Dec 26, 2013

The days are dark and clouded
Stars fear to shine and the moon is dreaded
The pain in our heart too heavy to make us cry
The prophesy joy is still far off to force out a smile
Miracles are now very scarce and expensive to buy
The truth is too bitter and too unhealthy to lie
My once good friend which is hope is ready to die
No peace in heaven No life in hell
Then where exactly lie our help
Since I have no horse I will use my leg
My pain is nobody is feeling my pain
since is better to pray than fait
I won't try to drop out in the school of life by suicide again
I will stand on holy grounds to fight for a better life in faith.

They say the tail is for the slaves so I dare to become the head
No matter how deadly the journey seems I still believe in a rosy end
Since the kingdom will come here, here I will righteously pitch my tent.
Let them keep throwing brimstones
Let them keep feeding my hunger for meat with stones
I seek for honey but sour limes and bitter leaf water they seek to drunk me with
They should keep turning my once soft paths to thorns
But I know they can't eclipse my glory it will keep glowing
I'm like a palm fruit, no matter the harsh weather they might bring I will keep flourishing
I'm like age, no matter the obstacles they might set I will keep growing
For I'm a destiny child, destined to move from glory to glory.

destined strangers.
maxx lopez
Aug 15, 2013      Aug 16, 2013

thats all we were.
destined strangers.
destined to meet.
destined to laugh.
destined to touch.
destined to love.
destined to hurt.
destined to love again.
this was our destiny.
but the funny thing is,
destiny tested us from day one.
the cafe you sit at everyday
is the same cafe i drive by,
the 20 story building you walk into everyday
is where i park my car,
the days you visit the bookstore,
are the days i'm out for a run.
the days i visit the same bookstore,
are the days you walk your dog.
at 1:45 pm, you come into my bakery everyday.
from 1-2 in the afternoon is my lunch break,
on the saturday you went to pick up a tux,
i was in the dressing room,
picking a dress.
friday, 3rd one of june,
was the day
you finally walked my way
and i walked yours.
you dressed in a smooth straight black suit.
and i dressed in lace, ribbon and chiffon.
all in white.
"Beautiful day, isn't it?"
i turned your way
and for the first time,
i met your eyes.
your eyes of caribbean blue.
"Yes, it is."
your smile
so warm and charming.
"i'd better get to my altar,
and i guess you better get to yours",
was the last thing
you ever said to me.
you walked away from my direction,
and i walked away from yours.
that day,
i said "I do",
and so did you.
but not to each other.
45 years past.
2 children.
3 grand children.
3 dogs.
1 divorce.
0 marriages afterwards.
all because of someone.
a man from 45 years ago.
he was my destiny
and i hope he knew too.
strangers are who we were.
strangers are who we are.
strangers are who we will always be.
destined strangers;
who will never see.
destined strangers;
you will just be you.
and i will just be me.
you and i will never
be the destined 'we'.

Jul 28, 2010

In this abstruse mist we

Levitate and coexist
Over all scenarios conceivable
Visions never unbelievable while
Entwined within your soul

You make me completely whole
Offering you all of me, for this
Unfailing love will always be…

one of the two acrostics I will ever write.
Will it ever be so, or is this my destined fate
Josh Morter
Apr 30, 2013

First thing in the morning
Last thing late at night
It something I can't shake off
But wouldn't want to
Despite, the fact I'm not sleeping
The fact I'm still awake
It's a longing feeling that lingers everyday
But the thought of anything else on my mind
Scares me even more
If I let this fade out
Where will it reside
Shall it plague someone else's mind
I don't want to find
I lose all that I am wanting
I lose what I don't have
What is there really to lose, other than this feeling driving me mad
I just wish it was happiness that kept me from my bed
Not the unknowing doubt that flows through my head
Will it ever be so, or is this my destined fate
Am I ever to find out, can I beat the wait?
Waiting means more time
Left alone with my mind
But if she is the soul thought
I can get used to thoughts of that kind
Because its the only time I see her
That's the only time she is mine
Other than that what am I?
I'm not even a bit on the side
Surely it shouldn't hurt this much being in love if it is our goal
Yet why does this non reciprocated love leave such a gaping hole?
I feel like I am lying to myself and it never really was that good
But then I think about it and think No. Of course it was
How could it not be real, surely noone is that mean
But then circumstances rule some people, others change their fate
If it was worthwhile to them, I'd probably not have to wait

2012 poem by Josh Morter ©
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