And I've been cursed with Leukemia.
Blank Shadow
Blank Shadow
Aug 7, 2013      Aug 9, 2013

Purple patches coving your completely swollen cheeks.
Gums conquering your teeth.
Bruises all over you arms.
You walk into class, and all goes quiet.
Then comes the incessant laughter.
After they calm, and you sit down, embarrassed completely.
The whispers, the giggles, the pointing, you cannot handle it.
You run out of the room and dash out of the school.
You run all the way home,
and as soon as you reach your bedroom, you drop to the floor,
screams and sobs flooding your household.
Of course, the kids would laugh. I'm ugly, I'm different, I'm disgusting.
And I've been cursed with Leukemia.

Kiagen McGinnis
Kiagen McGinnis
Jan 11, 2012

old school rap,
you always tried to tell me and i couldn't listen until you were gone.

sunny open window naked romping music
moving forward from your empty body music

pale skin but not as pale as yours

when i met this new
, he said

                                          it's time for new songs
                                          something to mark this page with

but i just keep rereading your obituary

miss you always, Thomas
Lakes silently draw leukemia symbols
Oct 12, 2010

Large shitty deformity
Like seeing desperate
Leeches sucking dirt lightly,
Smoothly, dumped lazily down south
Little saddened devils lurched suddenly desperate
Lakes silently draw leukemia symbols
Launched dangerously spiteful.
Lust doesn’t stop liking steady destruction
Literally souls die loudly.
So? Dumb lives salvage deceit.
Lying  smart distributors lure sabotage deviously
Lord, sometimes deeper love spawns damaged life
softly dead. Listlessly.

Mike Arms
Mike Arms
Jan 5, 2012

In your very pure mouth ( god save it )
clanked metal mouthpiece
by cold water in a strange basement
or perhaps even less

Morning doves catapult
Astro goth acid wars
White fire black nympho mania

Could we just kiss
right here this September
not have to wake up
or sleep ever again ?

leukemia got bukowski, surprisingly enough
gabriel bates
gabriel bates
Jun 15      Jun 15

poetry isn't dead
but the poets are

shakespeare died a grain merchant

plath stuck her head in an oven

leukemia got bukowski, surprisingly enough

even poe died, penniless and forgotten

death has touched
the best of them

Dec 12, 2012

What is the number one cause of major depression?
Death of a parent before the age of ten.
A youtube video told me that.
Which means I'm fucked.
My dad died when I was 5.
He had fought valiantly for years.
And when they thought it was gone it came back.
That was 15 years ago.
I still miss him.
I wrote this for him.
I always will love him.

or leukemia survivors,
John Snow
John Snow
Feb 26, 2012

There is a man
who writes signs
for the homeless,
puts different lives
on display,
spends his time
night and day
over squares of cardboard
or triangles of vinyl,
he turns them into
war vets
or leukemia survivors,
he slaves away
so that they'll get
people to listen,
he wants people
to hear the heart
of the world murmuring
as it cries,
because we have left
their lack of a place
to reside,
is our society's dark side,
so he is not a man
of the people
he is a man for the people,
he wants that spare
or dollar
as much for them
as his words
are for himself
and his own sense
of redemption,
because this world
has gone cold on the surface
but it's heart
still burns,
still makes you uncomfortable,
when you see his signs
in the hands
of men and women
in the grassy medians.

the boy with leukemia in Hong Kong,
Jun 17

today I had my tea
with no sugar
no difference

everyone must realize
how quickly it
can all disappear

the woman, the man, the job, the cat,
the boy with leukemia in Hong Kong,
your chinaware
crushed against the hardwood floor,
the blizzard, the aged wine in your cellar,
your beauty, your wit, 3 birds on
the telephone wire

and all your left with
dissatisfaction &

and the waitress with kind eyes shaking you
you awake in the middle of the night
asking what is wrong
what could possibly be wrong

and you reply
I don't know I don't know I don't know...

#i   #day   #night   #desperation   #no   #know   #tea   #dont   #disillusion   #dissatisfaction  
because leukemia
Don Brenner
Oct 5, 2010

The smell of swiss fondue
a chocolate fountain
moist strawberries
angel food cake.
The smell of brunch buffet
apple turnovers
honey sliced ham
bacon and eggs.
The smell of exhaust
as we walk
to the chapel
up Oliver Street.
The smell of flowers
rainbowed daises
heart shaped lilies
a single red rose
on the broach
of your six year old
The smell of family
friends neighbors.
The smell
of your six year old
beautiful Easter dress
sky blue ribbons
silk bonnet
blonde hair
smooth skin embalmed
because leukemia
doesn't smell.
we will all
believe in God
or pretend
at least
for you, her sister,
her mother,
her father,
her twin brother,
and for Ruthie,
her chest buried
in tear soaked flowers
in a four foot casket.

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